Supreme God King/C7 Mid-Tier Cultivation Technique!
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Supreme God King/C7 Mid-Tier Cultivation Technique!
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C7 Mid-Tier Cultivation Technique!

Mid-Tier Qi Essence Cultivation Technique!

All the young men from the Wu Town were shocked when they heard this word.

Although many of them didn't know about the Mid-Tier Cultivation Technique, in the remote Wu Town, the High-Tier Qi Essence Cultivation Technique that the mayor of Wu Town, Gu Yuan, cultivated was the most precious type of Qi Essence Cultivation Technique.

Once the cultivator advanced to the Mid-tier, the cultivator would obtain a powerful ability. Furthermore, once the cultivator successfully cultivated this cultivation technique, he could even shatter the mountain range. The Iron Palm technique could achieve the most powerful level. Meng Fann had once heard of their mayor, Gu Yuan's famous experience. When the cultivator could cultivate this technique to the Great Completion, one would be able to shatter a stone slab three meters thick.

The preciousness of this scroll was self-evident, he did not expect Gu Xin'er to give it directly to him. If Gu Yuan were to blamed Meng Fann, he was afraid that this little girl got involved too.

Clenching his fists tightly, Meng Fann wanted to chase after Gu Xin'er and return the scroll to her. However, when he remembered the expectant look in Gu Xin'er's eyes before she left, he clenched his fists even tighter that his nails dug into the palms.

"Since that's the case, I'll cultivate first. I could give Xin some precious Spirit Herbs to compensate her in the future!"

Meng Fann sighed within him, putting away the scroll and went straight to his home after making up his mind.

In Meng Fann's house, Xinlan had gone out early in the morning to gather some herbs. Sure enough, the herbs she gathered were not Spirit Herbs, but ordinary medicinal herbs. Other than using the medicinal herbs on Meng Fann, she could also sell the herbs for money in Wu Town.

Xinlan realized that Meng Fann was not in his room and thought that Meng Fann had woken up early to cultivate. Due to the fact that Meng Fann had been working hard to cultivate the Qi Essence for the past three years. She naturally did not know that Meng Fann had not returned overnight, nor did she know that Meng Fann had risked his life to enter the forbidden area of Wu Town last night, Yanlang Mountain.

Fortunately, Meng Fann arrived at his home before his mother came back. He felt quite lucky that day. After that, he changed his clothes and put everything on his body.

With no doubt, he had gained a lot today, and the safest place Meng Fann knew was his body. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at a vacant land not far from his house.

This vacant land had always been Meng Fann's usual training field. It was very quiet here, and the surrounding scenery was not bad either. Three years passed by like a day, and throughout the days, Meng Fann had always been cultivating in this vacant land.

As his feet stepped on the ground, Meng Fann performed all kinds of difficult poses and these were the basic movement to dredge the meridians in his body. It allowed the Qi Essence in his body to flow smoothly through his entire body, stimulating his meridians.

These movements seemed simple, yet they consumed a lot of the cultivator's physical strength.

Meng Fann had been diligently cultivating for the past three years. With that, he knew that the first step to cultivating the Qi Essence was to reach the Body Refining Realm. This required the cultivator to open up all the meridians in his body, allowing the Qi Essence to fuse into his body. This was to pave the way for the cultivator to successfully use the Qi Essence in the future. Therefore, the requirements for the cultivator's body were extremely strict.

In the past three years, Meng Fann had been working hard on cultivating every single movement. Meng Fann did not even notice that his green shirt was drenched in sweat, after cultivating for the whole day. When the sun was about to set, Meng Fann stopped the Body Refining and headed home tiredly.

After going through a day of Body Refining, Meng Fann had used up too much of his energy, however, he did not cultivate the Iron Palm that Gu Xin'er gave him.

Although Meng Fann had only cultivated a low-tier cultivation technique, he had come to understand that for a cultivator, it didn't mean that cultivate a higher-tier Qi Essence Cultivation Technique would be better for them. On the contrary, the cultivator would need to choose the Qi Essence Cultivation Technique that suited itself best. Furthermore, before practicing the advanced cultivation technique the cultivator must be supported by a powerful realm. If the cultivator insisted on forcefully cultivating, then the cultivator itself would only be at the disadvantage.

Meng Fann had estimated that he would only be able to cultivate the Iron Palm after reaching the Third-Tier of the Body Refining Realm. Otherwise, his body wouldn't be able to withstand it.

When he returned home, Meng Fann felt extremely exhausted that he just wanted to sleep. He knew it was because that he had drained all the energy in his body.

If Meng Fann could consume the Tuber Fleeceflower, the soreness in his body might be reduced a little. But if he could not, he could only endure the pain in his body for some time after returning home.

After all, a day of Body Refining had consumed all of his energy. Only the wealthy people would be able to have delicacies and herbs of heaven and earth every day at home. They could combine both of them with their cultivation to increase their speed of advancement.

In the room, Xinlan had already prepared the dishes and was waiting for Meng Fann to return. Looking at the plain dishes and Xinlan's white hair, Meng Fann felt a little depressed, knowing that it was not easy for Xinlan to raise him. Xinlan was originally a beauty of Tianhan Sect, but for Meng Fann, she had become a country bumpkin.

"What are you looking at? It's time to eat!"

Xinlan smiled as she placed the chopsticks in front of Meng Fann and nodded. Meng Fann thought for a while, reaching into his blossom, and felt the black pearl and the Myriad Spirit Herb. After a moment of hesitation, he only took out the black pearl.

He said softly, "Mother, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

Xinlan put down her chopsticks and looked at Meng Fann with distress. Xinlan knew her son very well and was pleased with Meng Fann. Apart from being stubborn, her child far surpassed many people of the same age.

Meng Fann passed the Myriad Spirit Herb to Xinlan and said softly.

"Mom, this is for you!"

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