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Chapter 18 - Life and Death Arena

In the eyes of the elders who were in charge of supervising life and death arena, Mo Fan was simply courting death.

He had already done what he had to do, but Mo Fan insisted on seeking death so he couldn't be blamed.

After the two of them signed the seal on the life and death agreement, the elder said in a clear voice: "Both sides, enter life and death arena!"

When Mo Fan and Mo Yunfei heard this, they jumped onto the life and death arena.

"In a battle of life and death, both parties are willing to fight. There is no such thing as a life or death situation!" This Elder declares that the battle of life and death has begun! " the elder shouted.

The instant the elder's voice fell, a green light exploded forth, transforming into a green colored barrier that enveloped the entire life and death arena.

This azure barrier was a formation.

Its purpose was to create a fair environment for those who engaged in life-and-death battles. The spectators were guaranteed to not interfere in the battle.

On the life and death arena, Mo Fan looked at Mo Yunfei with a playful look and asked, "When are you preparing to seal your cultivation?"

"Did this young master say he was going to seal his cultivation?" Mo Yunfei sneered, "Trash, if you accept your fate peacefully, this young master might spare your life. "But you still want to take revenge, then this young master will send you on your way today!"

The instant he finished speaking, Mo Yunfei's right hand formed a palm, and turned into a blade, slashing towards Mo Fan's throat. They wanted to kill him.

From Mo Yunfei's point of view, to deal with a cripple like Mo Fan who had no cultivation at all. It was as easy as crushing an ant to death.

As Mo Fan looked at the charging Mo Yunfei, the corner of his mouth lifted into a cold smile.

He already knew that Mo Yunfei would not seal his cultivation. However, this did not hinder his plans.

Because even if Mo Yunfei didn't seal his cultivation level, he was confident that he could kill him!

In the blink of an eye, Mo Yunfei had already arrived in front of Mo Fan. The distance between the two of them was less than a meter!

Just as Mo Yunfei's blade was about to cut Mo Fan's throat. Mo Fan suddenly moved!

His right hand clenched into a fist and swung out like lightning, smashing into Mo Yunfei's chest.


Caught off guard, Mo Yunfei flew out with a face full of shock. Bang! It smashed onto the life and death arena's array barrier.

"Houtian eighth stage!" "How is this possible!?"

Mo Yunfei's eyes widened as he stared at Mo Fan, as if he had seen a ghost.

His father, Mo Qingshan, had long ago used a secret technique to transplant Mo Fan's talent into his body. The current Mo Fan should be a cripple without a trace of spirit energy.

Why is Mo Fan still using his spirit energy? Moreover, his cultivation had reached the Houtian eighth stage?

"I didn't think that I would still have a cultivation base, did I? Mo Yunfei, I will return the pain that you and your father brought to me a hundredfold, a thousand fold! "

Mo Fan's voice was ice-cold, as though it came from the depths of hell, causing chills to run down one's spine.

"Even if you are not crippled, so what? How dare he act so arrogantly in front of me, a mere eighth stage precelestial? I'll kill you today to prevent future troubles! "

Mo Yunfei raised his brows as two terrifying beams of light shot out from his eyes!

His cultivation base of the Houtian ninth stage burst out from his body. It became a surging tide that swept through the world.

Mo Yunfei suddenly stomped his foot and rushed towards Mo Fan like an arrow that had left the bow.

"Sky Splitting Claw!"

Mo Yunfei roared. His hands bent into claws, and a cold light flashed on his fingertips. It tore through the air and clawed towards Mo Fan's chest.

The Space Splitting Claw was a Human Stage Mid Rank martial skill with immense power. If this attack was real, it would definitely cut open his stomach.

"He's only a Human Stage Mid Rank martial skill, but he dares to take it out to make a fool of himself!"

Facing the sky rending claw that was whistling towards him, not only did Mo Fan not show a trace of fear on his face, he instead revealed a look of ridicule.

"Flowing Wood Cut!"

Mo Fan's right hand formed a sword shape as he raised it above his head and slashed down at the space in front of him!


The green light flashed and countless wood attributed spiritual energy instantly condensed into an extremely sharp green blade of light. It cut through the air and headed towards Mo Yunfei!


A scream suddenly came out from Mo Yunfei's throat as it resounded through the horizon.

The power of the Flowing Wood Cut was far greater than that of the Space Splitting Claw.

The moment the two clashed, the Flowing Wood Cut, with its absolute advantage, destroyed the Space Splitting Claw. On Mo Yunfei's palm, a deep bloody wound could be seen.

Dark red blood dripped down his palm like a stream. Blood blossomed on the stone platform.

If it wasn't for Mo Fan's cultivation, he would be a small realm lower than Mo Yunfei. This strike was enough to chop off his right hand.

Those who were watching the battle, including the elders who were supervising the life and death arena s, were all shocked. All of them looked at Mo Fan with dumbstruck expressions.

"Mo Fan actually injured Young Master Yun Fei in one strike, how is that possible!"

"Didn't he already become trash? Why is his cultivation higher than mine? Furthermore, the martial skill used, seems to be a High Rank Mortal Realm skill! "

"How is this trash? He's clearly a genius!"

On life and death arena, Mo Fan looked at Mo Yunfei coldly. He raised his right hand and once again activated Flowing Wood Cut and slashed towards him.

"Mo Yunfei, prepare to die!"

Looking at the extremely sharp green light blade, Mo Yunfei clenched his teeth and his eyes were filled with hatred.

"Mo Fan, you forced my hand!"

From the storage bag, he took out a dark red pellet and quickly threw it into his mouth.

"This is a high Grade Two Spirit Dan ? Blood Bursting Pill!" Mo Fan focused his gaze.

Even though the Blood Burst Pill wasn't of a high grade. However, it was extremely useful. The consumer could detonate the blood in their body in an instant and obtain several times the strength!

Under Mo Fan's attentive gaze, Mo Yunfei's skin instantly turned blood-red.

His cultivation base was rising like a rocket.

Houtian ninth stage middle stage, peak Houtian ninth stage, First Sky of Nascent Level!

Finally, Mo Yunfei's cultivation stopped at the middle stage of the First Sky of Nascent Level!

"Mo Yunfei, I order you, stop right now!"

The elder who oversaw the life and death arena shouted as she quickly formed seals, wanting to open the array formation on the life and death arena.

Using the Blood Burst Pill in a battle of life and death was absolutely against the rules. This seriously affected the fairness of life and death battles.

Thus, the elders wanted to stop this life-and-death duel. However, Mo Yunfei would never listen to him.

Just as the Clan Elder was about to form his seal, he shouted with a strong killing intent, "Mo Fan, hand over your life!"

Even though it was a matter of life and death, consuming the Blood Burst Pill and disobeying the orders of an elder... It would be a very serious punishment.

However, Mo Fan's cultivation had now reached the eighth level of the Postnatal realm. This made Mo Yunfei feel a serious threat.

Therefore, even if he was to be severely punished, he had to seize this opportunity and kill Mo Fan, so as to prevent future troubles!

Moreover, Mo Yunfei was confident that with his father's power, Mo Qingshan. It would definitely be able to protect him.

They only saw Mo Yunfei's figure moving like lightning, instantly appearing in front of Mo Fan.

"Sky Splitting Claw!"

His two claws, flashed with a ghostly light, bringing along an incomparably sharp force, tore through the air, and slashed towards Mo Fan.

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