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Chapter 17 - Mo Yunfei

"He must be Mo Fan's master! Only then will it make sense. "

"I can silently enter the forbidden zone without alerting anyone in the Mo Residence. which proves that Mo Fan's master is at least at the fifth level of spirit vein, or even an expert at the peak of Seventh Sky of Spirit Vein! "

In Mo Feng's heart, he was even more afraid of the master that Mo Fan had invented.

"Grandpa should be able to come out in a day or two."

Seeing that the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill had taken effect, Mo Fan's hanging heart immediately relaxed.

"If you dare to divulge a single word of what happened today," he said. I don't need to tell you the consequences, you should know as well. " Mo Fan turned to Mo Feng and said coldly.

"Don't worry Young Master, this matter will definitely rot in my stomach." Mo Feng immediately expressed his loyalty.

Mo Fan nodded and left the forbidden grounds with Mo Feng.

"Has anything happened in the past two days?" Mo Fan asked.

"Great Elder didn't find trouble with Young Master these two days. However, Mo Yunfei came a few times. "Moreover ?"

"And what!"

Mo Fan had a bad premonition in his heart, hence he asked angrily.

"When Mo Yunfei saw that the young master was not around, he vented his anger on Xiao Yu." Mo Feng stammered.

"He's courting death!"

Mo Fan's heart was instantly set ablaze with anger!

Mo Yunfei was the second son of Great Elder Mo Qingshan.

Earlier, Mo Qingshan had used a vicious secret technique on Mo Fan to steal his Inherent Skill. It was all to help Mo Yunfei raise his talent.

So it turned out that Mo Yunfei's talent was only a rank two wood spirit tattoo. And now, it had become a grade three wood spirit vein.

"I haven't gone to find him for revenge yet, but he actually dares to find trouble with me first, and even dared to humiliate Xiao Yu. You must be tired of living! " Mo Fan's eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Young master, with my understanding of Mo Yunfei, he will definitely come tomorrow to find young master." Young Master must be careful. "

"After Mo Yunfei transferred the talent of the young master, his cultivation increased by leaps and bounds. Now, you have reached the Houtian ninth stage. " Mo Feng said.

"It just so happens that I don't have to go and find him. Tomorrow is the day that he, Mo Yunfei, will die! " A cold glint flashed past the depths of Mo Fan's eyes.

He muttered a few words to Mo Feng before walking towards his own residence.

When Mo Fan returned to his courtyard, he immediately went into Xiao Yu's room. Seeing her lying on the bed with a pale face, Mo Fan felt as if his heart had been pierced.

"Xiao Yu, it's all my fault, I implicated you."

"It's none of Young Master's business, Xiao Yu did the wrong thing, Xiao Yu deserves to be punished. Young Master must not go find Young Master Yun Fei. " When Xiao Yu saw Mo Fan had arrived, she struggled to get up and said.

Although Xiao Yu was a servant girl, she was very intelligent. She knew that Mo Yunfei was looking for trouble with Mo Fan. That was why he said that.

How could Mo Fan not understand Xiao Yu's thoughts? He clenched both his hands tightly and firmly said in his heart:

"As long as I'm here, I won't let you suffer any more grievances in the future!"

In the blink of an eye, the second day arrived.

Just as the sun rose into the sky, a group of luxuriously dressed youths arrived at Mo Fan's residence.

The person in the lead was Mo Yunfei!

Mo Yunfei kicked open the courtyard door. He shouted arrogantly: "Where is Mo Fan? This young master has arrived. Why aren't you going out and kneeling down to welcome him! "

"Young Master Yun Fei, it's been three days. Mo Fan must have received the news and escaped."

"That's right. Young Master Yun Fei is peerless and mighty. That trash Mo Fan, will definitely not dare to return. "

Mo Yunfei's henchmen all laughed and said.

"Did you all eat shit? Your mouth stinks! "

A cold voice came from inside the house. Mo Fan walked out of the house and looked at Mo Yunfei coldly.

"Oh, the trash is back." Mo Yunfei chuckled, his gaze suddenly turning ice-cold.

"Useless! Hurry up and kneel down when you see me!"

The pressure of the Houtian ninth stage burst out from his body. It rushed towards Mo Fan.

The strong pressure forced Mo Fan to bend his back and bow slightly. Veins bulged all over his body as he struggled to resist. However, he was unable to lift his bent back even a little bit.

"Mo Fan, aren't you a genius? Aren't you a monster? Resist, resist! " Mo Yunfei said with a sneer.

"A good-for-nothing, you have to make your position clear! Remember, when you see me in the future, you must kneel down and greet me. Otherwise, I will hit him every time I see him! "

Mo Fan raised his head with much difficulty, gritted his teeth and said, "Mo Yunfei, I'll kill you!"

He used all his strength to struggle free from the suppression of Mo Yunfei's Houtian ninth stage aura. It crashed into Mo Yun Yan's body.

Mo Yunfei sneered. He had no intention of attacking.

A lackey beside him sent Mo Fan, who was rushing towards him, flying with a single punch.


Mo Fan's eyes were bloodshot, and he once again charged towards Mo Yunfei with great difficulty. But the result was the same.

Before he could even touch Mo Yunfei's clothes, he was sent flying by one of his henchmen.

"Mo Yunfei, as long as I don't die, I will definitely kill you!" Mo Fan shouted with hatred.

Looking at Mo Fan's bloodshot eyes, Mo Yunfei's eyes slightly squinted, with a cold ray of light flashing across his eyes.

At this moment, the sound of something tearing through the air sounded out.

Mo Feng appeared beside Mo Yunfei.

Mo Feng muttered: "Young Master Yun Fei, keeping this Mo Fan is still a disaster. "How about we just take this opportunity to crack him?"

"We can do this ?"

Mo Yunfei nodded as he listened.

"Mo Fan, didn't you want to take revenge on me? "Alright, I'll give you this chance." Mo Yunfei sneered.

"I will seal my entire cultivation. With the strength of an ordinary person, I will battle you to the death. Do you dare? "

In a life and death battle, both sides had to sign a life and death agreement.

In a battle, if someone died. The other party has no responsibility whatsoever.

Normally, only people with a deep grudge and hatred would engage in life-and-death battles. It was very obvious that Mo Yunfei wanted to use this opportunity to thoroughly eliminate Mo Fan.

"A confrontation of life and death ?" Mo Fan frowned, his face revealing a look of hesitation.

"What, you don't dare? Didn't you want revenge? This is your only chance! " Mo Yunfei bewitched.

Mo Fan clenched his fists, his eyes revealing a look of determination.

"A battle of life and death, a battle of life and death!"

"Hehe, it's just a piece of trash. Today, this young master will kill you!" Mo Yunfei snorted coldly in his heart.

He did not see the extremely furious Mo Fan. The corner of his mouth curved into a strange smile.

Mo Fan and Mo Yunfei arrived at the training grounds at the backyard of the Mo Mansion.

At the corner of the Martial Arts Practice Field stood a stone stage called life and death arena. The life-and-death duel would take place on this stone platform.

The elder in charge of supervising the life and death arena saw that Mo Fan and Mo Yunfei were about to have a life and death battle. She was shocked.

He immediately advised Mo Fan not to be impulsive. But Mo Fan did not listen to his persuasion, and insisted on fighting to the death.

"Since that's the case, then let's acknowledge the life and death agreement."

The elder could only sigh and passed two sets of life and death agreement to Mo Fan and Mo Yunfei.

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