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Chapter 20 - Gambling

"Patriarch, my son can't die in vain!" Mo Qingshan said coldly.

"A waste of time? Did the Great Elder think that the Patriarch did not know about what you had done? Since my grandson's talent was transferred into Mo Yunfei by you, he deserves to die! "

Mo Xiaotian snorted, his eyes filled with killing intent. The cultivation of the Ninth Sky of Spirit Bone transformed into a raging tide that swept towards Mo Qingshan.

The formidable pressure was like a thousand pound boulder that pressed down on his back. It caused him to be unable to catch his breath.

"Cough cough, Patriarch, you have to think the big picture!" Mo Qingshan's eyes became cloudy, and his words seemed to contain a threat.

Hearing that, Mo Xiaotian clenched his fists tightly. A flash of anger appeared in his eyes, and he withdrew the pressure of the Ninth Sky of Spirit Bone back into his body.

"Patriarch, since Mo Fan had killed Yun Fei in this life and death battle, why don't you give up? Then let him and Yun Feng have another life-and-death battle. The time is set to be ten days from now! "

"Regardless of whether he wins or loses, all the grievances between Mo Fan and Yun Fei will be written off. How about it?" Mo Qingshan said coldly.

"Bullshit!" Regardless of whether you win or lose, it's still hard for you to say it out loud! " Mo Xiaotian immediately cursed.

"Mo Yunfeng's cultivation has already reached the Xiantian Third Sky. If Mo Fan were to fight to the death with him, would he have any hope of winning? "

Mo Yunfeng was the eldest son of Mo Qingshan, the brother of Mo Yunfei. Possessing a grade three fire spirit tattoo. He was known as the supreme genius of the Mo Clan. At the age of nineteen, his cultivation had already reached the Xiantian Third Sky.

Mo Qingshan allowed Mo Fan and Mo Yunfeng to have a life-and-death duel. Of course, he did not want Mo Fan to live.

It was precisely because of this that Mo Xiaotian tried his best to stop them.

"Patriarch, you have to prioritize the overall situation! If this matter is not handled well, it will make the other branches feel cold! " Mo Qingshan said with a gloomy face.

Mo Qingshan's words, made the flames of fury appear in his eyes. Although he really wanted to flare up, he kept suppressing it.

"Looks like Mo Qingshan seems to have something in his hands that makes Grandfather feel extremely fearful." Mo Fan secretly analyzed in his heart.

"Grandfather, I agree to a life and death battle with Mo Yunfeng!"

In order to not make things difficult for Mo Xiaotian, Mo Fan agreed to fight Mo Yunfeng.

"Fan'er, you can't!" Mo Xiaotian immediately stopped her.

However, Mo Fan shook his head and said to Mo Xiaotian with full of confidence, "Don't worry, Grandfather. Mo Yunfeng is that kind of trash, but he still can't kill me."

Although Mo Yunfeng's cultivation had reached the Xiantian Third Sky. However, Mo Fan was confident that with his Grade Five Spirit Tattoo's Inherent Skill and the few bottles of peeling pill's help.

In ten days, he would definitely be able to break through to the First Sky of Nascent Level, or even the Second Sky of Nascent Level!

Mo Fan also had the? Scarlet Flame Palm? and? Tianmu Finger?, two types of Earth Ranked Martial Skills. It could increase his strength by many times.

In the life and death battle ten days later, Mo Fan was seventy percent confident that he could kill Mo Yunfeng!

"Hur hur, then it's settled!"

Mo Qingshan did not give Mo Fan a chance to go back on his words. He directly poured spirit energy into his throat and said in a clear voice, "Ten days from now, Mo Fan and Mo Yunfeng will have a life-and-death battle in the life and death arena!"

Mo Qingshan's voice instantly resounded throughout the entire Mo Mansion.

Everyone knew that Mo Fan and Mo Yunfeng were going to have a life-and-death battle. Even Mo Xiaotian was unable to stop his.

"Ugh ~"

Mo Xiaotian let out a heavy sigh, and left the training grounds with Mo Fan. He returned to his courtyard.

