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C11 Yuqin

After that day, Zhou Hao would come to No. 2 Senior High School every afternoon to pick up Wang Xijun after school.

On the one hand, Zhou Hao did not want Wang Xijun to be bullied by Situ Jianying and other bad students again. On the other hand, he wanted to increase their time alone.

Because the two of them did not want the adults at home to know about this. They wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble.

There were a few times when Zhou Hao saw Situ Jianying at the entrance of the No. 2 Senior High School. However, Situ Jianying and the others only dared to glare at Zhou Hao from afar. They did not dare to come over and provoke Zhou Hao.

Wang Xijun also said that ever since that day, Situ Jianying and the others did not dare to bully her in school anymore.

Because he heard Wang Xijun say that Situ Jianying had "big breasts," Zhou Hao also secretly paid attention to her out of curiosity.

Sure enough, he discovered that Situ Jianying's school uniform was bulging, and her breasts were much bigger than the other students of the same age.

These few days, Zhou Hao had been paying attention to the stocks in his memory. He finally welcomed Saturday.

On this day, Zhou Hao and Yan Tong brought 8,000 Yuan to the newly opened "Galaxy Securities Ltd. " nearby.

Zhou Hao and his mother borrowed 10,000 Yuan from their eldest uncle, Zhou Lichang. One thousand Yuan was used to pay for Zhou Hao's tuition fees, and one thousand Yuan was saved for emergencies.

The front door of the Galaxy Securities Ltd. Was very imposing. A mighty stone lion stood on both sides of the entrance, and red silk was tied around the lion's neck.

When he walked in, he saw that the hall was spacious and bright, and the bright yellow tiles on the floor were shining brightly. A few female employees wearing the same professional suit were all young and beautiful, with friendly smiles on their faces.

More importantly, Zhou Hao saw a huge electronic board hanging on the wall. On it were the prices of each stock.

After seeing the environment here, Zhou Hao sighed in his heart, "Such a grand display. "

In 1996, only a few powerful securities companies had the qualifications to install an electronic bulletin board.

Because of this, Zhou Hao couldn't help but feel curious about the boss of this securities company.

A customer manager with a bun on his head invited Zhou Hao and Yan Tong to the counter and let them sit down. Then she got someone to bring hot tea for them.

Then the customer manager smiled and asked, "Madam, may I ask if you are here to open an account and invest in stocks?"

Zhou Hao saw the "Jin Xiaoqiong" sign on the customer manager's chest and said to her, "Yes, we want to open an account. "

After that, Yan Tong took out her identification card and handed it to Jin Xiaoqiong.

Jin Xiaoqiong took the identity card and took out another document, "Then please fill in this document first?"

Yan Tong took a look at the document but did not know anything about the content on it. She looked at Zhou Hao with some difficulty.

Zhou Hao smiled, "Let me do it. " He took the pen from Jin Xiaoqiong and filled in the documents one by one.

Jin Xiaoqiong looked at the mother and son pair and found that Yan Tong was completely led by Zhou Hao.

She saw Zhou Hao, who still looked like a student, fill out those documents but was abnormally capable and capable. He seemed to be even more skilled than people like her who worked in the securities industry.

Noticing Jin Xiaoqiong's puzzled gaze, Yan Tong smiled to herself, "Miss, I'm sorry to let you see a joke.

Actually, I don't know anything about stocks. This time, I only opened my account because I listened to my son's words. If you have anything to ask, just ask him. "

Jin Xiaoqiong heard this and felt even more strange. Zhou Hao looked like he was at most a high school student, but he could bring his mother to the securities company to open an account. This was truly unheard of.

At this time, Zhou Hao handed the documents back to her, "Miss Jin, I've filled it out. Take a look. "

Jin Xiaoqiong took the document and looked at it carefully. She found that Zhou Hao had filled out every single one of the documents very carefully.

Even some professional terms that even industry insiders might not be able to understand did not make it difficult for him. She was even more surprised in her heart.

However, she did not need to waste her time explaining these professional terms to Zhou Hao. She asked, "Then I would like to ask, how much do you want to invest? Which stock do you want?"

Zhou Hao took out a piece of paper and handed it to Jin Xiaoqiong. On it were the four shares he had written beforehand. The shares of these four shares varied from a few yuan to a dozen yuan. Zhou Hao said, "These four stocks, help me buy two thousand yuan each. "

Looking at these few stocks, Jin Xiaoqiong knew that they were the stocks that rose the most this year. She also heard that Zhou Hao was going to invest a total of 8,000 yuan in them.

In 1996, 8,000 yuan was not a small sum of money.

Frowning, she said to Zhou Hao and Yan Tong, "As my clients, I have a duty to remind you. Although the rise of these four shares was very strong, the situation in China's stock market this year was very unusual. Many shares have been rising crazily for almost a year. The country has also urgently issued several laws to adjust the stock market. "

She looked at the two of them seriously, "So I want to remind the two of you to think about it carefully. If you are not careful, the money will be stuck. Madam, do you still want to open an account?"

Jin Xiaoqiong's words proved that she was a very responsible customer manager. She would rather reduce the number of customers than see the customers suffer losses.

After Yan Tong heard Jin Xiaoqiong's words, she said to Zhou Hao with a worried look. "Xiao Hao, look at what she said. The stock market is not something people like us play with. If we lose this money, we will not be able to return it to others. "

" Mom, you don't have to worry. I know what I'm doing. " Zhou Hao held Yan Tong's hand.

