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Chapter 2 - Methods to Increase Lifetime

"There's even a newbie gift pack?" Of course we have to open it! " Mo Fan's eyes suddenly lit up.

However, the system's following words made Mo Fan curse loudly.

"Opening the newbie gift pack costs 1 HP. Would the Host be willing to spend 1 HP to open it? "

"F * ck, you still need to spend HP to open the presents." I have never seen such a shameless system! " Mo Fan roared out in his heart.

He only had 3 HP, which meant that he only had three days left to live. Now, just opening a newbie gift pack had cost him 1 HP.

How could Mo Fan not be angry?

Although he was furious, he had no choice but to lower his head.

After thinking for a long time, Mo Fan could only clench his teeth and spit out two words.


The moment Mo Fan's voice fell, the system's notification sounded out in his mind.

"Ding ? detected that the host's talent has been stolen, the system will help the host regain his talent."

Mo Fan suddenly felt a strange power exploding out from within his body. It was like a warm sunlight that swept through his eight extraordinary meridians and his four limbs.

To the point of making Mo Fan feel comfortable, he could not help but moan.

With the help of the system, strands of green light suddenly flickered between Mo Fan's brows, condensing into an incomparably mysterious pattern.

This profound inscription is called a spirit pattern. which was also Mo Fan's innate skill.

In this world, only those who had awakened their spirit tattoos could absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and become cultivators, embarking on the path of cultivation.

The spirit pattern that Mo Fan had awakened was a third grade wood spirit pattern. He possessed a body of the wood attribute.

Ordinary cultivators would awaken the lowest level of first grade spirit inscriptions. Only a small portion of people were able to awaken a Grade Two spirit pattern.

Not to mention in the Lingyun City, even in the entire Fengling County, the grade three spirit tattoos that Mo Fan possessed made him an exceptional talent.

This was why it attracted the attention of the Mo Clan's Great Elder.

"My talent has been restored!" Mo Fan's eyes shone with excitement.

The recovery of his innate talent meant that he could continue to train.

Mo Fan closed his eyes and started to circulate the spirit force in his body. Strands of green light gathered in his palm.

With the help of the System, Mo Fan regained his Inherent Skill. However, his cultivation had dropped from the seventh level of Houtian realm to the first level of Houtian realm.

Any cultivator was stronger than him.

"Although my cultivation has plummeted, my Inherent skill has at least recovered. As long as I have enough time, I can definitely rise again. " Mo Fan clenched his fists tightly.

After his talent was completely restored, the system beep sounded in his mind once again.

"Ding ? from now on, it will be a month." Host can receive two Eight Trigrams News s and two Current News s every five days. "

"Ding, the host has three times the chance to raise his cultivation level to First Sky of Nascent Level. Each upgrade will take 10 minutes. "

These two system sounds caused Mo Fan's eyes to suddenly brighten, and his face to brighten with joy.

"Every five days, I can accept two Current News s, if only I could be like the first one. I'll be earning a huge sum of money. "

The Eight Trigrams News was immediately ignored by him.

In his opinion, the Eight Trigrams News was useless.

"As for the three chances to raise my cultivation, that's of great use to me. If it is used well, it can definitely save your life. " Mo Fan thought.

His First Sky of Nascent Level cultivation, although not an expert. But in the Mo Residence, he was still a small expert.

Only a few geniuses among the younger generation managed to break through to the Greater Heaven stage. Most of them were still in the Lesser Heaven stage.

"My talent has recovered. I can now cultivate normally. However, the most important thing right now is the problem of longevity! " Mo Fan's brows tightened into a square.

The current him only had two days left to live.

After two days, if he was unable to extend his lifespan, he would be dead.

"System, is there any way to extend my lifespan?" Unable to think of a way, Mo Fan could only seek help from the System.

The System replied coldly, "There are two ways to increase the lifespan of the host."

"Which two methods?"

Hearing that, Mo Fan's face immediately lit up. He hurriedly asked.

"The first method is to increase your cultivation. The higher the cultivation of a cultivator, the longer their lifespan will be. "

The lifespan of a Lesser Heaven stage cultivator was equivalent to that of an ordinary person. However, once one reached the Innate realm, they could normally live up to a hundred years old.

Once one reached the Spirit Bone Realm, they would be able to live up to 120 years old. Once one's cultivation reached spiritual pulse realm, they could even live to the age of a hundred and fifty ?

"Even though I have recovered my talent, I can still cultivate normally. However, with my talent, I will not be able to make a breakthrough in three days. What's the second method? " Mo Fan shook his head and continued to ask.

"The second method is that the host can consume pills to extend the host's lifespan." The System said coldly.

In this world, there were some heaven-defying medicinal pills that could increase longevity. Every single one of these medicinal pills was priceless.

Not to mention that Mo Fan's Inherent skill had been stolen, he was now a cripple that couldn't cultivate. Even if he had good talent, the Mo Clan might not even give it to him. He bought the pills that could increase his lifespan.

Therefore, for the system, this was the second method. Mo Fan could only shake his head.

"What should I do?"

Mo Fan frowned, he was deep in his thoughts.

The door to the woodshed suddenly opened. A white figure snuck in.

"Young master, are your injuries serious?"

Looking at the beautiful white figure in front of him, information related to her flashed across Mo Fan's mind.

This girl was called Xiao Yu, his servant girl. One served him. Even though his talent had been taken away, he still hadn't left him.

When Xiao Yu saw the scars on Mo Fan's body, her eyes instantly turned red and teary.

"Young master, please endure it. Xiao Yu will apply the medicine on you right away."

Xiao Yu took out a porcelain bottle from her bosom and sprinkled some of the white powder on Mo Fan's wounds.

Mo Fan could clearly feel the white powder on his wounds. The healing speed of his wounds had obviously increased.

"How amazing, is this the pills from this world?" Mo Fan's eyes revealed a look of surprise.


Just as Xiao Yu was carefully applying the medicine for Mo Fan, the door of the woodshed was suddenly kicked open.

A brawny man with a face full of pockmarks. He walked in through the door.

"Oh, Mo Fan, you're already a cripple, but you're still enjoying the service of a beauty. Do you still think that you are a young master from the direct line of descent? " The brawny man said with a sneer.

This robust man was the butler of the Mo Residence who had injured Mo Fan ? ? Mo Hu. He had the cultivation of the Houtian ninth stage.

The reason why he was so against Mo Fan, was all because of the Mo Clan's Great Elder.

"Xiao Yu, Mo Fan has already lost his power. "You might as well keep this steward company. This steward will definitely love and love you."

Mo Hu looked at Little Yu's face that was like a broken bullet, a lustful look flashed across his eyes.

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