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Chapter 19 - The furious Mo Qingshan

"It's over!"

The clan elder in charge of supervising life and death arena paused for a moment as her face turned pale white.

In his view, Mo Fan was definitely going to die, there was no possibility of him surviving.

He wasn't the only one who thought so. Everyone else watching the battle also felt the same way.

Although there was only a difference of two small realms between the First Sky of Nascent Level and the Houtian eighth stage. But there was a qualitative difference!

Under normal circumstances, a cultivator with First Sky of Nascent Level could easily kill dozens of Houtian eighth stage cultivators.

"Hehe, Mo Yunfei." Do you think that you're the only one who can raise your cultivation base to the Greater Heaven stage? The corner of Mo Fan's mouth rose slightly.

He said to the System in his mind, "I will use this last chance to raise my cultivation!"

When Mo Yunfei saw Mo Fan's expression, his heart fiercely thumped. A bad premonition instantly assaulted his heart.

He desperately waved his claws, wanting to get rid of Mo Fan as soon as possible.

Just then, a ferocious might exploded from Mo Fan's body, engulfing the entire life and death arena.

Mo Fan's cultivation, had directly soared from the early Houtian eighth stage to the early stage of First Sky of Nascent Level!

When he first opened the newbie gift pack, Mo Fan had obtained three chances to raise his cultivation. Now, he'd already used all three of his chances.

"Mo Yunfei, I'll be taking your life today!"

A cold glint appeared in Mo Fan's eyes, his right hand pointed like a sword, slashing towards the sky!

"Flowing Wood Cut!"

The sharp green light blade instantly condensed and slashed through the air at the speed of lightning. It struck towards Mo Yunfei!

When Mo Fan was at the eighth level of the Postnatal realm, he could already heavily injure Mo Yunfei with the Flowing Wood Cut.

Right now, both of them had cultivations in First Sky of Nascent Level. There was no need to even mention the results.


A pillar of blood shot into the sky, accompanied by Mo Yunfei's miserable wails.

A sharp green blade of light cut through the air and Mo Yunfei's right hand into two halves. The scene was bloody.

Mo Fan did not give Mo Yunfei a chance to catch his breath, he once again activated the Flowing Wood Cut and cut off his left hand.

Without his hands, Mo Yunfei fell to his knees, howling in agony. It was obvious that he had lost the power to fight again.

The sudden reversal of events made everyone's eyes bulge out like bells.

No one would have thought that a few seconds ago, they were both dead Mo Fan. Not only did he defeat Mo Yunfei who consumed the Blood Burst Pill, he had also completely crippled his hands.

Was he defying the heavens' will?

Mo Fan did not care about it, as the gazes of the spectators were fixated on him.

He looked at Mo Yunfei coldly. His eyes were filled with coldness. He did not have any intentions of letting Mo Yunfei go.


Just as Mo Fan raised his hand, prepared to end Mo Yunfei's life.

A roar suddenly echoed through the entire sky.


A streak of light shot towards them from afar.

The person was wearing a black robe and had a dignified expression on his face. His entire body was emitting a powerful aura. It was none other than Mo Yunfei's father, the grand elder of the Mo family ? Mo Qingshan!

After Mo Qingshan received the news, he immediately rushed over. He looked at the kneeling Mo Yunfei who was in extreme pain. Killing intent surged in his eyes, he wanted to kill Mo Fan with a slap.

Mo Qingshan clenched his fists tightly, forcefully suppressing the killing intent in his heart, and said to Mo Fan:

"Mo Fan, can you give this old man some face and let Yun Fei go? This old man can fulfill any request. "

Hearing that, Mo Fan's brows twitched, and looked at Mo Qingshan playfully.

"Any request can be met?"


Although Mo Qingshan appeared to agree well on the surface, his killing intent soared to the heavens in his heart. The moment Mo Yunfei left the life and death arena, he would definitely take action to kill Mo Fan!

Mo Fan was very clear on this point. So he was only playing with Mo Qingshan.

"Since that's the case, hand over your dog head and I'll let your son go."

"Evil creature, you're courting death!" Mo Qingshan's eyes were blazing with fire.

The instant his voice fell, Mo Fan raised his palm and smacked it towards the center of Mo Yunfei's brows.

The powerful force directly shattered Mo Yunfei's sea of consciousness. He was as dead as he could be.

"Old dog Mo, this is just a little interest. Sooner or later, I will take your pathetic life! " Mo Fan said coldly.

Mo Qingshan snatched his Inherent Skill and ordered his subordinates to keep on bullying him. The enmity between the two had long since turned into a feud of life and death.

Just as Mo Fan had said, killing Mo Yunfei was just an interest. He would definitely personally wrench off Mo Qingshan's dog head to repay the debt of having his Inherent Skill stolen!

"I will tear your corpse into a thousand pieces, grind your bones and scatter your ashes, as a sacrifice to my son's soul in heaven!"

Mo Qingshan roared angrily at the sky. The sound waves rumbled like heavenly thunder, resounding through the entire Mo Residence.

The cultivation of the third sky of the Spirit Bone Clan exploded out from Mo Qingshan's body, sweeping across the nine heavens.

His hands moved, forming an incomparably large handprint in the air that pressed down with a loud bang!

With just one palm, it destroyed the array around life and death arena.

Just when Mo Qingshan was about to activate the huge handprint and crush towards Mo Fan ?

A cold snort suddenly rang out.

"Mo Qingshan, you think you can touch my grandson?"

A figure suddenly appeared in midair.

He waved his sleeve, and an extremely terrifying force surged out. It instantly destroyed the huge handprint that Mo Qingshan had condensed!

"Patriarch!" Aren't you trying to close the gap between life and death? " Mo Qingshan's pupils constricted as he said in shock.

The person who came was Mo Fan's grandfather, the Mo family's patriarch ? Mo Xiaotian!

Yesterday, after Mo Fan had given him the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill to consume, he had gotten rid of the Qi deviation situation. His consciousness gradually became clear.

Before the life and death battle, Mo Fan had already predicted that Mo Qingshan would intervene in the end.

Therefore, he made Mo Feng go and wake Mo Xiaotian up.

"What, can't you come out after closing the Gate of Life and Death?" Could it be that you want me, an old man, to lose my grandson, after losing my son? "

Mo Xiaotian looked at Mo Qingshan and spoke with an unfriendly tone.

"Damn it, why did this old man suddenly come out of closed door cultivation, and his cultivation has even reached Ninth Sky of Spirit Bone!"

Mo Qingshan saw Mo Feng standing behind him. His mind spun, and he instantly guessed that Mo Feng had betrayed him.

Mo Qingshan looked deeply at Mo Feng as a dark coldness flashed past the depths of his eyes.

He lowered his voice and said, "Patriarch, Mo Fan used a despicable method to bewitch my son into fighting a life-and-death battle with him. "In the end, he killed my son."

"Shouldn't you give me an explanation?"

Facing Mo Xiaotian whose cultivation base had already reached the Ninth Sky of Spirit Bone, Mo Qingshan's attitude was unexpectedly very unyielding.

This caused a trace of doubt to flash across Mo Fan's heart.

"Hehe, a battle of life and death. Both parties are willing. Did the Great Elder think he was saying that for nothing? Since Mo Yunfei signed his name on the life and death agreement, then you must have the consciousness of dying! "

Mo Xiaotian did not disappoint him. His attitude was even more overbearing than Mo Qingshan.

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