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Chapter 9 - The Family Head

Four days passed in the blink of an eye.

Under Mo Feng's protection, Mo Qingshan had not caused any trouble for the past few days.

In these four days, besides eating and sleeping, Mo Fan spent the rest of his time on cultivation.

He had taken a total of eleven Ling Ling Dan, increasing his HP by 2.2.

With the help of these eleven Ling Ling Dan, Mo Fan's recovery had advanced by leaps and bounds, breaking through two small realms in succession, from the third level of the Postnatal Realm. He had reached the Houtian fifth stage! It gave him another 2 HP.

After four days of consumption, not only did Mo Fan's HP not decrease, it had increased by 0.2. It had reached 5.5 HP.

"Why isn't the time up yet?"

Mo Fan looked anxious as he paced back and forth in the house, as if he was waiting for something.

Suddenly, a system notification rang out in his mind.

"Ding ? Eight Trigrams News, Current News has been updated."

"He's here!" Mo Fan's eyes suddenly lit up.

So it turned out that he was waiting for and Current News to update.

"According to what the newbie gift pack said." Within a month, I can receive two Eight Trigrams News s and two Current News s every five days! "

"Hopefully this time, Current News will not disappoint me!" Mo Fan prayed silently in his heart.

He activated his consciousness and entered the news.

Looking at Eight Trigrams News and Current News, Mo Fan thought for a moment, then instigated his consciousness to enter Eight Trigrams News.

The scene in front of Mo Fan's eyes changed abruptly. Two Eight Trigrams News s appeared in his mind one after another.

"Last night at midnight, the Mo Clan's branch disciples were all drunk. They fell into the fecal pit and slept with their feces."


Mo Fan was exasperated, "As expected, I still can't have any illusions about Eight Trigrams News."

Just as Mo Fan was about to leave the Eight Trigrams News, from the corner of his eyes, he swept his eyes across the second Eight Trigrams News.

Suddenly, his face revealed a shocked expression.

"In the early hours of this morning, the Mo Family Patriarch, Mo Xiaotian, had closed his life and death gate in the secret room of the Mo Residence and successfully broke through to the Ninth Sky of Spirit Bone realm!"

"But Mo Xiaotian, something unexpected happened during his breakthrough. His cultivation went berserk and the situation became critical. If he couldn't find the middle grade fourth pellet ? ? Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill s, give it to Mo Xiaotian to consume within three days. He has shattered his soul! "

Mo Xiaotian was Mo Fan's biological grandfather.

Mo Fan knew from his memories that Mo Xiaotian had been very good to him and loved him dearly. The family was originally very happy.

However, one month ago, Mo Fan's father, who had entered the primeval forest to hunt for beasts, was secretly harmed by someone and lost his life in the primeval forest.

This caused Mo Xiaotian to be incomparably saddened, and he decided to close the gate of life and death. He assigned all the matters concerning the size of the Mo Residence to Great Elder Mo Qingshan.

This was also why Mo Qingshan dared to use such a vicious secret method on Mo Fan to steal his talent.

If Mo Xiaotian had not sealed his life, even if he was given more courage, he would not dare to act against Mo Fan.

"Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill has the ability to cleanse the soul. Even though it was a mid-grade fourth-grade medicinal pill, its value was comparable to an ordinary high-grade fourth-grade medicinal pill. Furthermore, this sort of medicinal pellet is very precious.

"Unless we use the full power of the Mo family, we won't be able to buy the Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill!" Mo Fan's brows tightly knitted together.

As one of the three great clans of Lingyun City, the Mo Clan had extremely rich and powerful financial resources. To purchase a Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill, the only way was to use the financial resources of the Mo Clan.

However, Mo Fan did not plan to inform the higher ups of the Mo Clan about this matter.

Because Mo Fan knew that the current Mo Clan was controlled by Mo Qingshan. If Mo Qingshan were to know about this, Patriarch Mo Xiaotian's cultivation would go berserk. Not only would he not save Mo Xiaotian, he would even take the chance to take over's position of Patriarch!

"If I want to save Grandfather, I can only rely on myself!" Mo Fan clenched his fists tightly.

But when Mo Fan thought about the value of Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill ? He felt a surge of frustration.

"Is there any way for me to make a windfall?"

Suddenly, a thought came to Mo Fan's mind. He immediately activated his consciousness and retreated from the Eight Trigrams News. He then entered another section ? ? Current News.

That Current News from before, gave him the news of the death of two experts of the fifth stage of the Innate realm. Thus, the loophole was picked up.

Now, he wanted to earn a large sum of money to save Mo Xiaotian. He could only place his hopes on the Current News.


Following Mo Fan's consciousness, they entered the Current News. Two messages appeared before his eyes one after the other.

"Yesterday, in a cave on the east side of the forest outside the Lingyun City, a Rank 2 Demonic Beast, the Azure Flower Python, gave birth to a beast egg.

Looking at the content of the first Current News, Mo Fan was disappointed.

"An Azure Flower Python's egg is still considered valuable. However, when compared to mid-grade fourth-grade pellets and Ice Spirit Purifying Soul Pill, the difference is still too big. "

Demonic beasts were similar to cultivators in that they had their differences in strength.

From high to low, they were respectively Class 6 to Class 1 Demonic Beasts. Among them, a sixth stage Spirit Demon was equivalent to a Sky Sect Realm Ranker. On the other hand, a Stage One demonic beast was equivalent to a Lesser Heaven stage cultivator.

Although the Azure Flower Python was a Rank Two Demonic Beast, it was the weakest one among the Rank Two Demonic Beasts. Its strength was equivalent to a second heaven realm cultivator's First Sky of Nascent Level.

Even though its beast eggs were valuable. However, it was at most comparable to the value of a grade-3 pill.

"Is there really no way to save grandfather?"

Mo Fan looked at the second Current News with disappointment. His pupils suddenly constricted!

"Early this morning, in the depths of the forest outside the Lingyun City, precious energy surged as the sky lit up with blessings. It means that a peerless treasure will be born within three days! "

"If even the System says that it is a peerless treasure, then it must be priceless! If we can get him, Grandpa will be saved! " Mo Fan's eyes lit up with excitement.

Mo Fan's guess was right, the peerless treasure that the System spoke of was indeed incomparably precious.

As the precious energy surged, the sky lit up with blessings. It was a sign that a peerless treasure had been born.

Only a heaven-defying existence like the System could sense it. Thus, he would inform Mo Fan in advance.

If such a peerless treasure were to be born, it would definitely cause a terrifying phenomenon.

At that time, forget about the Rankers in Lingyun City. Even the Fengling County, and even the top rankers of the entire The Northern Wind Empire, would swarm here.

At that time, with Mo Fan's strength, it would be impossible for him to obtain such a peerless treasure.

Mo Fan was very clear about this as he thought to himself, "The System said that a peerless treasure will be born within three days. I must have it before it comes. Only in this way can Grandfather be saved! "

Mo Fan clenched his fists, his eyes revealing a look of determination.

Mo Fan immediately left the room and found Mo Feng. Tell him that he had something and needed to leave the Mo Residence for a few days. Let him deal with Mo Qingshan and take good care of Xiao Yu.

After doing all this, Mo Fan left the Mo Residence and headed towards the forest outside the city.

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