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C1 Promotion.

Zhou Hao was very happy today. Because there was a rumor in the company that he was going to be promoted to the head of the Finance Department, and he would replace the Finance Department manager who had inexplicably resigned earlier.

Thinking back to the few years he had worked so hard for, Zhou Hao felt very gratified. He had finally waited for this opportunity!

The company that Zhou Hao worked for was called "Yellowstone Group. " It was a very famous large company in Shanghai and even in the whole country. It mainly operated real estate, as well as many five-star hotels and supermarkets. There were more than ten thousand employees in the company.

When Zhou Hao graduated from university, after a few twists and turns, he finally entered the Yellowstone Group's Finance Department as an accountant under the introduction of his friends.

He knew very well that it was very rare to be able to work in a big company like Yellowstone Group. Therefore, he had always been conscientious and did not forget to give gifts to his superiors during the New Year and holidays.

After four years of hard work, Zhou Hao finally got the company's attention. Because the company made him start to come into contact with the company's "hidden account. "

The so-called "hidden account," as the name implied, was an account that couldn't be exposed. Zhou Hao knew that many companies had "hidden accounts," and the larger the scale of the company, the more common the existence of "hidden accounts. "

He also knew that "hidden accounts" violated the industry rules, and were even illegal.

However, Zhou Hao, who had been rolling around in Shanghai for many years, knew very well what losing his job meant.

Therefore, he could only bite the bullet and participate in the production of "secret account" under the instructions of the company. With his outstanding financial ability, Zhou Hao did very well in those "hidden accounts. " Therefore, he was very soon rewarded by the company.

He remembered that in the company just now, the manager's secretary, who was so arrogant, had changed her attitude and started to fawn on him.

When he thought of this, Zhou Hao was inexplicably excited. The secretary's alluring figure appeared in front of his eyes. Zhou Hao even thought that after he became the department head one day, would he also be able to date her?

However, although Zhou Hao was 26 years old this year, he was still a virgin.

Even though he had a girlfriend who had been with him for two years, due to his busy work and the persistence of his girlfriend, Zhou Hao still did not cross that final line.

Thinking of his girlfriend Zeng Ying, Zhou Hao wanted to tell Zeng Ying this good news so that she would be happy too.

Without delay, Zhou Hao immediately bought a bottle of "Great Wall Dry Red," and happily took a taxi to Zeng Ying's rented house.

Zhou Hao was still very proud of Zeng Ying. She was a clerk in a foreign trading company. She was very beautiful and had a good figure.

Zhou Hao had spent a lot of effort and buy countless roses to chase after her.

If Zeng Ying knew that he was going to be promoted, she might agree to have sex with him. Zhou Hao laughed secretly in the backseat. Even the taxi driver in front of him looked at him with disdain.

When he arrived at Zeng Ying's house, Zhou Hao straightened the collar of his suit and ruffled his hair. Then, he knocked on Zeng Ying's door.

Strangely, the door opened after two minutes. Zeng Ying's face was still flushed red when she appeared at the door.

Zeng Ying was a little surprised and panicked when she saw Zhou Hao. "Hao? Why are you here so late?"

Zhou Hao waved the red wine in his hand. "There's great news. I specially came to share it with you. " After saying that, he pushed Zeng Ying into the room.

Zeng Ying poured Zhou Hao a glass of hot water and looked at her room absent-mindedly. Then she said to Zhou Hao, "What good news? I told you, I still have to go to work tomorrow. I can't stay too late with you. "

Zhou Hao poured out the hot water and poured his red wine into the glass. He said to Zeng Ying, "Zeng Ying, do you know? I am going to be promoted! I am going to be promoted to the finance director of our company! "

He drained the glass of red wine in one gulp and stood up to hug Zeng Ying. " When I become the Finance Director of the company, my salary will also increase.

Then in two or three years, we don't need to live in the rented house anymore and we can have our own apartment. Haha, we will have our own apartment in Shanghai. Zeng Ying, are you happy?

When the time comes, I will marry you. You don't have to go out to work anymore. Just wholeheartedly be Mrs Zhou! "

He could not wait to fantasize about his and Zeng Ying's beautiful future.

However, Zeng Ying was not as happy as Zhou Hao imagined. She just said faintly, "Really? That would be great. "

"What's wrong, Zeng Ying? Are you unhappy?" Zhou Hao looked at Zeng Ying. " Didn't you always want to have your own apartment in Shanghai? "

"Hao, even if you can buy your own apartment," Zeng Ying said and sighed. "But what kind of apartment can you buy? A small one that was not even 100 square meters? Then can we still have children? "

Without waiting for Zhou Hao to speak, she turned her head and said," Hao, I think we should break up. "

Zhou Hao, who was originally full of joy, suddenly had cold water burst out of his head by Zeng Ying. "Why?"

He grabbed Zeng Ying's shoulder. "Zeng Ying, why did you suddenly say we broke up? Ha, I know. Are you joking? You must be joking with me. "

Zeng Ying impatiently pushed Zhou Hao's hand away. " I'm not joking. I'm serious. Hao, we're not suitable. Let's break up. "

"Why not suitable? Am I not good enough for you? Did I do something wrong? "

Zhou Hao did not know what to do. He nervously said to Zeng Ying, "I will correct it. Zeng Ying, I really like you. I will promise you anything you want to do, okay?"

"Hao, don't be like this, okay?"

Suddenly, Zhou Hao saw an urn on the coffee table and there were two cigarette butts on it. Suddenly, his heart was covered with a layer of haze. Because he and Zeng Ying did not smoke.

"Who is it!? Who is here? Get out here!" Zhou Hao roared hysterically.

