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Chapter 5 - Killing Mo Hu


A muffled sound echoed out.

Mo Hu had only used 50% of his power, but Mo Fan had used his full power. Most importantly, Mo Fan's cultivation was one small realm higher than Mo Hu!

In the end, even using his toes, he was able to come up with a solution.


Not only did Mo Hu spit out blood, his right arm also went limp. had already been crippled by Mo Fan.

"The grade of the? Wistar palm? is too low, its power is limited, and it has caused my strength to be greatly reduced. If the martial skill I cultivate is a Human Stage Mid Rank martial skill. That attack from earlier was sufficient to kill Mo Hu. "

Mo Fan shook his head slightly and sighed.

As a cultivator's cultivation increases, the cultivation and techniques they cultivate will also become of higher quality.

Only with a suitable cultivation technique and martial technique would one be able to display the true strength of a cultivator.

"Wait until I start cultivating, I will leave behind the cultivation methods and martial skills of those two dead fifth level postcelestial experts." His power will definitely increase by many times. " Mo Fan thought.

At this time, Mo Hu, who had his right hand crippled by Mo Fan, had an extremely pale face.

He knew that he was definitely not Mo Fan's match. Thus, without any hesitation, Mo Hu suddenly turned around and shot off into the distance.

At this moment, Mo Hu wished he could grow two legs longer. This allowed him to flee a bit faster.

"Want to run?" Can you run away? "

Mo Fan sneered and used all his strength to stomp the ground. Borrowing the force of a huge push, he turned into an afterimage as he chased after Mo Hu.

One must know, Mo Fan's current cultivation had already reached the First Sky of Nascent Level.

Even though he was only a small realm higher than Mo Hu. However, there was a qualitative difference between the two.

On top of that, Mo Hu's right hand was crippled due to underestimating the other party, and his body was severely injured. As such, it had a certain effect on his running speed.

After a few breaths, Mo Fan had caught up to Mo Hu.


A terrifying sonic boom rang out.

Mo Fan rose into the air, his waist suddenly unleashing power. With a twist of his belt leg, he swung out an extremely sharp whip kick. It flew towards Mo Hu's back and struck him ruthlessly.

Mo Hu, who was busy fleeing, felt the strong wind that was blowing at him from behind, and his face instantly went grim. He suddenly turned around and raised his left arm to block.

However, how could the anxious Mo Hu possibly defend against Mo Fan's full-powered kick?


Mo Hu was directly sent flying and crashed into a thick ancient tree.

The immense force caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. The injuries within his body became even more severe.

Mo Hu knew that it was impossible to run away, so with a "Putong" sound, he knelt in front of Mo Fan.

"Young Master Mo Fan, I was completely possessed by a ghost just now, that's why I made my move against you. This little one knows my wrongs! I hope young master Mo Fan can give this little one a chance. "

"This humble one is willing to recognize Young Master as my master. From today onwards, the young master will have me head east. If I break my oath, I am willing to let the heavens strike down with five lightning strikes! "

Mo Hu begged for mercy as he kowtowed to Mo Fan.

Due to the excessive force, Mo Hu's forehead was already cracked, and traces of bright red blood dripped down his face.

In order to survive, Mo Hu had already given up on his self-esteem. He did not hesitate to kneel and beg for mercy, and was even willing to recognize Mo Fan as his master.

This moved Mo Fan's heart, and made him feel sympathy.

"Mo Hu is the Head Supervisor of the Mo Residence. If I can really subdue him, it will definitely benefit me ?"

Just as Mo Fan was deep in thought, two streaks of killing intent flashed past the eyes of Mo Hu, who was kneeling on the ground.

"Hand over your life to Mo Fan!"

Mo Hu suddenly erupted. He clasped his left hand together and a gust of wind howled from the tip of his finger, as if it was a sharp blade. It slashed towards Mo Fan's throat.

If this attack was real, Mo Fan would definitely lose his head!

Mo Hu's sudden attack caused Mo Fan's pupils to constrict as a hint of panic flashed across his eyes.

At this moment, he had no way out. If he wanted to live, he could only give it his all.


Mo Fan let out a furious roar, waved his right hand, and grabbed towards Mo Hu's blade.


The sharp blade directly pierced through Mo Fan's palm. Dark red blood flowed out of the wound like a stream and dyed the ground red.

Through the wounds, one could even see a ghastly white skeleton, incomparably horrifying.

Mo Hu used all his strength, wanting to cut off Mo Fan's right hand.

But how could Mo Hu give him the chance to do so?

"Go to hell!"

Mo Fan's eyes turned blood-red, his right hand held onto Mo Hu's blade tightly. With his left hand on his palm, he channeled the Wistar palm and fiercely smashed it towards Mo Hu's chest!


Mo Hu howled in grief. His heart was immediately shattered by Mo Fan, he was extremely dead.

Mo Fan sat on the ground paralyzed, breathing in fresh air. A feeling of having survived a calamity arose involuntarily.

"Indeed, being merciful to the enemy is equivalent to being cruel to yourself." Mo Fan muttered to himself.

Although it was his first time killing someone, Mo Fan was not used to it. However, it was Mo Hu's surprise attack. It allowed him to gain enlightenment and allowed him to instantly grow by a lot.

Mo Fan took out a jade bottle from the storage bag. Inside the jade bottle was a mid-tier-1 pill ? Spring-Returning Pill.

The Spring-Returning Pill was a kind of healing pill, and was extremely useful in recovering injuries.

The moment Mo Fan swallowed it, he felt a wave of pure medicinal power converging at the wound on his left hand.

Within a few breaths, the wound began to scab.

"As expected of a grade one middle grade medicinal pill, its medicinal effect is good." Mo Fan praised.

At this moment, the system sounded out in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for swallowing the Spring-Returning Pill. Your HP has increased by 0.1."

Mo Fan was startled, "What's going on? Swallowing the Spring-Returning Pill can increase my lifespan?"

The Spring-Returning Pill was just an ordinary healing pill, it did not have the effect of increasing one's lifespan. The system's words completely confused Mo Fan.

He recalled that there were two ways to increase lifespan mentioned by the system.

"The first method is to increase your cultivation. The higher the cultivation of a cultivator, the longer their lifespan will be. "

"The second method is that the host can consume pills to extend the host's lifespan."

Mo Fan suddenly slapped his head as a possibility emerged in his mind.

"Could it be that all medicinal pills have the effect of increasing my lifespan?" "It doesn't mean that I have to consume a longevity pill to increase my lifespan, does it?"

In order to verify his thoughts, Mo Fan took out another jade bottle from the storage bag. Inside the jade bottle was a high Grade One Spirit Dan ? ? Ling Ling Dan.

The role of Ling Ling Dan was for the user to increase the rate at which spiritual energy is absorbed. It was extremely beneficial for cultivation.

Of course, using Ling Ling Dan s to cultivate was an extremely extravagant way of doing so. Even with Mo Fan's status in the Mo Residence before, she did not enjoy this kind of treatment.

The pill dissolved in his mouth and turned into a small stream of energy flowing through Mo Fan's throat and flowing into his eight extraordinary meridians and his four limbs.

Mo Fan could clearly feel that the spiritual energy around him was using it on him.

"Ding! Congratulations to host on swallowing Ling Ling Dan, increasing HP by 0.2."

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