Supreme God King/C8 The Greatest Gain
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Supreme God King/C8 The Greatest Gain
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C8 The Greatest Gain

When Meng Fann opened the package which was wrapped with cloth, an alluring medicinal fragrance burst out. Xinlan's expression changed instantly, covering her mouth, and said in surprise.

"Ah, a Myriad Spirit Herb, where did you get it from?!"

A second grade Spirit Herb would naturally shock Xinlan.

Meng Fann then scratched his head and said in a serious manner, "When I was cultivating outside today, I coincidentally saw it on the mountain path, so I secretly picked it up."

Hearing Meng Fann's answer, Xinlan looked at Meng Fann doubtfully. Did he see it by chance outside? A second-grade Spirit Herb was extremely precious, if it had grown in the wilderness, it would have been plucked long ago. However, Meng Fann actually randomly found it, that was way too lucky.

Although Xinlan felt puzzled within her, she did not doubt whether Meng Fann was telling the truth or not. After all, Meng Fann had always been very obedient, other than when people talked bad about his father, he had never done anything out of line.

After pondering for a moment, Xinlan took the Myriad Spirit Herb and said softly.

"This thing is too precious! However, since you have already gotten it, then I will make it into a medicinal soup tomorrow for you to drink. You're a cultivator, I believe that you'll be able to obtain an outstanding result in the Clans Competition!"

Meng Fann knew that Xinlan would definitely not consume the Myriad Spirit Herbs for his sake. Meng Fann sighed within him and remained silent. Worst comes to worst, after Xinlan brew the herb into a medicinal soup, he would not drink it and secretly pour the soup into Xinlan's water.

After having his meal, Meng Fann went straight back to his room. After all, cultivating throughout the day had consumed too much of his physical strength. Thus, to Meng Fann, right now, he only wanted to get a good sleep.

Lying on the small bed, Meng Fann reached into his bosom and took out the remaining two items in his hands. He carefully looked at the black pearl in his hand, the current black pearl was just an ordinary rock, no difference could be seen.

But last night, it had clearly healed all of his injuries, and also help him to restore all of his strength.

There must be something unique about it!

Meng Fann frowned slightly, just as he was deep in thought, his eyes suddenly twinkled. If he insisted there was something different about it, then it was because there was blood on his chest yesterday. That was why it glowed.

After a deep thought, Meng Fann bit his finger. Suddenly, a drop of blood appeared on his finger and he gently touched the black pearl with it.

However, to Meng Fann's disappointment, the black pearl did not emit the same glow as last night but looking exactly like a plain ordinary rock.

"This is a useless pearl!"

Meng Fann muttered as his face sunk, not expecting that the miraculous incident that happened last night could not happen again. He exerted force in his palm and clenched the pearl with anger. At the same time, the weak Qi Essence in his body unconsciously flowed out.

In the next moment, the moment the weak Qi Essence in Meng Fann's palm came in contact with the black pearl. Instantly, it sparked and warm energy circulated out from the black pearl, slowly fusing into Meng Fann's body.

This thing was really magical! It needed to absorb the Qi Essence in Meng Fann's body!

At that moment, Meng Fann felt astonished. As he closed his palm slightly, the remaining Qi Essence in his body fused into the black pearl. At the same time, it also emitted strange energy, causing Meng Fann's meridians to feel warm.

Meng Fann sat cross-legged and motionless. When the silvery moonlight shone in through the window, Meng Fann's skin was faintly emitting a glow, shining brightly.

After an hour, Meng Fann finally opened his eyes. His eyes were glowing with a bright light. Meng Fann was surprised to find that all the tiredness in his body had disappeared and his energy had been restored. Furthermore, he faintly felt that the meridians in his body had expanded a little, becoming even sturdier!

How is this possible? The incident from last night has happened again!

Meng Fann's pupils shrunk as he looked at the pearl in a daze. Although he didn't know what the pearl was, he had a vague premonition that the greatest reward he obtained yesterday wasn't the Myriad Spirit Herb, but the black ordinary-looking pearl.

Meng Fann smiled excitedly without worrying too much about it. He then put the pearl back into his bosom and immediately ran out of his house.

Usually, at this time, Meng Fann would be sleeping on his small bed due to exhaustion. But now, his physical strength had been restored, so to Meng Fann, this was the best opportunity to cultivate!

Under the moonlight, a human figure had appeared in the spacious vacant land. He was like a monkey, all his movements were light while performing all kinds of complicated movements. Even though his sweat had drenched his green garment, he was still laughing in excitement!

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