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Chapter 1 - Public Information Early Knowing

"Where is this?"

Mo Fan opened his eyes and looked around in a daze.

At this moment, he was lying in a firewood house with wounds all over his body. It was surrounded by firewood and debris. The smell was extremely unpleasant.

"Aren't I playing with my phone at home? Why did it appear here? "

Mo Fan remembered that he was at home holding his newly bought phone, playing games.

His phone suddenly stopped ringing. Following that, a page called "News knew about this from the beginning" popped up.

After that, his phone exploded ?

Just then, in Mo Fan's mind, countless memory fragments suddenly emerged. He began to forcibly merge his memories.


The intense pain caused Mo Fan's eyes to crack and his face to turn sinister. He couldn't help but wail in agony.

Fragments of memories slowly merged together in Mo Fan's mind. It formed into many images.

It was like a movie, playing in his mind.

After looking through these memories, Mo Fan finally understood.

He had crossed over!

His current body, was also called Mo Fan. He was a direct descendant of the Mo family, one of the three big families of the Lingyun City.

Mo Fan originally had an extremely good talent for cultivation, but five days ago, he was seized by the Great Clan Elder of the Mo family who used a sinister secret technique to transfer his talent to his son.

This caused Mo Fan to completely become a cripple, and his status to plummet. The current him, even though he was the direct descendant of the Mo Clan. But in reality, his status was not even comparable to a lowly servant.

His injuries were caused by the butler of the Mo Residence.

It was just that the Mo Residence's butler was too harsh and with Mo Fan's Inherent Skill being stolen, his body was already suffering from internal injuries. It was undoubtedly an additional injury.

He died soon after he was thrown into the woodshed. It was only then that Mo Fan would teleport onto his body.

The world that Mo Fan had crossed over to was a mystical world with a strange appearance.

As long as an ordinary person awakened their spirit tattoos, they would be able to cultivate and absorb the spirit energy of the world, absorb the essence of the sun and moon, and turn themselves into cultivators with the ability to fly into the sky and escape the earth.

The realm of a cultivator was divided into six stages. They were the Lesser Heaven stage, the Greater Heaven stage, the Spirit Bone stage, the spiritual pulse realm, the Martial Ancestor Realm, and the Sky Sect Realm.

Each realm was further divided into nine levels from bottom to top. They were respectively the first to the ninth layers.

Mo Fan was sixteen years old this year, and his cultivation had reached the seventh level of the Postnatal realm.

Originally, with his potential, he should have been able to break through to the Greater Heaven stage by the age of eighteen. Break through to the Spirit Bone Realm before the age of thirty. Become a top Ranker in the Lingyun City.

However, his talent had been taken. This caused Mo Fan to completely become a cripple that could not cultivate.

"I never thought that you would also be called Mo Fan. The two of us have the same surname, it seems that we have some fate. Otherwise, I wouldn't have teleported onto your body. "

"Even though I've occupied your position now, I really want to avenge you. However, your strength is too weak, and you have become a cripple. " Mo Fan shook his head and said.

"Let me take a look at your cultivation technique first." "Perhaps, as a transcender, I'll be able to enjoy some benefits."

Mo Fan closed his eyes and searched his mind for the cultivation technique.

"Ding!" Congratulations to host 'Mo Fan' for successfully binding the news long ago. From then on, I will take the initiative and ascend to the peak of my life! "

In Mo Fan's mind, a voice suddenly came out, startling him.

"The news already knew? Wasn't this a news software? What's the use of binding it? " Several questions appeared in Mo Fan's mind.

Carrying these questions, Mo Fan activated his consciousness and entered the news long ago.

In front of Mo Fan, his basic information first appeared.

Host: Mo Fan

Cultivation Method: Green Wood Art (Low Rank Mortal Realm Art)

Proficiency: Elementary

Cultivation Technique: Wistar palm (Low Rank Mortal Realm Skill)

Proficiency: Elementary

HP: 3

Version: 1 Star

"What is a HP?" Mo Fan's brows tightly knitted together into a square.

At this time, a system notification rang out in Mo Fan's mind.

"Life value is the lifespan of the host. 3 HP represented that the Host could live for another 3 days. Once the HP is exhausted, the Host will die. "

The system's words caused Mo Fan's eyes to widen. What a joke, I only have three days left! "

Although Mo Fan was unwilling to believe it, he thought that since the System could let him pass through dimensions, it definitely wouldn't lie to him.

"Could it be that I have just passed through another world and am waiting for death?"

Suddenly, a thought came to Mo Fan's mind.

"The System said that I've been bound by the news and I knew about it. Can I take the initiative? Then, can I ? save him for a while? "

With that last bit of hope, Mo Fan activated his consciousness and once again entered the news.

Other than the basic information, Mo Fan found two more sections, called Eight Trigrams News s and Current News s.

"What are these two sections for?"

Mo Fan activated his consciousness and entered the Eight Trigrams News.

The scene before his eyes suddenly changed. A Eight Trigrams News instantly appeared in his mind.

"In the early hours of this morning, Butler Mo Hu and Elder Mo Feng's concubine, Xu Yingying, were meeting for an hour in the forest at the back of the mountain."


Mo Fan read the information in his mind with a head full of black lines.

"Damn, this really is a Eight Trigrams News." Is this also called taking control of the situation? "

According to the Eight Trigrams News's description, Mo Fan could receive one every five days.

However, this sort of trash information had no use whatsoever.

Mo Fan activated his consciousness and exited the Eight Trigrams News, following which he entered another area ? ? Current News.


A message instantly appeared in front of Mo Fan.

"In the depths of the forest ten miles away from Lingyun City, two Fifth Sky of Nascent Realm cultivators were battling. Because both of them had similar strength, in the end no one was able to retrieve their corpses!

Although there was only one message in Current News. However, this message made Mo Fan excited.

In a war between cultivators, both Life Destruction cultivators and Life Destruction cultivators had no one to collect their corpses from!

In other words, if he rushed over now, he would be able to obtain the treasures of those two Xiantian fifth stage cultivators.

"Eight Trigrams News is useless, it's useless. And the Current News is still of some use. " Mo Fan's eyes were shining brightly.

Just like the Eight Trigrams News, according to the description of the Current News, Mo Fan could receive one every five days.

According to Mo Fan's expectations, with the help of Current News, he would definitely be able to obtain numerous treasures and walk to the peak of his life.

But before that, he needed to resolve a problem. That was the problem of longevity.

Mo Fan only had 3 HP at the moment, which meant that he could only live for three more days.

"What should I do to extend my life?"

Just as Mo Fan was about to lose all hope, a system notification sound suddenly sounded out in his mind.

"Ding! Host has already known about the binding news for more than half an hour. Received a newbie gift. Would you like to open it?"

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