Supreme God King/C9 Third tier of Body Refinement Realm!
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Supreme God King/C9 Third tier of Body Refinement Realm!
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C9 Third tier of Body Refinement Realm!

Pah, pah!

The sounds were heard as if someone was using a whip. Two punches were thrown in the air, and only then did Meng Fann stop in his tracks.

Meng Fann used all remaining Qi Essence in his body on this punch. The sound of the fist piercing through the air was good but Meng Fann was still dissatisfied because the strength was much weaker than what he had expected.

However, Meng Fann no longer had the energy to continue his cultivation, thus, he sat on the ground and panted heavily.

The dazzling sunlight had already shone on Meng Fann's face. It was obvious that Meng Fann had spent the whole night cultivating in this spacious vacant land, and had also used up all of his strength.

"Hehe, I've even lost track of the time!"

Meng Fann let out a hollow laugh, and a trace of excitement appeared on his face, thinking that even Lei Tao and the others did not have the chance to cultivate at night. Although they had consumed a large amount of Spirit Herbs, they could only ensure that they could cultivate on the following day.

Meng Fann took out the pearl, staring at it seriously as he softly muttered.

"Little pearl, whether I succeed or not will all depend on you!"

As Meng Fann spoke, he exerted force in his palm, and the Qi Essence fused into the dark pearl. This time, Meng Fann already realized that it didn't work because of his blood. Only by merging the Qi Essence with the black pearl could it trigger that kind of strange energy.

In an instant, the black pearl glowed and the strange warm energy transmitted into Meng Fann's body once again just like last night. It was like a stream circulating throughout his body.

Meng Fann remained motionless and felt the warm energy flowing in his body. About an hour later, Meng Fann opened his eyes again, however, this time he had put on an excited smile on his face.

This kind of smile had appeared more frequently in the past few days than in the past ten years.

Meng Fann suppressed the excitement within him, knowing what was the meaning of this. When a cultivator was in the process of refining the body, the body would consume the most energy. What they cultivated was the tendons, bones, and membranes in their body. In the past, when Meng Fann refined his body, after one day of cultivation, he would be so exhausted that he could not even get up and during the night, he would feel sore all over his body.

And this was when one needed the Spirit Herbs. Usually, in wealthy families, they would provide large amounts of Spirit Herbs to their disciples to nourish their bodies. Only then would the cultivators be able to maintain their vigor and energy, allowing them to improve rapidly.

However, this black pearl was even more powerful than the Spirit Herb in restoring one's physical strength. It could actually restore all of Meng Fann's energy within a short hour, including all the injuries on his body which led Meng Fann to be able to continue his cultivation.

Furthermore, while repairing Meng Fann's body, this warm energy would stimulate the meridians within his body, causing them to expand a little. The Body Refining Realm would always expand the meridians in his body, absorbing the Qi Essence from the air and storing it in his body. With this black pearl, Meng Fann could cultivate without resting.

Unless he was unwilling to, otherwise, he would have a lot more time to cultivate compared to others. Once Meng Fann felt tired, the warm energy of the black pearl would allow Meng Fann to restore all of his physical strength within just an hour.

However, Meng Fann had only heard of the legendary precious restoration pill to have such a miraculous effect. Moreover, the restoration pill could only restore one's physical strength, while the black pearl could further stimulate Meng Fann's body. Although the effect was slow, if he nourished his meridians frequently, it would be a great help to his cultivation realm.

For someone like Meng Fann who had just started cultivating the Qi Essence, the benefits of the black pearl could be said to be boundless.

With that, Meng Fann grinned, and just as he was about to stand up, his body suddenly stiffened. He then circulated the Qi Essence within then carefully probed every part of his body.

This was because Meng Fann was pleasantly surprised to find that there were some changes to his body. His skinny body seemed to have grown taller than yesterday. Under his green robe, there was a vague outline of his muscles, which seemed to have become sturdier.

"I have advanced. That's right, I am now at the third-tier of the Body Refining Realm!"

Crying out in shock, a wide grin appeared on Meng Fann's face. In the past, even after going through three years of hard work in cultivating, he could only reach the second tier of Body Refining Realm. Therefore, it was unexpected that he would actually break through to the third tier of Body Refining Realm with only a night of cultivation.

Meng Fann knew that it must be related to the black pearl that nourished his meridians. This thing was really a treasure. However, at that moment, Meng Fann's body was trembling slightly and looked somewhat puzzled.

Possessing such a treasure would cause many people to covet it. If the effects of this pearl were to be spread out, Meng Fann was unsure what the consequences would be. Perhaps, it would attract the attention of all the people in the Mountain Range of the Azure Dragon.

With that thought in his mind, Meng Fann couldn't help but feel some palpitations in his heart. Although Meng Fann was precocious, at the end of the day, he was just an ordinary fifteen-year-old child.

After some time of pondering, Meng Fann firmly placed the pearl that was full of cracks on his chest and made a decision within him. He would not tell anyone the secret of this pearl including Xinlan. It was not that he did not trust her, but that he decided to bury this secret within him.

Immediately after he let out a heavy breath, his eyes twinkled, realizing what he should do for the following ten days.

Meng Fann gave a deep thought about it, he knew although he had the black pearl to nourish his meridians, what was the most important thing was still his hard work in cultivating. If it was not for the cultivation, the effect of the black pearl to restore his physical strength would be completely useless anyway.

Therefore, Meng Fann had already decided on his plan. For the following ten days, he would cultivate day and night, working harder than others in exchange for the gap between them over the years.

At this moment, he let out a deep roar, revealing a determined look in his eyes. His efforts today were only for tomorrow's success!

Meng Fann hoped that he could bring glory to the family during the Clans Tournament in Wu Town so that his mother's status in Wu Town would ascend and would no longer be looked down upon by others. He also remembered that miles away there lived the Meng family that had humiliated him and his mother!

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