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Chapter 3 - Chunyang Longevity Dan

Although Xiao Yu was Mo Fan's servant, she was still a peerless beauty.

She had an exquisite face and skin as white as jade. Her hair fell on her shoulders and she exuded a pure aura.

If Xiao Yu was given a few more years to grow, she would definitely become a devastatingly beautiful woman.

Previously, Mo Hu had been plotting against Xiao Yu. But, they were afraid of Mo Fan's status as a direct descendant. Thus, he had never dared to make a move.

But now, Mo Fan's talent had been crippled and he was unable to cultivate. In terms of standing, Mo Hu couldn't even compare to a lowly servant.

Mo Hu's heart was naturally once again filled with liveliness. He reached out his pig hand and touched Xiao Yu's face.


Seeing this scene, Mo Fan was enraged and instantly stood up and slapped off Mo Hu's hands.

"You're courting death!" Looks like yesterday's lesson hasn't really left a mark on your memory. Today, I shall cripple all your limbs! "

A fierce light flashed up in Mo Hu's eyes. His cultivation base of the Houtian ninth stage suddenly exploded. The strong aura forced Mo Fan to take a few steps back.

"Damn it, Mo Hu is too strong." With the help of the System, I managed to recover my talent. But my cultivation is only at the First Sky of Nascent Level. we are simply not a match for Mo Hu. "

"Unless I use an opportunity to increase my cultivation. Raise your cultivation to First Sky of Nascent Level! "

Looking at Mo Hu, a cold glint appeared in Mo Fan's eyes.

Just as Mo Fan was about to increase his cultivation, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind. He suddenly remembered that Eight Trigrams News he saw in the news earlier.

Mo Fan's face suddenly revealed a sneer. He spoke quickly.

"I think you are courting death!" In the early hours of this morning, he had actually dared to meet Xu Yingying privately in the back mountains. I wonder if Elder Mo Feng will kill you after he finds out? "

Mo Fan only had three attempts in total, and that was the chance to raise his cultivation. Every time, it was incomparably precious to him.

So if I can't use it, then I won't use it.

Just based on the content of the Eight Trigrams News, it was more than enough to make Mo Hu submit.

Just as expected, Mo Fan's words made Mo Hu tremble as if he was struck by lightning.

"How do you know that?" Mo Hu said with a slightly trembling voice.

Mo Fan sneered, and said sternly: "If you want people to not know, then don't do it unless you are by yourself. If I tell Elder Mo Feng about your secret meeting with Xu Yingying. According to the Mo Clan's rules, you will be ripped apart! "

Hearing that, Mo Hu fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness, "Young Master Mo Fan, I was wrong, please forgive me and let me go."

Mo Fan was not afraid that Mo Hu would kill him to keep his mouth shut. Even though his talent had been crippled, he was still a direct descendant of the Mo Clan.

Mo Hu was just a butler, in the end, he was still a servant.

Under the Mo Clan Elder's orders, he could bully Mo Fan. But to kill Mo Fan, even if he was given ten guts, he wouldn't dare do it.

It was because of this that Mo Fan dared to use the matter of him meeting Xu Yingying to threaten Mo Hu.

"Let you go?"

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows. Walking up to Mo Hu, he waved his right hand and slapped him hard on the left side of his face.

The immense strength of his hands directly left a faint red handprint on Mo Hu's face.

Mo Hu's eyes widened, even though he was kneeling and begging for mercy. But he never would have thought that Mo Fan, who was already a cripple, would actually dare to hit him.

"How dare you glare at me!"

Mo Fan snorted and slapped Mo Hu again.

"I told you to keep staring!"

"Pah!" Pow! "Pah!"

Mo Fan slapped Mo Hu's face a few times until it looked like a pig's head before he stopped.

"Mo Fan, this is your revenge for the humiliation you suffered yesterday. Rest assured, since I have taken over your body. Then from now on, I will be you. I will take revenge for you! " Mo Fan secretly said in his heart.

After saying that, Mo Fan clearly felt his body lighten. It was as if something had dissipated.

"Young Master Mo Fan, your anger has dissipated. "Can I leave now?"

Mo Hu covered his swollen face and mumbled.

Although Mo Hu's heart was filled with hatred towards Mo Fan. But he had no choice but to be in Mo Fan's hands. He could only bury his resentment deep within his heart, preparing to find a chance to take revenge in the future.

"Mm, you can go now." Mo Fan nodded.

Just as Mo Hu was about to leave the woodshed. Mo Fan's words made him stagger.

"Tomorrow, get me a pill that increases lifespan." Otherwise, I will tell Clan Elder Mo Feng about the matter between you and Xu Yingying. "

"Young master, this humble one is just a butler. Even if I were to spend all of my wealth on this, I still wouldn't be able to afford a single pill that could increase my lifespan. " Mo Hu said with a tearful face.

He was telling the truth. A longevity pill, even the lowest grade, was worth an astronomical amount.

Mo Fan was naturally aware of this, but he knew where he could find a medicine that could increase his lifespan.

"If I remember correctly, in Elder Mo Feng's hands was a low level pill that could increase lifespan. Let Xu Yingying think of a way to get it. This was a completely different story. "Otherwise ?"

Mo Fan's words were filled with threat.

Mo Hu hesitated for a long time before clenching his teeth and said, "I hope that Young Master Mo Fan will keep your promise."

Although stealing pills was a serious crime, secretly having an affair with Xu Yingying was even more of a serious crime. Compared to the other two, the other was lighter.

Moreover, Mo Hu was already scheming on how to take revenge on Mo Fan.

How could Mo Fan not know this? However, he wasn't afraid of Mo Hu's revenge.

If Mo Hu didn't know his place, he wouldn't mind using it once to raise his cultivation. Behead him.

After one day of waiting, at dawn the next day, Mo Hu carefully carried a jade box to Mo Fan's courtyard.

"Young Master Mo Fan, what's inside is a low Grade Three Medicinal Pill ? ? Spring Sun Life Pill. Swallowing it with a cultivator's cultivation level below the spiritual pulse realm can increase your lifespan by three months. " Mo Hu said.

The Spring Sun Life Pill was only the lowest level pill, one that could increase one's lifespan. Not only did it increase his lifespan by a small amount, it was also limited by his cultivation.

However, it was enough for Mo Fan to solve his urgent problem.

Mo Fan accepted the jade box, and said indifferently: "You have done well, I will keep the matter between you and Xu Yingying a secret."

"Thank you, Young Master Mo Fan!"

Mo Hu bowed, a trace of viciousness flashed past his eyes, and he hatefully said in his heart: "Mo Fan, just you wait. "If I don't kill you, I won't be surnamed Mo!"

After Mo Hu left, Mo Fan couldn't wait to take out the Spring Sun Life Pill and swallow it.

The pill dissolved when it entered his mouth, and a wave of pure medicinal power instantly passed through Mo Fan's throat, engulfing his eight extraordinary meridians, four limbs, and a hundred bones.

Mo Fan felt extremely comfortable, to the point that he wanted to moan.

At this moment, a system notification rang out in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for swallowing the Spring Sun Life Pill. Your HP has increased by 3 points."

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