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Chapter 16 - Mo Xiaotian

"The Spiritfount Pill has an extremely strong effect on the cultivation of cultivators. Amongst the low Grade Four Medicinal Pills, it was considered rather precious. "Our Cloud Crocker Pavilion is willing to pay 1.5 million silver for the pill formula." Yun Qingfeng thought for a while, then said.

Mo Fan was shocked. He never thought that the price of the < Spiritfount Pill > pill formula would be so high.

With this, he was only three hundred thousand silver coins away from buying the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill.

Pill formulas were the foundation of refining medicinal pills, so they were much more valuable than medicinal pills.

In addition, the identity that Mo Fan made up had actually intimidated Yun Qingfeng. Therefore, not only would he not lower the price, he would, in order to curry favor with Mo Fan, give a higher price.

"The second medicinal formula is a low grade fourth-grade medicinal pill, the Profound Origin Pill." Mo Fan said.

"Mysterious Restoration Pill. A type of pill that can recover spiritual energy. Amongst low Grade Four medicinal pills, it's relatively ordinary." So the value is much lower. "My Grand Cloud Pavilion is willing to pay 1 million silver for it." Yun Qingfeng said.

Mo Fan nodded, he believed that Yun Qingfeng would not dare to lie to him.

"Since that's the case, then we'll sell the medicinal formulas of the Violet Jade Spirit Pill and Profound Origin Pill in exchange for the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill."

After saying that, Mo Fan waved his right hand and retrieved two scrolls from the storage bag. What was recorded was precisely the medicinal formula for the Violet Jade Spirit Pill and Profound Origin Pill.

Yun Qingfeng took the scroll and verified its authenticity. He cupped his hands at Mo Fan and said: "Young Noble, please wait."

Not long later, Yun Qingfeng returned to the hall. Behind him was a beautiful girl with fair skin and a graceful figure.

The woman held onto a wooden tray.

Mo Fan looked over, on top of the wooden tray, there was a jade box, a stack of silver notes, and a golden card.

"Young master, this is the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill." Yun Qingfeng opened the jade box and took out a round pill.

The pill was a light blue in color and emitted traces of icy coldness.

Mo Fan nodded his head slightly, according to the description of Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill in the < < Alchemist Master Basics > >. He was sure that the pill Yun Qingfeng took out was real.

"Young Master, here are the remaining seven hundred thousand silver." "There is one more golden card. It is the Supreme Card of the Spring and Spring Pavilion."

"In the future, when Young Master comes to my Spring Cloud Pavilion to buy things, you will get a twenty percent discount. If Young Noble wants to consign something at the auction house, you will not have to charge any fees. " Yun Qingfeng said with a smile.

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

The Supreme Golden Card of the Spring and Spring Pavilion was a good thing. Not only was it a discount, it was also a symbol of status.

According to Mo Fan's knowledge, in the entire Lingyun City, there were no more than a handful of people who could obtain a Supreme Cloud Western Pavilion Golden Card.

Usually, only the Patriarchs of the various families would be able to obtain them.

Mo Fan never thought that he could actually obtain a Sovereign Gold Card.

"Sure enough, with an expert as my master, anything can be done." The corner of Mo Fan's mouth lifted slightly, revealing a faint smile.

"I want to buy a batch of medicinal materials to refine a grade-1 pill." Mo Fan did not stand on ceremony with Yun Qingfeng, and directly spoke out.

Apothecary was an occupation where familiarity makes perfect. In addition to talent, there was also the need for continuous practice.

Mo Fan had just become a Tier 1 low-ranked pill refiner, so he needed a large amount of medicinal ingredients to practice with. The Prestigious Gold Card was just enough for him to have a lot of money left.

Yun Qingfeng nodded, and brought Mo Fan to the Yun Xi pavilion's medicine warehouse, allowing him to choose his ingredients.

In the end, Mo Fan bought medicinal ingredients that were worth three hundred thousand silver. These medicinal herbs were sufficient to help him advance to a tier two apothecary.

After placing the medicine inside the storage bag, Mo Fan left the Spring Cloud Restaurant.

To prevent anyone from following him, Mo Fan took a few turns around the city, took off his mask and cloak, and then changed into a new set of clothes.

After confirming that no one was following him, Mo Fan went back to the Transaction market and casually found a pill shop.

He bought all of the remaining four hundred thousand taels of silver and used it to cultivate the mid-ranked tier two pellet ? peeling pill.

Because the master that Mo Fan had invented was a pill refining master. Thus, in order to prevent Yun Qingfeng from suspecting anything, he did not purchase peeling pill from the Yun Xi pavilion.

The effects of the peeling pill were several times stronger than that of the Ling Ling Dan.

Usually, only peak Innate realm and even Spirit Bone Realm cultivators would be willing to use peeling pill to cultivate.

Mo Fan believed that with his current Inherent Skill coupled with the help of the peeling pill. It wouldn't be long before he could break through to the Greater Heaven stage.

"Time is almost up. I have to return to the manor quickly and feed my grandfather the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill."

Mo Fan hurried back to the Mo Residence.

He did not immediately go to the place where Mo Xiaotian was undergoing closed door cultivation. Instead, he first went to find Mo Feng.

As the Patriarch, Mo Xiaotian went into closed door cultivation in the Mo Clan's forbidden area. Only the Mo Clan's elders had the right to enter the forbidden grounds.

Mo Fan wanted to give it to Mo Xiaotian, to swallow the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill. They could only do it through Mo Feng.

"Take me to the forbidden area!" After Mo Fan found Mo Feng, he went straight to the point.

"Young master, without the Patriarch's order, no one is allowed to enter the forbidden area." Mo Feng said with some difficulty.

"This is the order my master gave me to go find the Patriarch. Don't tell me you want to disobey my master? " Mo Fan said coldly.

Upon hearing that it was Master Mo Fan's order, Mo Feng's body instantly shivered.

In his heart, Mo Fan's master was at least an expert in spiritual pulse realm. If such a powerhouse wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as slaughtering a dog.

Mo Feng promptly replied: "I'll bring young master to the forbidden grounds right now."

"We can't alarm anyone else." Mo Fan instructed.

Mo Feng nodded, showing that he understood.

The two of them arrived at the back mountain of the Mo Residence. Mo Feng took out a black order badge from the storage bag. After that, he sent out several mysterious hand seals towards the command medallion.

"Po ~"

Layers of spatial ripples suddenly appeared in the void.

So it turned out that a powerful formation was set up in the back mountain. Only with a token in hand and a corresponding hand seal can the formation be opened.

After the two entered the array, the spatial ripples disappeared.

Mo Fan found a secret room and entered. With a glance, he saw that Mo Xiaotian, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the secret room, had an extremely painful expression on his face, while his face was alternating between red and black.

"Patriarch's cultivation went berserk!" Mo Feng exclaimed from the side.

His face alternated between red and black. This was the sign of him going berserk. And it had already reached an extremely dangerous level.

Mo Fan immediately took out the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill from the group of storage bag and fed it to Mo Xiaotian.

The moment the pill entered his mouth, it dissolved, and the strong medicinal power instantly turned into an ice-cold river that washed away Mo Xiaotian's body and soul.

In just a few short breaths of time, Mo Xiaotian's complexion had already returned to normal and his breathing had become even.

Obviously, he had already gotten rid of his Qi deviation.

"Could it be that the medicinal pellet is a Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill that has a miraculous effect of causing one's cultivation to go berserk!?" How could Mo Fan have it? Furthermore, he has never been to the forbidden area before, so how did he know that the patriarch's cultivation went berserk? " Mo Feng looked at Mo Fan in shock.

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