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C12 A Powerful Background

In the end, Zhou Hao still accepted Zhao Yuqin's good intentions.

He promised that he would definitely return the money to her within a month, but Zhao Yuqin and Yan Tong did not know where Zhou Hao's confidence came from.

After that, Zhao Yuqin said that she wanted to treat Zhou Hao and his mother to a meal. She wanted to thank Zhou Hao for saving her last time.

Yan Tong, of course, tactfully refused.

But Zhou Hao thought in his heart, Zhao Yuqin was only in her twenties and was able to open this Galaxy Securities. Her family background and background were definitely not simple. If he could make friends with her, it would be very beneficial to his future development.

So he agreed, which made Yan Tong blame him.

After coming out of the Galaxy Securities, Zhao Yuqin brought Zhou Hao and his son to the silver Mercedes-Benz parked at the door.

Zhou Hao was surprised once again when he saw the large Mercedes-Benz. In 1996, not everyone could drive such a car.

"Xiao Hao, Auntie, get in the car. " Zhao Yuqin sat in the driver's seat and started the car. She said to Zhou Hao and the others.

Yan Tong had never been in a car in her entire life. Not to mention this luxury Mercedes-Benz. She was so nervous that she didn't know what to do.

In the end, Zhou Hao opened the rear door and let her in, while he sat in the front passenger seat.

Zhao Yuqin was very skilled, and the open Mercedes-Benz drove smoothly on the road. They soon arrived at the Tianbin Hotel in the center of Xiang City.

There was a three-star hotel in the Tianbin Hotel. It was fifteen stories high, and it was the most luxurious hotel in the Xiang City. It used to be the guest house of the Xiang City government. Two years ago, it was privately funded and renovated into the Tianbin Hotel.

The Xiang City government also held 40% of the shares.

They followed Zhao Yuqin into the hall of the Tianbin Hotel. A receptionist in a red qipao greeted Zhao Yuqin, "Miss Zhao, the room you booked is ready. "

As she spoke, she brought Zhao Yuqin and Zhou Hao into the elevator and went straight up to the 15th floor.

Zhou Hao and Yan Tong had never been to Tianbin Hotel. In his last life, Zhou Hao yearned for this place very much. He swore that he would definitely come here when he earned money in the future.

However, Tianbin Hotel had closed down due to bad management when Zhou Hao went to college, so Zhou Hao did not have the chance to fulfill his promise.

The receptionist brought Zhao Yuqin and the other two to a room on the 15th floor called "Rose. " The room was very spacious. Other than a large dining table, there was also a sofa and a television.

Through the glass on the other side, they could also see the "Hongford Park" behind Tianbin Hotel. The scenery was very open and charming.

After sitting down, Zhao Yuqin quickly ordered more than ten dishes from the receptionist. There was no lack of shark fins, abalones, lobsters, and other expensive dishes.

This made Zhou Hao and Yan Tong secretly surprised. They thought that just this meal alone was no less than a thousand yuan.

"Ms. Zhao, you are a regular customer here, right? Everyone here seems to know you. " Zhou Hao asked with a smile.

Just now when they came up, a few waiters respectfully greeted Zhao Yuqin.

Zhao Yuqin smiled brightly, "Many times I come here to eat with customers. Over time, the people here know me. "

"Ms. Zhao, your Galaxy Securities has just opened, and you already have so many customers. Your company has a lot of potential. " Zhou Hao said.

"I'm not talking about the Galaxy's customers," Ms. Zhao said. Zhao Yuqin said, "Before I went to Galaxy, I ran a trading company that specialized in buying and selling goods from Hong Kong to the mainland. "

Hearing Zhao Yuqin's words, Zhou Hao's heart became lively again.

Because he knew that before Hong Kong returned, in order to do business from Hong Kong to the mainland, one must have a strong government backing, or else it would not be possible.

From this, it could be seen that Zhao Yuqin's backing was definitely not simple.

Zhao Yuqin saw Zhou Hao's eyes darting around and guessed what he was thinking.