He said to Jin Xiaoqiong again, "Miss Jin, I know you mean well. But we have already decided. Help us open the account. "

"Little friend, I see that your family is not very well off. Now that this stock market is in chaos, many rich people do not dare to casually enter. I think you should reconsider. "

"No need. Miss Jin, you also said earlier that we are customers. You can't reject our request, right?"

Zhou Hao knew Jin Xiaoqiong's good intentions towards him. But he could not tell Jin Xiaoqiong that he actually knew how long these shares would rise.

Jin Xiaoqiong saw that Zhou Hao was still insisting on his opinion and could not help but be a little angry. "Don't tell me you really won't think about your mother? You borrowed this money. If this money is lost. . . What do you have to return it to others?"

Yan Tong and Zhou Hao were stunned by Jin Xiaoqiong's accusation.

Jin Xiaoqiong also realized that as a customer manager, she could not speak to customers like this. But since she had already said it, she could not take it back.

"What's going on? Xiaoqiong, why are you criticizing the client?" A clear and melodious female voice sounded behind Zhou Hao. Jin Xiaoqiong's face also turned pale," Ms. Zhao. "

Zhou Hao felt that this female voice was somewhat familiar. When he turned around to look, he saw a beauty with her hair tied up high walking over.

She was also wearing a professional suit, but she was much more beautiful than the other salesmen. She had a mature charm to her.

A white chiffon shirt with a black jacket. The waist of the shirt was narrow, and her figure looked tall and straight.

Below was a fitting pair of black pants which made her legs look unusually long and slender.

The moment this beauty walked into the hall, Zhou Hao felt that the bright light had suddenly dimmed.

He only felt that her eyebrows were like a painting, her posture and appearance were filled with charm. Those young and beautiful female salesmen also instantly became a foil.

Furthermore, Zhou Hao discovered that this beauty was actually the person he saved on the way to school the other day.

"It's you?" Both of them exclaimed at the same time. The beauty obviously recognized Zhou Hao.

She quickly walked towards Zhou Hao. Her high heels made a sound as they stepped on the tiles.

Zhou Hao also stood up from his chair. She came in front of Zhou Hao and grabbed his hand in an instant.

"I finally found you. I saw you wearing the uniform of Yuning that day. I originally wanted to go to your school to look for you, but I was afraid it would affect your class, so I didn't go. "

Before Zhou Hao could say anything, Yan Tong, who was beside him, quickly stood up and said to her, "Miss, I'm sorry. Did Xiao Hao cause trouble? I'm sorry, I apologize to you on his behalf. He's still young, don't blame him. "

The beauty and Zhou Hao were both stunned by Yan Tong.

After a while, the beauty finally smiled. She explained to Yan Tong, "Auntie, You misunderstood. This little brother did not cause any trouble. That day when I was walking on the street, a road sign fell down. I was almost overwhelmed. Fortunately, he saved me in time. However, before I could thank him, he left. I didn't expect to see him again today. "

" So you are the little hero Ms. Zhao talked about that day. " Jin Xiaoqiong also said.

Only then did Yan Tong heave a sigh of relief and Zhou Hao also said to the beauty, "Miss, are you also working here?"

"I am the general manager here. This Galaxy Securities is owned by me. "

She suddenly patted Zhou Hao's head. " Also, my name is Zhao Yuqin. According to your age, you should call me Big Sister. What's your name?"

" Zhou Hao. " Zhou Hao said," Also, this is my mother, Yan Tong. " Zhou Hao was very surprised to see the mature and beautiful Zhao Yuqin.

Just now, he was wondering who could open such a large securities company. So it was her.

"Auntie, hello. " Zhao Yuqin greeted Yan Tong seriously, "If it wasn't for Xiao Hao that day, I'm afraid I would have died on the streets. I also never had the chance to thank him. "

She said, "Oh right, why are you guys here? You guys want to stock up too? "

Hence, Jin Xiaoqiong told Zhao Yuqin about what happened earlier.

Zhao Yuqin heard that Zhou Hao wanted to buy those four shares and immediately frowned, "Xiao Hao, this year's China stock market is very unusual and the higher-ups have decided to rectify it. Now is not the time to invest money. "

Not to mention that Zhou Hao saved her life, even if they were just ordinary friends, Zhao Yuqin did not want to see him suffer losses.

Zhou Hao felt really helpless right now, and did not know how to explain it to them.

He saw Zhou Hao's bitter face and helpless look. Zhao Yuqin also could not bear to force him anymore. She turned her head and said to Jin Xiaoqiong, " Xiaoqiong, help them open the account. "

"But, Ms. Zhao. " Jin Xiaoqiong saw that Zhao Yuqin actually agreed to let Zhou Hao open the account and could not help but become anxious.

"Go, but you should use the company's money first. " Zhao Yuqin said.

Zhou Hao quickly refused, "Ms. Zhao, how can this be? How can we use your money to buy shares?"

Yan Tong also said, "That's right! Miss Zhao, this won't do. "

Zhao Yuqin shook her head, "Since he is so confident, I will trust him for once. You can return this money to me after the shares you bought have increased. If you really lose money, you don't have to worry. It will be better if you slowly pay it back. " She originally wanted to say that she didn't need to pay back, but she was afraid that Zhou Hao and his mother would refuse.

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