"Fan'er, you're too rash."

Mo Xiaotian frowned, his expression anxious. His mind raced as he tried to think of a way to save Mo Fan's life.

"Fan'er, after dark, your grandfather will send you off the Lingyun City. "Don't come back in the future."

Mo Fan laughed, and said: "Don't worry, Grandfather, Mo Yunfeng is definitely not my match."

With that, Mo Fan activated his spiritual power, and the cultivation of the Eighth Sky of Nascent Level exploded.

"Although the cultivation level of the eighth level precelestial is not bad, compared to Mo Yunfeng, it is still lacking by four small realms. "In a life-and-death battle, there is absolutely no chance of victory ?"

Suddenly, Mo Xiaotian's eyes opened wide, as though he had found something extraordinary. His voice trembled as he said:

"Grade Five Spirit Tattoo! Fan, did your innate talent become a fire wood spirit print? "

Mo Fan smiled and nodded.

"Good, good, good!"

Seeing Mo Fan admitting it, Mo Xiaotian said three good words in a row.

The Grade Five Spirit Tattoo s were the entire The Northern Wind Empire. They were all top talents.

Mo Fan's future would definitely not be limited to a small Lingyun City. His future was in the capital of the The Northern Wind Empire, and even more so in the vast world.

"Fan'er, how did your talent suddenly increase from the third rank wood spirit pattern to the fifth rank fire wood spirit print?"

Mo Xiaotian who had recovered from his excitement asked.

As the leader of the three great patriarchs of the Lingyun City, he was very clear on the difficulty of the spirit pattern advancement.

"Grandfather, due to a stroke of luck, I became the disciple of an alchemist grandmaster. "My talent was promoted with his help." Mo Fan calmly lied.

Only by saying this could Mo Xiaotian believe him.

Although Mo Xiaotian was his grandfather, the matter of the nature jade plate s were far too important.

A man's wealth is his own fault. In order to implicate Mo Xiaotian, it was best not to let him know.

"Fan'er, you were taken in as a disciple by the Alchemy Master?" "What is the level of your master's apothecary?" Mo Xiaotian's eyes flashed with a sharp light.

"As far as I know, my master is at least a grade-4 apothecary." Mo Fan continued to lie.

"That's great! With a fourth stage Alchemist supporting Fan'er, I want to see if Mo Qingshan can still be so arrogant! " Mo Xiaotian clenched his fists and said excitedly.

"Grandfather, your cultivation is clearly higher than Mo Qingshan's, why are you still afraid of him?" Mo Fan asked out the doubt in his heart.

When they were at the Martial Arts Practice Grounds, Mo Qingshan had always emphasized to put the greater picture in Mo Xiaotian's eyes. As for Mo Xiaotian, she had been trying hard not to flare up. This made Mo Fan confused.

After Mo Xiaotian heard this, he let out a heavy sigh and slowly said: "Because Mo Qingshan controls the Mo Clan's economic lifeline!"

"Mo Qingshan's cultivation, although he is only at the third sky of the spirit bone. But he knew a A Tier 3 Low Tier Pill Refiner. "More than 50% of the Mo Clan's pills are supplied by that pill refiner."

"No wonder Mo Qingshan was able to threaten Grandfather. So that's how it is!" Mo Fan suddenly understood.

If Mo Qingshan went against them, the Mo Clan would lose 50% of their supply of pills. This way, the Mo Clan's economy would collapse in a short period of time.

For the sake of the clan, Mo Xiaotian could only submit to Mo Qingshan's pressure.

"That A Tier 3 Low Tier Pill Refiner, can't we think of a way to win them over?" Mo Fan asked.

Mo Xiaotian shook his head, and said: "We won't be able to rope him in, because he's Mo Yunfeng's master."

Mo Yunfeng possessed a Level 3 Fire Spirit Mark, so his talent in alchemy was not bad. It was precisely because of this that Mo Qingshan was able to tie that A Tier 3 Low Tier Pill Refiner onto his warship.

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