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Chapter 6 - Strength enhancement

Hearing the system's notification sound that came to his mind, Mo Fan's eyes revealed joy.

"So it's like that!" "For me, all pills have the effect of increasing lifespan!"

After understanding this logic, Mo Fan immediately felt a lot more relaxed in his heart.

Although the Spring-Returning Pill and the Ling Ling Dan had very little increase in lifespan. But no matter how small the mosquito, it was still meat.

Furthermore, Mo Fan now had a bottle of Spring-Returning Pill and two bottles of Ling Ling Dan. Each bottle contained ten medicinal pills.

He swallowed all ten Spring-Returning Pill and twenty Ling Ling Dan. He was able to increase his HP by three points.

"The Spring-Returning Pill and the Ling Ling Dan are both Tier 1 pills. It could be considered the lowest grade of pills. "If I am not wrong, the higher the medicinal pill grade, the longer the lifespan." Mo Fan rubbed his chin as he analyzed.

Mo Fan's analysis was correct. As the medicinal grade of the pill increased, the life energy contained within the pill also increased. Mo Fan also gained more HP.

Of course, it was better to consume a pill specially designed to extend one's longevity. The effects would be greater as well.

After all, ordinary pills contained life energy that was comparable to those pills that specifically increased one's lifespan. There was still a gap.

Sensing the spirit energy coming from all around him, Mo Fan suddenly reacted. The effects of the Ling Ling Dan had not passed yet.

He quickly sat down cross-legged on the ground. His hands were in the air as he formed seals to practice his hand seals. He began to circulate the Green Wood Art.

With the help of the Ling Ling Dan, Mo Fan's cultivation speed was several times faster than under normal circumstances.

Following that, strands of green wood type spiritual energy was absorbed into Mo Fan's body. His cultivation had started to improve.

Because before Mo Fan, he had already cultivated to the seventh level of the Postnatal realm. His cultivation could be said to be restoring his cultivation.

Thus, his cultivation speed was much faster than ordinary people. With the help of the Ling Ling Dan.

Half an hour later, when the Ling Ling Dan's effects were about to disappear. Mo Fan's body suddenly released a slight cracking sound.

It was as if a layer of paper had been pierced through.

Mo Fan's cultivation had successfully broken through to the Second Sky of Nascent Level!

The moment he broke through, a system notification sounded in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations to host on breaking through to the Second Sky of Nascent Level. Your HP has been increased by 1 point."

Hearing the system's notification sound, Mo Fan cursed in his heart, "The breakthrough rate only increased my HP by one point. System, can you be any more stingy? "

The current Mo Fan had a total of 5.3 HP.

"My cultivation and battle techniques are too low leveled. In order to become stronger, one has to cultivate higher tier cultivation and battle techniques. "

Mo Fan flipped his palm and took out three cultivation techniques and four martial skills from the storage bag.

These were obtained from the two dead Xiantian fifth stage experts. Among them, there were two cultivation techniques and two martial skills. Both of them had reached the Human Stage High Rank.

"Good luck, I actually have a Human Stage High Rank Wood Attribute Art and a Human Stage High Rank Wood Attribute Martial Skill." Mo Fan's face revealed joy.

This was because he had awakened a Grade Three Wood Spirit Tattoo, a physique that belonged to the wood element. Thus, he could only cultivate wood attribute cultivation techniques and battle techniques.

If one cultivated a cultivation technique or a martial skill with other attributes, it would cause their body to explode and die due to the blockage of spirit energy.

With a wave of his right hand, Mo Fan stored all of the other cultivation techniques and martial skills into the storage bag.

The book he left behind was a high-grade Mortal Realm art with the name "Black Wood Method". It was a pretty good cultivation technique.

Even among all the Human Stage High Rank Cultivation Methods, he was one of the top. It was enough for Mo Fan to cultivate to the Innate Realm.

The wood type High Rank Martial Skill was called the "Flowing Wood Cut" and it had a lot of power. Upon mastering it, one would be able to hack through golden rubble and fight those above one's cultivation level.

"If I had cultivated the? Black Wood Method? and? Flowing Wood Cut? before I fought with Mo Hu. A single strike would be enough to kill him. There would be no chance for him to launch a surprise attack. " Mo Fan said to himself.

He first placed the Flowing Wood Cut to the side, then opened the [Mysterious Wood Method], took out a Ling Ling Dan, and threw it into his mouth.

Following the release of the Ling Ling Dan's medicinal effect, Mo Fan began to concentrate with all his might on cultivating the? Black Wood Method?.

In the Mo Residence, there were too many people to talk about. Moreover, there was even the First Elder targeting him. Therefore, Mo Fan decided to return to the Mo Residence after he had successfully cultivated the [Mysterious Wood Method] and [Flowing Wood Cut].

Mo Fan possessed the third grade wood spirit pattern, so his talent was not bad. Thus, his training speed was extremely fast.

In just an hour's time, he would be able to freely circulate the [Black Wood Method] and absorb spiritual energy.

The might of the Mysterious Wood Method was many times stronger than the Verdant Wood Art.

In this hour, with the help of the Ling Ling Dan, Mo Fan relied on the "Profound Wood Method" to actually raise his cultivation to the late Houtian second stage. He was about to break through to the 3rd level of the Houtian realm.

"A single push, then defeat, and then exhaustion!" Mo Fan's eyes flashed.

With a flip of his palm, he retrieved another Ling Ling Dan from the storage bag and swallowed it.

Half an hour later, the spirit energy around Mo Fan's body started to fluctuate violently.

Mo Fan's rate of absorbing spiritual energy had increased by several folds.

After a few breaths, Mo Fan suddenly opened his eyes. Two pale-green glow shot out from deep within his eyes.

"He broke through!"

Mo Fan heaved a long sigh of relief. His cultivation had already reached the third sky of the Houtian realm.

Mo Fan clenched his fists tightly and felt the surging spirit energy in his body. Although he was still very weak.

However, he believed that it wouldn't be long before he would be able to recover to the Houtian seventh stage.

Furthermore, based on the information inside his body, Mo Fan was confident that surpassing the Great Clan Elder of the Mo Residence was only a matter of time.

"Grand Elder, I will settle the grudge between us!" Mo Fan's eyes flashed with a powerful killing intent!

Along with his breakthrough in cultivation, he also swallowed two Ling Ling Dan. Mo Fan's HP had increased by 1.4 points.

At this moment, he had a total of 6.7 HP.

"For the next few days, I don't have to worry about my lifespan running out. I'm going to hang up now."

Mo Fan took a deep breath and stabilized his cultivation. Duan Ling Tian stood up and walked over to Mo Hu's corpse, then he searched his body for two thousand silver.

"A grand butler from the Mo Residence is actually so poor." Mo Fan shook his head and said.

After taking care of Mo Hu's body, Mo Fan returned to the place where the two Innate Fifth Sky Realm experts died.

To Mo Fan, these two Innate experts of the Fifth Sky could be considered to have done him a favor.

After all, he had taken their belongings and cultivated their cultivation techniques and martial skills. Therefore, he couldn't allow their corpses to be exposed in the wilderness.

Mo Fan dug out two large pits with his bare hands and buried the bodies of the two Fifth Sky of Nascent Level Rankers inside. Furthermore, he gave the two of them a nameless wooden tablet each to use as their tombstones.

After doing all of this, Mo Fan bowed three times towards the two wooden tablets, then turned and left.

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