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Chapter 14 - Xi Yun Pavilion

The spirit pattern on Mo Fan's body transformed into the Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? The new fire wood spirit print. He already possessed the ability to control fire.

"snake fire control!"

Mo Fan growled. The ball of flame in his palm instantly lengthened, and transformed into a tiny fire snake, incomparably bizarre.

However, as soon as the fire serpents took shape, they dispersed.

"The snake fire control, although it is a very low level fire control technique. However, it still consumed a lot of soul power. "Only by continuously practicing can you be able to skillfully use it." Mo Fan muttered to himself.

Fire Controlling Technique was a technique used by apothecaries to forge pills. The more exquisite the fire controlling technique was, the more precise the control of the flames would be. This would increase the success rate of refining pills.

The Fire Controlling Snakes was one of the simplest fire controlling techniques recorded in the < < < Alchemist Basics > > >.

Of course, this was only with regards to the < Basic Laws of Alchemists >.

In the The Northern Wind Empire, not to mention a first rank alchemist, many second rank alchemists did not even know snake fire control.

Compared to the snake fire control, in the alchemist circle of the The Northern Wind Empire, there were several types of simpler fire controlling techniques. For example, it could control fire at one point, fire at two angles, and so on.

However, none of those trash-controlled fire techniques had the right to be included in the < < Basic Books of Alchemy > >.

Mo Fan did not know about any of these.

At this time, he was cultivating the snake fire control again and again.

Mo Fan acted as if he did not know exhaustion as he cultivated for an entire day and night.

Finally, at noon on the second day, he cultivated the snake fire control to the Small Success Realm. He could now move it skillfully.

Mo Fan realized that after a whole day of non-stop training. His soul energy had actually grown quite a bit.

"I never thought that cultivating fire control skills would actually have the ability to temper the soul." Mo Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

"I've already trained the snake fire control to the Small Success Realm. It's time to leave this place."

He had already been in the stone palace for two days and two nights. Distance from his grandfather Mo Xiaotian, his soul was scattered in horror. There was only one day left.

"There's still one more day, I must obtain the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill!"

Mo Fan got up, looked at Qingxuan King's sarcophagus, and said:

"This junior will engrave Senior's kindness in his heart." In this lifetime, I will do everything I can to fulfil Senior's final wishes and kill the Blood Demon King!

Finished speaking, he kowtowed three times to the Qingxuan King's sarcophagus. He turned around and left.

Mo Fan followed the slope above the stone hall and returned to the cave. Then he left the forest.

After returning to the Lingyun City, Mo Fan did not return to the Mo Residence. Instead, he went to a medicine store and bought a batch of Tier 1 herbs and a Low Tier Pill Refining Furnace.

Holding the medicinal herbs and the cauldron. Mo Fan opened up a room in an inn. He instructed the waiter not to disturb him.

After Mo Fan entered the guest room, he sat cross-legged on the floor. He placed the cauldron before him.

He held his breath as he swiftly formed seals with his hands. Following the numerous mysterious hand seals, a thumb-sized fire snake was formed.

It danced up and down in front of Mo Fan.


Mo Fan pointed to the furnace and the fire snake immediately flew towards it. A blazing flame.

Mo Fan wanted to be able to master the refinement of tier-1 pills before heading to the auction. In this way, he would be able to disguise as a grade-1 apothecary.

Even though he was the weakest of the apothecaries, he was still a Tier 1 apothecary. But in Lingyun City, it was enough to run amuck.

One had to know that in the entire Lingyun City, there were only a handful of alchemists.

As one of the three big clans of Lingyun City, the Mo Clan only had two guest pill refiners. Amongst them, there was a Tier 2 Low stage apothecary. The other was a high tier Tier 1 Pill Refiner.

When the alchemy furnace reached a certain temperature ? Mo Fan waved his sleeves, and from the pile of herbs at the side, he took out a first grade Blood Congealing Grass and threw it into the furnace.

The pill he was currently refining was called Blood Coagulation Powder. It was the simplest of the low Grade One Medicinal Pills. Many new alchemists use it to practice.

Mo Fan took note of his pill refining experience that was recorded in the < < Basics of Alchemy > >. He carefully refined the Blood Congealing Grass into a dark red liquid.

After he finished purifying the first medicinal ingredient, Mo Fan then started to refine the second medicinal ingredient ? ? Purple Star Flower.

Because Mo Fan was too nervous, he did not properly control the temperature of the Pill Fire when refining the Purple Star Flower. This caused the Blood Congealing Grass and Purple Star Flower to be burnt to ashes.

"Whew ~"

Mo Fan took a deep breath, and calmed himself down. Summarize the mistakes you just made. He began his second attempt.

He bought a batch of herbs, which was enough for him to practice for more than ten times.

One minute later, the second attempt failed. Mo Fan continued to concoct pills for the third time.

Because Mo Fan had the Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? fire wood spirit print. Thus, he had a certain advantage over the control of alchemy fire and the control of medicinal herbs.

In addition, in the < < Basics of Alchemy > >, there were detailed records of the alchemy experiences, experiences, and experiences of over a hundred apothecaries. This was equivalent to Mo Fan having over a hundred instructors.

He possessed immense talent and was guided by a master teacher. Mo Fan's improvement was simply like riding on a rocket.

From his first time concocting pills to his first time concocting a real Blood Coagulation Powder, he had only taken an hour.

If the outside world were to know about this, they would definitely be astounded!

"Right now, I can be considered to be the lowest of the lot, a Tier 1 Pill Refiner." The corner of Mo Fan's mouth rose slightly.

He practiced a few more times and finally grasped the method to refine the Blood Clotting Powder.

With a wave of his hand, Mo Fan kept the furnace back into the storage bag, left the tavern, and walked towards Transaction market.

The Transaction market was located to the north of the Lingyun City. There were hundreds of shops, which were the trading center of Lingyun City.

As one of the three great clans of the Lingyun City, the Mo Clan was home to more than ten shops in the Transaction market.

The profits of these shops were more than 50% of the total earnings of the Mo Clan.

Mo Fan's goal in coming to the Transaction market this time was not his own shop. It was located in the center of Transaction market ? ? Yun Xi faction!

Xi Yun Pavilion was the biggest and most imposing shop in Lingyun City. He was in the business of selling medicinal pills, spirit weapons, cultivation techniques, martial skills, etc.

In addition to this, there was also an auction house in the West Cloud Pavilion. Every half a month, an auction will be held. Every treasure that could be auctioned off was a treasure.

No one had ever doubted the credibility of Xi Yun Pavilion.

Because the West Cloud Pavilion had a huge background. Even the mayor of the Lingyun City was very polite to the Yun Xi faction.

"The Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill is a mid-Grade Four Spirit Dan, it is extremely precious. In the entire Lingyun City, only the Yun Xi Men Pavilion is able to purchase it. "

Mo Fan muttered as he stood at the entrance of the west cloud pavilion.

This was because the Mo Clan had tens of shops in the Transaction market. In order to prevent people from the Mo Clan from finding out, as well as to conceal their identity.

At this time, Mo Fan was wearing a big black robe and a cape, under the cape he wore was a mask.

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