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C10 Girls must Suffer Losses.

Wang Xijun finished packing up and came out of the kitchen. She saw Zhou Hao sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and reading the newspaper. His expression was unusually focused. So she asked, "Why are you suddenly interested in the news? Didn't you not read newspapers in the past? "

Hearing Wang Xijun's voice, Zhou Hao pulled himself out of those stocks and companies.

Wang Xijun stood in front of him. The few strands of hair on her forehead were still stuck to her forehead due to sweat. She looked like a hardworking and virtuous wife.

Zhou Hao felt his heart soften and reached out to pull her to sit beside him. He also gently helped her straighten the strands of hair on her forehead. The expression on her face was even more focused than when she saw the financial version.

Wang Xijun allowed Zhou Hao to help her straighten her hair. Her face was red and she felt that only Zhou Hao and herself were left in the room. At this moment, there was a vague and ambiguous atmosphere, but this kind of feeling was very enjoyable.

After Zhou Hao wiped the sweat off Wang Xijun's forehead, he did not withdraw his right hand, but touched her face.

"Don't do it. You made me itch. " Wang Xijun grabbed Zhou Hao's hand with a red face.

Zhou Hao took the opportunity to hold Wang Xijun's hand and gently caressed it.

Although Wang Xijun had started doing housework since she was young, her hands did not have thick calluses like ordinary people.

Her hands, on the other hand, were very tender and smooth. This made Zhou Hao feel that touching her hands was already a form of enjoyment.

"Xijun. " Zhou Hao gently called out to her.

Wang Xijun's voice was soft. She turned her face away and did not dare to look at Zhou Hao.

Wang Xijun's shy look was very cute, making Zhou Hao stare unblinkingly. "I heard that you wrote my name all over the book. Is this true?"

Wang Xijun immediately looked up when she heard that. She said shyly, "I didn't!" But when she saw the slyness in Zhou Hao's eyes, she said fiercely, "It must be Zhongcai who said it!"

Zhou Hao smiled and pulled her into his embrace. His hand was still gently caressing her back.

Wang Xijun had also instantly forgotten about Wang Zhongcai betraying her. She obediently lay in Zhou Hao's embrace and listened to Zhou Hao's heartbeat that came from beside her ear.

Staring deeply into her beautiful eyes, Zhou Hao felt that her pair of eyes were watery and sparkling. Her eyes were like two peerless gems, and her own face was reflected in her eyes. It was as if he was the only one in her eyes.

At this time, although Wang Xijun had not grown up yet, she was still very beautiful. However, Zhou Hao felt that Wang Xijun at this moment was more real and could move his heart even more.

Facing Zhou Hao's increasingly gentle gaze, Wang Xijun's heart also sped up and her entire body trembled. Then, she gently closed her eyes and her lips also slightly pouted.

"Don't look!" Wang Xijun quickly pulled down her shirt and covered it with her hands.

Wang Xijun saw the stunned expression on Zhou Hao's face and felt ashamed and angry. When she was at a loss, tears flowed out. She covered her face and cried.

When Zhou Hao saw Wang Xijun cry, he was also annoyed by his actions just now.

He hurriedly rubbed the little girl in his arms and carefully protected her, "It's all my fault. Don't cry, I will feel sorry for you. "

Wang Xijun ignored Zhou Hao's words. She only covered her face tightly and sobbed, It's all my fault. " They were right. I am a shameless woman. "

Zhou Hao knew Wang Xijun was thinking of those bad students who bullied her. She also hated himself for being so impulsive just now.

"Xijun, this is not your fault. It's all my fault. I was too impulsive. Why don't you hit me? Just hit me. " As he spoke, he grabbed Wang Xijun's hand and hit himself.

How could Wang Xijun bear to hit him? Instead, she looked at Zhou Hao with teary eyes, "Zhou Hao, do you think I'm a bad girl?"

She looked pretty and pitiful.

"I don't know. In my eyes, you're the best girl in the world" Zhou Hao said.


"If I lie, I will be hit by a car and drown. . . "

He did not finish his sentence. Wang Xijun hugged him. She put her head on his shoulder and said, "I believe you. If you die, then I won't be able to live either. "

Wang Xijun put her head on Zhou Hao's shoulder and gently smelled his breath, "Zhou Hao. "

Zhou Hao also enjoyed this kind of intimacy. His right hand slowly caressed Wang Xijun's back. Wang Xijun asked a question.

Even though Zhou Hao was reborn, he was still shocked by Wang Xijun's question.

Wang Xijun felt very shy and did not dare to raise her head.

She leaned on Zhou Hao's shoulder and whispered, "Because Situ Jianying said that boys like women with big breasts.

"Situ Jianying?"

" She is the girl you just slapped. She is my classmate. " Wang Xijun explained, "Her name is Situ Jianying. Her father is the director of the Xiang City Public Security Bureau. "

Hearing Wang Xijun say this, Zhou Hao also recalled that delinquent girl in his mind.

Situ Jianying was very delicate and pretty, and her appearance was not bad. It was just that her character was too bad. Moreover, she was also wearing the school uniform at that time, so Zhou Hao did not pay attention to her.

"Zhou Hao, tell me, is it like this?" Wang Xijun pushed Zhou Hao.

Situ Jianying teased her more than once. Especially now that she was with Zhou Hao.

That was why she was very much in Zhou Hao's opinion. She was afraid that Zhou Hao would hate her.

Zhou Hao smiled. Wang Xijun's naked body was still in his mind. "You are only fourteen years old this year. Your figure is already very good among your peers. "

He pinched Wang Xijun's nose. "You still have a lot of time to develop. What is there to worry about? According to me, when you grow up, your chest must be bigger than Situ Jianying's. "

What he said was the truth. When Wang Xijun grew up, her chest would be very full.

Wang Xijun let out a sigh of relief after hearing Zhou Hao's words. She started thinking again.

She stared at Zhou Hao and said: "What did you just say? I'm already not bad among my peers? How do you know? Could it be that you've seen other girls before?"

As she spoke, she put her hands on her hips and looked as if she was here to denounce him.

Zhou Hao was stunned and quickly waved his hand to explain. "No, I only saw your naked body. "

In his heart, he thought that the women he had seen in there could not be taken seriously. So he did not lie to Wang Xijun.

"Then do you like me?" This was what Wang Xijun wanted to ask the most. What she said earlier was just a foreshadowing.

"Doesn't it mean that I like you because we are already like this?"

Zhou Hao's words made Wang Xijun very sweet. Especially when she felt that her chest was numb again. This made her even more embarrassed.

Indeed, she had always been an introverted girl. Usually, she rarely took the initiative to talk to boys in class.

If she didn't really like Zhou Hao, she wouldn't have let him mess around with her just now.

Now that Zhou Hao had made it clear to her, their relationship was confirmed.

"However, according to your current situation, you should be wearing a bra. Otherwise, this will affect your development. " Zhou Hao stared at Wang Xijun and said as he touched her.

Wang Xijun naturally knew what a bra was. But this kind of thing from a boy's mouth was still very embarrassing.

Seeing Wang Xijun's shy appearance, Zhou Hao's heart began to stir again.

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