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Chapter 8 - Intimidation

Although Mo Feng blocked the attack, both of his arms were riddled with bone-deep wounds.

Dark red blood gushed out of the wound like a stream and dyed the ground red. Extremely horrifying.

At this time, Mo Feng had clearly lost the power to continue battling.

Although Mo Fan's cultivation was only at the First Sky of Nascent Level, it was four small realms lower than his. But because Mo Feng had heavily underestimated his opponent, coupled with the fact that Mo Fan was using a High Rank Mortal Realm Skill, the power was immense.

That was why he was able to heavily injure it in one strike.

If Mo Feng's cultivation was at the same level as Mo Fan's ? This strike was enough to decapitate him.

"Go to hell!"

A cold killing intent flashed past Mo Fan's eyes as he activated the Flowing Wood Cut once again. An extremely sharp blue sword blade formed in the air.

Mo Feng's face suddenly turned pale white, his eyes filled with fear. He, who had already lost the power to continue fighting, was simply unable to block this strike from Mo Fan.

"Mo Fan, you can't kill me. I am an elder of the Mo Residence! If you kill me, the Great Clan Elder will definitely use this excuse to kill you! "

Mo Feng shouted quickly, wanting to use the Great Clan Elder to suppress Mo Fan.

"Hehe, that old hair Mo Qingshan, if he dares to touch a single hair on my head, he will definitely die. My master will definitely kill him! "

Mo Fan's eyes revealed contempt, not putting Great Clan Elder Mo Qingshan in his eyes at all.

As the Great Clan Elder of the Mo family, Mo Qingshan's cultivation had reached the third sky of the Spirit Bone realm. He was the second strongest cultivator in the Mo Clan. He was only second to the head of the Mo Clan.

Even in the entire Lingyun City, Mo Qingshan was still a top Ranker.

However, Mo Fan's attitude was so arrogant, and he completely did not place Mo Qingshan in his eyes. This made Mo Feng's heart move. Countless thoughts instantly gushed out in his mind.

"Master? Could it be that Mo Fan has an incomparably powerful master backing him up? "

"Yes, that must be it! Otherwise, how could Mo Fan's Inherent Skill suddenly recover after being taken away by the Great Clan Elder? Moreover, his cultivation base should have been at the Houtian seventh stage. How could it explode to the level of First Sky of Nascent Level within a few days? "He even learned a powerful high-rank Mortal Realm martial skill."

Mo Feng was one of the subordinates of the Great Elder Mo Qingshan. He knew that Mo Fan's Inherent Skill was forcefully transplanted into his son's body by the Great Clan Elder using a vicious secret technique.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to recover. At least with the Mo Clan's power, they wouldn't be able to recover.

But now, Mo Fan's Inherent Skill had been restored. His cultivation had even reached the First Sky of Nascent Level!

Furthermore, he clearly remembered that Mo Fan should be cultivating the lowest level of the? Wistar palm?. And now, it had become a High Rank Mortal Realm Skill!

All of these proved that Mo Fan had a powerful master behind him.

Mo Feng's thoughts flashed like lightning, and in an instant, the image of Mo Fan as his master appeared in his mind.

"Possessing such a powerful technique." The master behind Mo Fan was at least an expert at the peak of the Spirit Bone Realm, or even an expert at spiritual pulse realm. No wonder Mo Fan was so confident, and didn't even put the Great Clan Elder in his eyes. " Mo Feng thought.

Looking at Mo Feng's expression, the depths of Mo Fan's eyes flashed with the light of success from his conspiracy.

He snorted, and shouted with killing intent: "Mo Feng, be at ease and continue your journey!"

Mo Fan then used the green sword blade in front of him and cut towards Mo Feng.

Looking at the incoming green sword blade, Mo Feng 'pu tong' sound was heard as he kneeled on the ground. He begged loudly:

"Young Master Mo Fan, I am willing to acknowledge you as my master. I hope that Young Master Mo Fan can let me go. "

In Mo Feng's opinion, with a powerful master supporting him from behind, recognizing him as master would not only save his life, but also help him get on top of that. It could be said that killing two birds with one stone.

"Oh ~ You want to recognize me as your master?"

Just as the green sword blade was about to cut into Mo Feng's body, Mo Fan stopped it forcefully. His cold eyes looked at Mo Feng as he spoke coldly.

"Yes, from today onwards, I, Mo Feng, am Young Master's most loyal servant." Mo Feng immediately expressed his loyalty.

"Mo Hu told me the same thing, but in the next second, he launched a surprise attack on me. If not for Master saving me, I would already be a dead man by now. " Mo Fan said coldly, "So, you should just go and die!"

Saying that, Mo Fan raised his right hand, and prepared to use the green sword blade to cut down.

"I know that Young Master is worried about me. I am willing to write down the crimes that Great Elder has committed all these years and hand them over to Young Master to show my loyalty!" Mo Feng clenched his teeth and said.

Evidently, he truly wanted to hug Mo Fan's thigh and didn't hesitate to cut off his own retreat.

By doing this, Mo Feng had already betrayed the Great Clan Elder. If he dared to have second thoughts, as long as Mo Fan spread the news of his crimes, the Great Clan Elder would definitely not let him off.

"In that case, I will let you go!" Mo Fan said coldly.

Although his expression was cold, but his heart was already blooming with happiness.

As the elder of the Mo Clan, the moment Mo Feng was killed, there would be endless trouble in the future. Therefore, Mo Fan could only make up one person, who was a strong master, to scare Mo Feng.

Unexpectedly, he really did scare them.

Not long later, Mo Feng wrote down the Great Clan Elder's offense and signed it at the end, respectfully handing it to Mo Fan.

In addition to the crime, there was a jade bottle filled with mutton fat.

"Young master, there are ten Ling Ling Dan in here. They are very useful for young master's cultivation. I hope young master can accept it. " Mo Feng said with a teasing face.

As a servant, Mo Feng had placed his position very clearly.

Mo Fan nodded slightly and accepted the crime and the jade bottle, revealing a look of satisfaction.

"Do your job well, as long as you perform well. "I will ask Master to give me an Earth Stage Low Rank cultivation technique."

After Mo Feng heard this, he said excitedly: "Thank you, Young Master!"

An Earth Stage Low Rank cultivation technique, in Lingyun City, was already considered top tier. Only the core members of the three great families had the right to cultivate.

As an ordinary elder of the Mo Clan, Mo Feng didn't have the qualifications to cultivate.

It was precisely because of this that Mo Fan used this condition to lure Mo Feng.

Of course, Mo Fan did not have any low rank Earth Realm arts. This was only a piece of cake that he had drawn for Mo Feng.

"Go down. As for Mo Qingshan, you should know how to deal with him, right? " Mo Fan said indifferently.

"This subordinate understands!"

Mo Feng bowed and left the room.

"Capture Mo Feng, and he'll be the cover. In the next few days, Mo Qingshan shouldn't be looking for trouble with me anymore. " Mo Fan muttered to himself. Right now, the most important thing to do is to quickly improve our strength. "

"I only have one chance to raise my cultivation to First Sky of Nascent Level. However, my current cultivation is only at the 3rd level of the Postnatal realm, which is just too weak. Only by raising my cultivation can I have the power to protect myself. "

Mo Fan took a deep breath, took out a Ling Ling Dan from the Goat Fat Jade bottle, and threw it into his mouth.

With the aid of the medicinal strength, he formed seals with his hands and circulated the Profound Wood Technique to start cultivating.

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