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Chapter 13 - nature jade plate

"So this jade plate is the peerless treasure mentioned in the Current News!" Mo Fan opened his eyes wide and looked at the red jade plate in surprise.

Picking up the jade plate, he felt a connection. He slightly raised his eyebrows and activated his soul force to probe the jade plate.

Because the red jade plate had absorbed nearly seventy percent of Mo Fan's blood, it had already completed its ownership.

Therefore, Mo Fan had a feeling that they were related to each other through blood. His spiritual energy could easily penetrate it.


The moment his soul force touched the crimson jade plate. A terrifying pressure exploded from the jade plate, sweeping through the heaven and earth.

Accompanied by the pressure was a wave of scarlet energy that flowed into Mo Fan's mind.

"Five Elements Creation Art ? Heavenly Fire Chapter!"

Mo Fan's eyes opened wide, and that scarlet energy turned into a cultivation technique, deeply imprinted itself into his mind.

This cultivation method didn't have any grade. There was only the method of operation.

The moment the cultivation technique was imprinted in his mind. The spirit energy in Mo Fan's body seemed to be attracted by a strange force. According to the circulation method of the [Five Elements of Creation Art], it operated on its own.

Following the circulation of the Qi Method, Mo Fan could clearly feel that the fire type spiritual energy in the surroundings was quickly surging towards his body.

The current him was absorbing spiritual energy at a speed even faster than when he swallowed Ling Ling Dan!

A few minutes later, a light shattering sound came from within his body. That was the sound of boundary barrier shattering.

Mo Fan's cultivation had successfully broken through from the seventh heaven of the Postnatal realm to the eighth heaven of the Postnatal realm!

"Ding! Congratulations to host on breaking through to the eighth level precelestial stage, increasing your HP by one point."

A system notification sounded out in Mo Fan's mind. His HP had now reached 7.5.

"What a powerful cultivation technique, it was only able to circulate one great cycle through my body." It's actually comparable to the days of hard work that I've done to cultivate the [Mysterious Wood Method]. " Mo Fan said in surprise.

"No wonder senior said that you can cultivate this technique to mastery." "We will definitely stand at the peak of cultivators!"

Although the [Five Elements of Creation Art] had no rank. But Mo Fan compared it to the low ranked Mortal Realm art, the [Black Wood Method].

It could be determined that the [Five Elements of Creation Arts] was called the [Heavenfire Canon]. It was very possible that this was a peerless cultivation technique that surpassed the rank of Heaven Rank!

"The fact that I have a nature jade plate, definitely cannot be exposed." Mo Fan's face turned serious.

As the saying goes, a man's wealth is his own crime! Without absolute power, there was no way to protect a peerless treasure.

Since the nature jade plate had already recognized him as its master, with a thought from Mo Fan, he kept it in his dantian.

Mo Fan could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He was just worrying that there was no place for him to hide the nature jade plate. Right now, unless someone were to explore Mo Fan's Dantian. Otherwise, nature jade plate s would definitely not be discovered.

"Senior said that this nature jade plate is broken. According to the ? Five Elements Creation Art ?, this was his deductions. Could it be that there are five broken nature jade plate? "

"Moreover, every broken nature jade plate has a record of their technique." Mo Fan rubbed his chin as he analyzed.

"For example, among the nature jade plate I got this red nature jade plate, it recorded the? Five Elements of Creation Arts?, and among the other nature jade plate, it should have recorded the? Heavenly Water Chapter?,? Heavenly Wood Chapter?,? Heavenly Gold Chapter?, and the? Heavenly Earth Chapter?."

Although Mo Fan's conjecture was not based on anything, the truth was indeed like that.

nature jade plate was a treasure of heaven and earth, and the Five Elements of Creation Art recorded in it was a top-notch cultivation technique. This attracted countless experts to fight for it.

It was also through chance and coincidence that Qingxuan King obtained this red colored nature jade plate. Otherwise, with his strength, he did not have the qualifications to snatch the nature jade plate.

Of course, these things were still too far away from Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was still looking at the nature jade plate, his mind working extremely quickly.

"If I'm not wrong, every nature jade plate has the ability to raise spirit patterns. If I could get my hands on other nature jade plate, the spirit tattoos in my body would definitely rise to a frightening level! "

"At that time, my talent and talent will reach a monstrous level!"

The more Mo Fan thought about it, the brighter his eyes became.

In his heart, he had already made up his mind. He would find other nature jade plate s, cultivate the complete Five Elements Creation Art, and raise his spirit pattern rank!

Mo Fan suddenly thought of something, and slapped his head hard.

"I came here to get the treasures, then went to the auction house to exchange for the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill saving grandfather."

"Now, although I've obtained a cultivation method and a martial skill. However, there is only one treasure, namely the nature jade plate. " Mo Fan's brows tightly knitted together.

nature jade plate were the most valuable treasures of the world, let alone the auction house. Even the news of its possession couldn't be leaked out. Otherwise, there would be endless future troubles!

"There are only two days left. Without a treasure, what can I use to exchange for a Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill. "

Mo Fan was extremely anxious as he paced back and forth in the stone hall.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed through his mind. nature jade plate can't be taken out, but I still have other things. "

Whether it was the Earth Ranked Low Rank Martial Technique, or the middle grade Earth Rank martial skill, Tianmu Finger, their value was all higher than Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill s.

Not only that, Mo Fan also had the < Beginner's Pill Formulae > in his hand. There were hundreds of pill formulas recorded within.

From a grade-1 pill formula to a grade-4 pill formula. Among them, there were dozens of pill formulas with the highest value.

A pill formula was extremely important to concocting a medicinal pill. No matter what pill he concocted, it would require a corresponding pill.

Otherwise, no matter how strong the apothecary was, he would be. He was also unable to successfully refine the pill.

Thus, the pill formula was extremely valuable. That was especially true of the pill formulas that were used to cherish medicinal pills.

Mo Fan pondered for a long time before deciding to copy three early Grade Four Spirit Dan formulas from the? Collected Low Grade Pill Formulae?. Prepared to exchange for Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill.

The value of the < fire palm > and the < Tianmu Finger > might be higher, but it was too dangerous. It was very likely that this would attract the attention of the entire auction.

After all, he was guilty.

And the pill formula's words, made Mo Fan confident, made the auction house not dare to make a move against him.

After Mo Fan copied down the pill formulas for the three low grade four pills, he kept them in the storage bag.

Then, he took a deep breath. Closing his eyes, he started to read the contents of the < Basic Laws of Alchemists >.

He wanted to become an alchemist at the fastest speed possible.

This < < Basics of Alchemy > > recorded the pill forging experiences and experiences of over a hundred alchemists.

For new alchemists, such as Mo Fan, who haven't even started refining pills, it was extremely useful.

After half an hour of reading, Mo Fan had a certain understanding of alchemists.

Both his hands swiftly formed a seal in the air. The surrounding fire spiritual energy quickly gathered in his palm. It ignited into a ball of blazing flames.

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