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Chapter 15 - Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill

"Sir, may I ask what you need?"

Just as Mo Fan walked into the Spring Cloud Restaurant, a pretty lady wearing a qipao came up to welcome him and asked enthusiastically.

All the employees in the Grand Cloud Pavilion had gone through rigorous training. The service attitude was very good.

Although Mo Fan dressed strangely, the attitude of the shop assistant was still as passionate as ever.

"I have a big business deal that requires me to see you in charge."

Mo Fan deliberately changed his tone and said coldly.

After the beautiful lady heard it, she looked up and down at Mo Fan. He reminded them, "Teacher, the steward will only receive orders exceeding one hundred thousand taels ?"

The meaning behind his words was that no business worth less than a hundred thousand taels had the right to go to the general director.

Mo Fan waved his hand, and said: "This business of mine, is far bigger than a hundred thousand!"

"Sir, please wait a moment!"

The beautiful woman turned around to report to the steward.

Not long later, the beautiful lady returned and said politely to Mo Fan: "Sir, please follow me."

Under the guidance of the beautiful woman, Mo Fan arrived at the living room on the third floor of the Grand Cloud Restaurant.

In the living room sat a white robed, ruddy old man. It was obviously the Head Steward of the Spring and Spring Pavilion.

"So powerful!" This person's cultivation is definitely above the seventh level of the Spirit Bone realm! " Mo Fan said in his heart. Xi Yun Pavilion was truly worthy of being the biggest shop in Lingyun City. "It seems that the legend is true. The West Cloud Pavilion definitely has a huge background."

Even in the entire Lingyun City, a cultivator with the seventh sky of the spirit bone would be considered a top expert.

"This old man is Yun Qingfeng. I wonder if little friend is preparing to buy or sell?" The old man in white chuckled.

Although Mo Fan was dressed in black and wore a cape, he still had a mask on his face. However, from his aura, it could be determined that he was a youth.

"My master had some accidents while he was refining pills. Unfortunately, his cultivation went berserk. I was specially ordered to come to the west cloud pavilion and buy a Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill. " Mo Fan deliberately changed his tone, as he said haughtily.

Mo Fan wanted to disguise himself as the disciple of a pill master. In this way, the west cloud pavilion did not dare to entertain his idea and decided to attack him from the back.

"Fourth-ranked mid-ranked pellet ? ? Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill?" Hearing that, a light flashed deep in Yun Qingfeng's eyes. In his mind, a thousand thoughts flashed.

"There are only five famous alchemists in Lingyun City. None of the five had spread the news that their cultivation had gone berserk. Could it be that this person is not from Lingyun City? "

Yun Qingfeng's expression did not change, and laughed: "I wonder, who is little friend's master? If you have any relationship with this old man, this old man can make the decision to give you some preferential treatment. "

"As expected, it's just as I had guessed. If they want to buy Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill, the Spring Cloud Pavilion will definitely investigate me. Fortunately, I was prepared. " Mo Fan sneered in his heart.

Mo Fan looked at Yun Qingfeng, and arrogantly said: "Hehe, you do not have the qualifications to know my master."

Mo Fan's words caused Yun Qingfeng's face to turn cold.

As the Head Supervisor of the West Cloud Pavilion, other than being an expert of the seventh sky of the Spirit Bone Clan, he was also a person of A Tier 3 Low Tier Pill Refiner.

In this Lingyun City, even the mayor didn't dare to speak to him like that.

"Little friend, can you show your apothecary emblem to me?" Yun Qingfeng stopped smiling and said indifferently. His attitude was much colder than before.

The apothecary emblem was the proof of an apothecary's identity. It was issued by the Alchemist Guild and had a lot of authority.

On the alchemist emblem, other than the Alchemist Guild emblem. It was also engraved with a red pill pattern.

A single Pill Mark was that of a Tier 1 Pill Refiner.

For two days, he was a Tier 2 Pill Refiner.

With this and so on...

From light to deep, the pill patterns were divided into three colors. They were: light red, scarlet red, and dark red. It represents the low-tier, intermediate-tier, and high-tier apothecaries of each tier.

Like Yun Qingfeng, as the A Tier 3 Low Tier Pill Refiner. On his alchemist emblem, there were three faint red Pill Marks.

"What is it? "You don't believe that I'm an apothecary?" Mo Fan frowned, his voice was ice cold.

With a wave of his hand, a fire snake condensed itself out of his palm and attacked Yun Qingfeng.

"snake fire control!" Yun Qingfeng's pupils constricted, and he immediately exclaimed in his heart: "This child's spirit pattern, is actually Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? fire wood spirit print!"

Whether it was the snake fire control, or the fire wood spirit print. It was all because of Mo Fan deliberately exposing himself to Yun Qingfeng.

With these two things, Mo Fan believed that even if he did not have the Alchemist Guild Badge, he would still be able to obtain it. Yun Qingfeng would definitely think that he was the disciple of an Alchemist Master.

Just as Mo Fan had expected, a storm was raging in his heart.

"Even though his soul force is very weak, he is only at the level of a Tier 1 Pill Refiner. However, it was able to use the more difficult snake fire control among the low level flame controlling techniques. Clearly, you have received guidance from a master teacher. " Yun Qingfeng thought.

"Moreover, this child has a Grade Five Spirit Tattoo ? ? fire wood spirit print. He was definitely the genius of the apothecaries. At the very least, he should be a grade-4 apothecary! "

"No wonder this child doesn't place me in his eyes. It turned out that his master was a tier 4 apothecary. With his identity, even the Lingyun City's City Lord would not enter his eyes. "

In Yun Qingfeng's mind, the image of his master appeared instantly.

"Do you want me to refine another pill on the spot to prove my identity?" The anger in Mo Fan's eyes soared to the heavens.

With a flip of his palm, he retrieved the pill refining furnace from the storage bag, preparing to concoct pills on the spot.

Seeing this, Yun Qingfeng immediately cupped his hands and apologized: "This old man was rude to you just now, offending Young Noble, I hope Young Noble will not take it to heart."

"My Spring Cloud Pavilion just happens to have one of these. It's worth two million silver. This old man can make the decision for the young master and give him a 10% discount. It was one million eight hundred thousand. May I know if young master is paying the banknotes? Or is it bartering? " Yun Qingfeng said extremely politely.

Ever since he thought about it, Mo Fan's master. He no longer dared to call Mo Fan his little friend. They called him Young Master to show their respect.

"One million and eight hundred thousand, a ten percent discount." "As expected of a mid-Grade Four Spirit Dan, it's really expensive!"

Although Mo Fan had some expectations, after hearing the price of the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill, he couldn't help but click his tongue.

Of course, none of this would show on his face.

Mo Fan said indifferently: "My master only gave me a few low Grade Four medicinal formulas."

"May I know what kind of pill formula it is?" Yun Qingfeng's eyes lit up, and immediately asked.

For apothecaries, pill formulas were extremely common.

Many apothecaries would use pills or pill formulas when they were short of money to make up for their lack of money.

Therefore, Yun Qingfeng did not suspect Mo Fan's identity.

Seeing this, Mo Fan could finally heave a sigh of relief. His expression did not change, looked at Yun Qingfeng and said indifferently:

"The first medicinal formula is a low grade fourth-grade medicinal pill, the Violet Jade Spirit Accumulation Pill."

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