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Chapter 10 - Tomb of the Qingxuan King

He had the experience of being followed by Mo Hu last time. This time, Mo Fan intentionally circled around the city a few times, to make sure that no one was following him.

Only now did they leave the city and enter the forest.

According to the location described in the Current News. Mo Fan spent four hours before arriving at a cave deep in the forest.

The cave was not deep, so Mo Fan searched back and forth a few times but to no avail.

"Impossible, the place that Current News was talking about is here. Why couldn't we find the ultimate treasure? "

Mo Fan looked at the cave and frowned, he was deep in thought.

"The System will not make a mistake, the supreme treasure must be in this cave. If my guess is not wrong, there should be some mechanism within this cave. "

Mo Fan's eyes lit up, and he immediately started to search the cave carefully. Finally, in the innermost area of the cave, Mo Fan found a rock that was embedded in the ground.

At first glance, this rock looked no different from any other stone. However, it was embedded in the ground, leaving traces of someone doing it.

Mo Fan pressed down against a rock, but there was no change to the cave.

"Could I have guessed wrongly?"

Mo Fan frowned. After some thought, he used all his strength to push the stone.


The entire cave shook because of this. From where Mo Fan stood, the ground had suddenly cracked, and a large hole had appeared.

Mo Fan was caught off guard and immediately fell through.

Beneath the big hole was a huge slope. Mo Fan went along the slope, and after sliding for a few meters. He appeared in a stone hall.

whoosh, whoosh, whoosh *

Rays of fire suddenly lit up. It illuminated the dark stone hall.

"This is a tomb!"

Mo Fan looked around and said.

The stone hall was not big and could be read with a single glance.

There was nothing in the entire stone palace. Only in the center was there a sarcophagus. Clearly, this was a tomb.

Mo Fan discovered two rows of words on the ground in front of the sarcophagus.

"I am the Qingxuan King, and anyone who comes to my tomb is someone fated to be here. Just present yourself in front of this king's sarcophagus as a disciple. "

"Also, make an oath that within twenty years, you will avenge this king and kill the Blood Demon King. This King will give you good fortune! "

The Big Heart Demon Oath was an extremely strict oath.

If he swore an oath and didn't carry it out, then every time he made a breakthrough in his cultivation, an inner demon would appear. The consequences were extremely serious.

Thus, when Mo Fan saw the words on the ground, his brows knitted tightly. He raised his head and looked at the sarcophagus.

"The exceptional treasure that Current News mentioned should be inside this sarcophagus. Looking at the age of the sarcophagus, this Qingxuan King should have been dead for more than ten years. Then can I just open the sarcophagus and take the treasures out? " Mo Fan's eyes flashed.

After pondering for a long time, Mo Fan finally breathed out a mouthful of impure air.

Isn't it just the disciple's gift and the Big Heart Demon Oath? Since he wants to obtain the Qingxuan King's ultimate treasure, he should naturally fulfill the rules that he set out for us. "

Mo Fan knelt on the ground and kowtowed nine times towards the sarcophagus, greeting the disciples.

Then, Mo Fan stood up, raised his right hand above his head and raised three fingers. Facing the sarcophagus, he said loudly:

"I, Mo Fan, am willing to swear on my heart demon. Within twenty years, I will definitely avenge the Qingxuan King and kill the Blood Demon King! "

The instant Mo Fan's voice fell, he felt a movement in his heart, as a mysterious power flashed past.

He knew that the Big Heart Demon Oath had taken effect.

At this time, an incomparably powerful pressure suddenly attacked.

A heavy voice slowly sounded in the stone hall. His voice was like thunder, shaking Mo Fan's ears to the point that it resonated continuously.

"Kid, since you have gone through the ritual of a disciple, you must have taken the Big Heart Demon Oath. Then This King will give you a chance to participate in the trial. As long as you pass the trial, this king will bestow you with a great fortune. "

"But if you fail the examination, you will lose your life here. So, little brat, have you considered whether or not you want to participate in the trial? "

The sudden voice startled Mo Fan.

"I never thought that the Qingxuan King would still have a trump card. If I had went directly to the sarcophagus, I would have been decapitated by now. " Mo Fan wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and revealed a face filled with rejoicing.

"If you want to save Grandfather, then you must obtain the treasures left behind by the Qingxuan King. Therefore, I must participate in this trial. "

Mo Fan did not hesitate at all, he turned to the sarcophagus and said: "I want to participate in the trial!"

"Are you sure? If you fail in this trial, you will die without a doubt! " Qingxuan King said in a deep voice.

"I'm sure!"

Mo Fan answered firmly.

In order to save Grandfather Mo Xiaotian, he was willing to risk his life!

"In that case, let the trial begin!"

The instant Qingxuan King's voice fell, the stone hall trembled violently. An incomparably terrifying pressure exploded from the sarcophagus, engulfing heaven and earth!

"Puchi!" Mo Fan was instantly pressed to the ground by this terrifying pressure.

Only to see a light shining on top of the sarcophagus as it condensed into a golden whip and a silver whip.

"Could it be that the trial Qingxuan King was talking about, is it about getting whipped?"

Just as Mo Fan was thinking, the Gold Silver God Whip was swung at the same time.

"Pah!" "Pah!"

Two resounding swatting sounds rang out.

The intense pain made Mo Fan unable to hold back from letting out a painful howl.

The golden whip had whipped Mo Fan's body, and with just a whip, it had ripped open his flesh, causing blood to flow out.

And the silver whip had whipped Mo Fan's soul!

As the whip struck down, Mo Fan's soul trembled and he was in incomparable pain. It was several times more painful than the pain on his body!

"Pah!" "Pah!"

The Gold Silver God Whip waved it again, ruthlessly lashing at Mo Fan. Whip after whip, completely not giving Mo Fan any time to catch his breath ?

When the Goldsilver Divine Whip reached the fifth whip.

Mo Fan's consciousness had already started to become a little fuzzy. Clearly, he had reached his limit.

"You absolutely cannot lose consciousness! Once you fall unconscious, the smelting trial will end! "

Mo Fan immediately bit his tongue apart with his teeth. The pain on his tongue allowed him to clear his head a little.

"I must persevere! Only after passing the trial can you obtain the treasure and save Grandfather! "

Mo Fan gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. Due to the excessive force, his fingernail had already pierced the palm of his hand.

"Pah!" "Pah!"

The Gold and Silver Divine Whip continued to swing.

Relying on his strong conviction and tenacious willpower, Mo Fan persevered.

Finally, the Gold Silver Divine Whip stopped whipping.

After going through nine golden whips and nine silver whips, Mo Fan's expression was extremely tired. His soul was severely injured.

In addition, his fleshly body was severely injured. His entire back was covered in blood. Through the wound, one could clearly see a section of white bone that looked extremely horrifying.

"The trial should have ended by now."

Mo Fan's hanging heart, could finally be put at ease.

He moved his finger with much difficulty and took out a Spring-Returning Pill from the storage bag and consumed it.

Just as Mo Fan was healing his injuries, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

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