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Chapter 12 - Transmission of Power

"My Spirit Marks?"

Mo Fan closed his eyes in doubt, as he tried to sense his own spirit patterns.

He didn't know, but he was shocked when he saw it!

His original rank three wood spirit pattern had actually turned into a Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? fire wood spirit print!

This was a Grade Five Spirit Tattoo!

Even in the Fengling County, the grade three spirit patterns that Mo Fan had before were considered to be top-notch talent for cultivation.

And now, with a Grade Five Spirit Tattoo, he could be considered the entire The Northern Wind Empire. They were all absolute top geniuses!

Most importantly, the Grade Five Spirit Tattoo that Mo Fan possessed was a fire wood spirit print.

This represented his physique from the original wood attribute. It became a dual-attribute physique with a fire and wood attribute.

The fire attribute physique was one of the most precious attributes of the five elements. This was because cultivators with fire attribute constitutions could control the fire of heaven and earth.

They could become respected apothecaries and blacksmiths!

In the The Northern Wind Empire, no matter if it was an alchemist or a refiner. His status was much higher than ordinary cultivators.

"fire wood spirit print, ah, it has both the fire and wood attributes. "It is said that this is the most suitable physique to become an apothecary." Mo Fan's eyes showed faint excitement.

The fire attribute physique allowed cultivators to control fire and become apothecaries. The wood attribute physique, on the other hand, made it easier for cultivators to control the medicinal properties of medicinal plants.

The two complement each other. Because of that, the success rate of concocting pills was greatly increased. Therefore, fire wood spirit print was the most suitable physique to become an alchemist.

If Mo Fan spread the news that he owned a fire wood spirit print. Within a day, the top pill refiners of The Northern Wind Empire would definitely flock over and fight to take him as their disciple.

"An increase in the number of spirit inscriptions will not only help me become an alchemist. With my current Inherent skill and aptitude, I will definitely be able to stand at the peak of The Northern Wind Empire in the future! Become an expert of the Martial Ancestor Realm, or even the Sky Sect Realm. "

Mo Fan clenched his fists and said excitedly.

"Kid, right now, you are simply a frog in the well. A mere The Northern Wind Empire is nothing. " Qingxuan King shook his head slightly and said with contempt.

"Senior, what do you mean by that?" Hearing this, Mo Fan asked with suspicion.

"When your cultivation is strong, you will understand what This King has said." Qingxuan King's voice suddenly became weak. His figure also started to turn blurry.

"Kid, this is the soul brand left by this king. The energy within the brand was beginning to dissipate. There's not much time left for This King. Hurry over and accept This King's inheritance. "

Sensing the change in the shadow, the Qingxuan King spoke to Mo Fan quickly.

After Mo Fan heard this, he quickly walked in front of Qingxuan King. Qingxuan King put two fingers together and pointed at the center of his brows.


Mo Fan's mind instantly became blank. A powerful surge of soul energy instantly entered his mind.

This soul force had transformed into tens of thousands of words.

The figure of the Qingxuan King, who was in the middle of transmitting the techniques, suddenly shook, halting the transmission of the techniques. The energy within the soul brand had already reached its limit.

His illusory image was rapidly dissipating.

"Brat, remember to take revenge for This King!"

As soon as he finished, he did not wait for Mo Fan's reply. The shadow of the Qingxuan King, had completely disappeared from this world.

"Junior will definitely avenge senior!" Mo Fan cupped his fists and said.

After getting up, Mo Fan closed his eyes and looked at the words Qingxuan King sent into his mind.

Because of the limited time, Qingxuan King could only choose the most suitable technique and martial skill to teach Mo Fan.

At this time, Mo Fan had a total of six words in his mind. Two of them were martial skills.

< Scarlet Flame Palm >: Earth Ranked Low Rank Martial Technique. After mastering it, one can casually wave out blazing flames, burning gold and stone!

"Tianmu Finger": An Earth Stage Mid Rank Martial Skill. Once mastered, one finger could move the winds and clouds, and a mountain could collapse!

"It's actually the Earth Ranked Low Rank Martial Technique, and an Earth Stage Mid Rank martial skill!" Mo Fan couldn't help but exclaim.

Cultivation techniques and martial skills were the foundation of a cultivator and were related to their battle prowess. Thus, high grade cultivation techniques and martial skills were incomparably valuable.

As one of the three great clans of the Lingyun City, the Mo Clan. Her family's martial skill was only the Earth Ranked Low Rank Martial Technique.

If others knew about it, Mo Fan actually possessed a Earth Ranked Low Rank Martial Technique, a kind of middle grade Earth Rank martial skill. Even if it was the Mo family, as one of the three great families of Lingyun City, they wouldn't be able to protect him.

Mo Fan took a deep breath, and continued to read the content in his mind. Out of the remaining four books, three of them had to do with apothecaries.

< < Basics of Alchemy > >: Suitable for low level alchemists. It was recorded in detail that the alchemy insights and experiences of over a hundred apothecaries were the best books for a low-level apothecary to read.

[Diagram of Low Grade Medicinal Herbs]: A collection of over 10,000 types of low grade medicinal herbs are recorded in detail in this book. The growth environment and personal characteristics of these medicinal herbs are also recorded.

< Collection of Low Rank Pill Formulae >: The book records hundreds of low rank pill recipes, from healing, detoxification, to being helpful for cultivation, and even forcefully raising one's cultivation. All types of pills were recorded in the Library of Heaven's Path.

This was because Mo Fan's spirit pattern had turned into a Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? fire wood spirit print.

Thus, the Qingxuan King specially picked out for him the basic knowledge regarding low level alchemists.

Mo Fan casually flipped through it, and was immediately shocked by the content in front of him.

"Are you sure this is basic knowledge regarding low-level apothecaries?" "Why did I see the contents of a grade-4 pill inside?" Mo Fan was stunned.

Rank four pellet was already considered a higher tier pellet in the The Northern Wind Empire.

One must know that in the whole of The Northern Wind Empire, the strongest alchemist was only a high Grade Five Alchemist.

A fourth rank alchemist who was able to refine a fourth rank pill, his status was comparable to an expert of Martial Ancestor Realm. He definitely could do whatever he wanted in The Northern Wind Empire.

"With these three books of knowledge, I can definitely become a grade-4 apothecary!" Mo Fan's eyes shone with excitement.

The last piece of text in his mind was not a martial skill or cultivation technique, but was instead a message from the Qingxuan King.

"Kid, time is limited, so This King will make this long story short. This King did not leave you any techniques. This was because within the red jade plate, there was a peerless cultivation method. "If you can master it, you will definitely stand on the peak of cultivators!"

"That red jade plate is a treasure of heaven and earth ? ? nature jade plate. To be exact, it was a broken nature jade plate. Your spirit pattern was changed by it. I was hunted by countless people because I obtained this treasure. In the end, they were severely injured by the Blood Demon King and died in The Northern Wind Empire. "

"Remember, the nature jade plate is a treasure of heaven and earth, there are countless experts spying on them. You have to hide it well, even if it's someone close to you, you can't tell them. Otherwise, once the news leaked out. You will follow in the footsteps of this king and be chased to your death by countless people! "

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