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Chapter 7 - Mo Feng

When Mo Fan returned to the Mo Residence, night had already fallen.

After not having eaten for a whole day, his stomach growled in hunger.

Just as Mo Fan was about to find something to eat ? Little Yu carried the wooden tray and walked in from outside.

There was a dish and a bowl of rice on the wooden tray. They were still steaming.

"Xiao Yu had heated it three times and it was finally time for the young master to return. Young Master should quickly eat it while it's still warm. " Xiao Yu said with concern.

Looking at the steaming hot dishes, a warm feeling surged out from Mo Fan's heart.

The feeling of being in a relationship with someone was really great!

Mo Fan held onto Xiao Yu's slender and jade-like hand, and said with incomparable seriousness: "Xiao Yu, from today onwards, I will never let you experience the slightest bit of fear."

The temperature of Mo Fan's palm caused Little Yu's face to immediately turn red, like a red apple.

Mo Fan couldn't help but pinch her face.

"Less... Young Master, hurry up and eat.

Xiao Yu's heart was in chaos as she hurriedly turned around and fled the room.

Looking at Xiao Yu's flustered back, the corner of Mo Fan's mouth raised slightly, showing a gentle smile.

On the second day, Mo Fan who was cultivating in his room suddenly opened his eyes.

"What is Mo Feng doing in my courtyard?"

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows, as suspicion filled his eyes.

Mo Feng was an elder of the Mo Residence whose cultivation had reached the Fifth Sky of Nascent Level. Amongst the group of elders, his strength was considered average.

The Spring Sun Life Pill that Mo Fan consumed was stolen from Mo Feng by Mo Hu's lover.


The door to the house suddenly burst open.

Mo Feng walked in, looked down at Mo Fan from above, and said coldly:

"Mo Fan, butler Mo Hu has already gone missing for a day. He is very likely to be killed. He was seen following you out of the house. The Great Clan Elder has ordered me to investigate, so you better tell him the truth. "

If Mo Fan was still that talented young master from before. Mo Feng definitely would not dare to speak to him like that.

However, the news of Mo Fan being crippled had already spread throughout the entire Mo Residence. Even a lowly butler dared to humiliate him, let alone an elder like Mo Feng.

Moreover, when the Great Clan Elder ordered Mo Feng to come and investigate again, he specifically instructed him to interrogate him properly.

Mo Feng naturally understood.

"Do you really think that I have killed Mo Hu? Hahaha, what a joke. Elder Mo Feng should be clear about this point, what do I have to kill Mo Hu with? " Mo Fan sneered.

His cultivation was only at the third level of the Postnatal realm, so it would be inappropriate for him to reveal the fact that he had regained his talent.


Mo Feng snorted, his eyes flickering with a vicious light. He waved his sleeves, conjuring a gust of wind and then smashing it onto Mo Fan's body, smashing him towards the wall behind him.

Mo Fan secretly activated his spirit force to resist, but he was not injured. But he still forced out a bit of blood and showed it to Mo Feng.

"Mo Fan, you have to clear up your own position. "The current you is no longer the famous and influential direct descendant genius."

Mo Feng's eyes revealed a fierce light, he clenched his fists, and released a cracking sound.

"This elder's patience is limited. You'd better answer honestly. Yesterday, did you use despicable methods to kill Butler Mo Hu? "

Mo Feng did not know, that Mo Hu was actually killed by Mo Fan.

He was only following the Great Clan Elder's orders to force Mo Fan to admit that he had killed Mo Hu. Thus, there was an excuse for him to make a move.

After all, Mo Fan was the direct descendant of the Mo family, the grandson of the family head.

Even though he'd already been crippled, becoming a cripple that couldn't cultivate. Moreover, the master of the family was still in a life or death confinement. However, if they wanted to make a move on him, they needed a reasonable excuse.

Mo Fan thought like lightning, and instantly guessed Mo Feng's motive for doing so. A cold light flashed through the depths of his eyes.

"That's right, I was the one who killed Mo Hu!" Mo Fan admitted it.

Since this matter could not be avoided, then he could only use another method.

"Oh? "Seems like you're quite tactful after all." Mo Feng laughed contemptuously: "Since you've admitted it, then the pain in my body will be relieved. "Follow me to the Great Elder's place to receive his punishment."

From Mo Feng's point of view, there was nothing wrong with Mo Fan giving in.

After all, he was a Fifth Sky of Nascent Level expert, and Mo Fan was a cripple. If he didn't want to be beaten up, he could only admit defeat.

"Could it be that Elder Mo Feng doesn't want to know how I killed Mo Hu?" Mo Fan's face revealed a playful expression.

"How?" Mo Feng was stunned, a trace of doubt flashed past his eyes. Could it be that Mo Hu's death is really related to Mo Fan? "

Just as Mo Feng was in a daze, Mo Fan suddenly stomped his foot, transforming into a ray of afterimages as he rushed towards him explosively.

Mo Fan pressed all five fingers of his right hand together and activated the [Wistar palm] at full power.

A green light flashed in his palm, containing a strong Greenwood Qi, and a strange sound of something breaking through the air could be heard.

"Third Sky of the Nascent Realm? Your talent has actually been restored! "

Mo Feng opened his eyes wide, revealing a look of shock.

As one of the more trusted subordinates of the Great Elder, he knew a bit of the inside information. Now that he saw Mo Fan's Inherent Skill actually recovering, how could he not be shocked?

At this time, Mo Fan's right palm was already less than two meters away from him.

Mo Feng immediately waved his palm, conjuring a gust of wind and struck towards Mo Fan.

Although Mo Fan had recovered his Inherent Skill, his cultivation was only at the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm. Mo Feng casually swept up a gust of wind, which was enough to send it flying.

"Come at me!"

Mo Fan's eyes flashed with an explosive light, at the moment of the strong gale attack. He shouted in his heart.

"System, I want to use it once to increase my cultivation!"


Mo Fan's aura suddenly increased by several times. His cultivation, instantly rose to First Sky of Nascent Level!


When Mo Feng felt the fluctuations of Mo Fan's spirit energy, his expression suddenly changed. However, it was already too late for him to change his move. In a hurry, he could only pour another stream of spirit power into the whirlwind.

However, how could that gust of wind that he casually released be a match for Mo Fan?

On Mo Fan's right palm, a green light shone. With a destructive force, it directly dispersed the gale and smashed straight into Mo Feng's chest.


A mouthful of bright red blood sprayed out from his mouth.

Mo Feng retreated a few steps before he managed to stabilize his body.

"Flowing Wood Cut!"

Mo Fan did not give Mo Feng a chance to catch his breath, his right hand pointed straight ahead, like a sword. He raised it above his head and slashed at the space in front of him.

Green light suddenly appeared and countless wood type spirit energy transformed into an incomparably sharp green light blade, slashing through the air towards Mo Feng's throat. He wanted to kill them all!

"This is a High Rank Mortal Realm Skill!"

Mo Feng exclaimed, he looked at the incoming Flowing Wood Cut, and was unable to defend in time. He could only raise his arms and block in front of his throat.


The sharp Flowing Wood Cut directly slashed on Mo Feng's arms, bringing up a pool of fresh blood.

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