Zeng Ying's expression changed, and she quickly pulled Zhou Hao back, "Hao, what are you doing? There are only the two of us here. Are you crazy?"

Zhou Hao pushed Zeng Ying away. He walked around the hall twice and then locked his eyes on Zeng Ying's room.

When he was about to walk to Zeng Ying's room, the door opened and a man walked out of the room.

This man was very handsome. Although he was already forty years old, his maturity and steadiness added to his charm.

However, when Zhou Hao saw this man, he was stunned because he knew this man!

This man was called Huang Wanke, the chairman of Yellowstone Group, the boss of Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao had only seen this boss a few times at the company's anniversary gala. He never thought that he would see his boss at his own girlfriend's home.

"How could it be. . . " Zhou Hao murmured.

Compared to Zhou Hao who was at a loss, Huang Wanke was much calmer. He showed a kind smile to Zhou Hao and said, "Hello, Zhou Hao. "

He was friendly to him just as he was friendly to his employees at the Yellowstone Group's anniversary gala. However, Zhou Hao felt that his smile was full of ridicule and was very ferocious.

"Zeng Ying, you and him. . . " Zhou Hao turned around and looked at Zeng Ying.

Zeng Ying saw that her love affairs had been discovered, then directly confessed to her unfaithfulness: "Wanke and I met four months ago. "

She turned her face away from Zhou Hao and said, "I didn't want to tell you so quickly. But I have Wanke's child. "

These words were like a sharp sword, piercing into Zhou Hao's heart mercilessly.

He still remembered that she had said that she would only give herself to Zhou Hao on the night of her wedding. Zhou Hao believed her, and he had been longing for their wedding because of her words.

However, she had only known Huang Wanke for four months, and she even had his child!

"You lied to me!" Zhou Hao roared at Zeng Ying like a wounded beast.

"Zhou Hao, you are going to be promoted to the finance director of the company. " Huang Wanke's voice made Zhou Hao tremble.

He looked at Huang Wanke and then Zeng Ying. A terrible thought suddenly appeared in his heart. It seemed that the reason why he could be promoted was also because of Zeng Ying.

Huang Wanke continued, "If you are willing to, I can promote you to be the sales manager of the company. Your annual salary is one million yuan. "

Although Huang Wanke's suggestion was full of temptation, to Zhou Hao, it was more like charity! It was as if he was saying, "I took your woman away, so I'm giving you a promotion as compensation. "

Zhou Hao pushed Huang Wanke to the ground and grabbed his neck tightly. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Zhou Hao, what are you doing?! Are you crazy?! Let go of him!" Zeng Ying rushed over and grabbed Zhou Hao's arm, trying to pull him away from Huang Wanke.

But how could her strength compare to Zhou Hao, who was in a state of fury?

"I will kill you!" Zhou Hao had completely lost his mind. He gritted his teeth in an unusually ferocious manner. His hands, which were pinching Huang Wanke's neck, also exerted more strength.

Huang Wanke couldn't say anything. His face slowly turned purple. He would suffocate to death after a while.

Zhou Hao collapsed softly. Zeng Ying was still holding the remaining half of the vase in a daze.

Huang Wanke touched his neck and sat up,coughing violently. Zeng Ying immediately threw down the vase and helped him up. She said nervously, "Wanke, are you alright?"

"Damn, he almost killed me!" Huang Wanke kicked Zhou Hao hard, but Zhou Hao was so dizzy that he could not fight back.

Huang Wanke turned around and walked into the kitchen. When he came out again, there was a long and sharp kitchen knife in his hand.

Zeng Ying immediately panicked when she saw it. "Wanke, what do you want to do?"

"I don't want him to continue pestering you. I'll kill him. " Huang Wanke's mature and handsome face showed a fierce look. "Besides, he knows about my company's' secret account ', so keeping him alive is also a disaster!"

Zhou Hao, who was lying on the ground, knew that he was in a very dangerous situation. However, because of the heavy blow to his head, he lost all his strength and, even his consciousness was somewhat blurry. He could only hope that Zeng Ying would stop Huang Wanke.

However, what Zhou Hao did not expect was that Zeng Ying actually did not stop Huang Wanke. Instead, after hesitating for a moment, she said to Huang Wanke, "Then how do we escape?"

"It's very simple. We will making this place looking like a robbery spot. Then, I will find a few people to make an alibi for us. "

"But he doesn't have my keys, so why would he be at my home?"

Huang Wanke smiled. "What's so difficult about that? Just put the keys in his pocket and say that he already has your keys. Anyway, no one will doubt you. "

Zeng Ying pondered for a moment and nodded. When she lowered her head, she saw Zhou Hao's desperate and resentful eyes.

"Don't blame me. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not knowing what's good for you. Also, before you die, I'll give you a piece of advice that love is not bread, and it cannot represent everything. " After saying that, she turned around and no longer looked at Zhou Hao.

Huang Wanke also smiled at Zhou Hao. "After you go to hell, don't forget that I killed you. "

After that, he suddenly swung his kitchen knife and stabbed into Zhou Hao's heart. Dark red blood spurted out and dyed Zhou Hao's vision red.

Zhou Hao didn't know whether he was dead or not. If he wasn't, why couldn't he move his body? And why didn't he feel anything at all?

But if he was dead, how could he still have consciousness? He could even see the hilt of the knife that was exposed to his chest, and he could also see Huang Wanke and Zeng Ying turning this place into a robbery spot.

However, his consciousness was also becoming more and more blurry.

Finally, when Huang Wanke and Zeng Ying finished arranging everything and were about to leave, Zhou Hao looked at their backs and only had one thought in his heart: Even if I am a ghost, I will not let you off!

After that, he blacked out with the sound of the door closing and completely lost consciousness.

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