She could not help pinching his nose and said with a smile, "You are only so young, and you have so many thoughts? It saves you from making random guesses. I'll tell you. "

She poured Zhou Hao and Yan Tong a cup of sweet wine, "My brother is the commander of the Guangzhou military. Thanks to his help, my trading company was able to be set up. "

Zhou Hao almost spat out the sweet wine in his mouth. He did not expect Zhao Yuqin to have such a powerful backer.

However, a military commander's rank was at least at the general level. Zhao Yuqin's brother would definitely not be too young.

"My brother is 46 this year. He is older than me by 20 years. " Zhao Yuqin drank a mouthful of sweet wine. "My father only gave birth to me when he was 40 years old. "

"Then what is your father's identity?" Zhao Yuqin's elder brother was already the commander of the military. Then her father's background must be even more powerful.

Zhao Yuqin glanced at Zhou Hao. "He is a member of the military commissar. "

Zhou Hao fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air. He was a central officer!

"Xiao Hao, you don't think of me as Miss Guan like the others, do you?" Zhao Yuqin showed a slightly reproachful look.

"But in fact, you are really Miss Guan. I can't lie to myself and treat you as a woman who is setting up a stall on the street, right?"

Zhou Hao smiled bitterly and said, "Besides, the person who set up the stall is not as beautiful as you. "

Zhao Yuqin was provoked by Zhou Hao and laughed. She pinched his nose again. "You are only a child. How do you know what is called beautiful?"

Although she said that, she was still very happy in her heart.

Zhou Hao could talk and laugh with Zhao Yuqin. Yan Tong did not have the guts.

As a typical commoner, Yan Tong had a strong sense of responsibility in her heart. This caused her to be very reserved in front of Zhao Yuqin. She was deeply afraid that she would anger her if she said something wrong.

Zhao Yuqin was very good at reading people's expressions. Moreover, she had worked in the business for many years and her social skills were also very strong. She used a few words to make Yan Tong's restraint disappear. This made Zhou Hao who was at the side admire her very much.

"Xiao Hao, your grades in school are very good, right?"

Zhao Yuqin smiled at Zhou Hao and said, "Yuning is a very good school. I used to study there. Xiao Hao, work harder. When you graduate, come and help me. "

"Ms. Zhao, you are also a student of Yuning?" Zhou Hao smiled and said," Then aren't you my senior?"

"That's right! In the future, if there's anything you don't understand in your studies, feel free to ask me. " Zhao Yuqin also smiled and said.

Although the sweetness wine did not have a lot of energy, after a few cups, Zhao Yuqin's originally snow white face started to blush.

This made her look even more charming and attractive, making Zhou Hao's heart jump.

Yan Tong had just gone to the toilet, so only Zhou Hao and Zhao Yuqin were left in the room.

Zhao Yuqin saw Zhou Hao's gaze secretly flowing on her face, so she stretched out her finger and hooked it on his chin. The corner of her mouth revealed an intoxicating smile, "What are you looking at?"

Zhou Hao saw that Zhao Yuqin's beautiful eyes were somewhat blurred. He thought that Ms. Zhao might be drunk. At the same time, he also hurriedly retracted his gaze and did not dare to look at her again.

Zhou Hao's shy appearance in front of her made Zhao Yuqin even more interested, "Xiao Hao, you saved me that day. I haven't properly thanked you yet. "

"Why didn't you thank me? Ms. Zhao, the money you lent me and this meal, these are all not counted?"

Zhou Hao sat up straight and looked at the cup in front of him. He did not dare to have any impudence in his eyes.

"You saved my life. How can I repay you so easily?" The smile on Zhao Yuqin's face became even wider. "If it was in the ancient times, I could already devote my life to you. "

Her coquettish eyes looked at Zhou Hao's still immature but already very handsome face, "I see that you are not bad looking. Even if I give my body to you, it would not be a loss. "

She leaned over to Zhou Hao's side and said, "You might as well be my pretty boy. " She even lightly kissed Zhou Hao on the face.

Zhou Hao's face felt soft and moist. He felt that his mind was blank, and there seemed to be something violently flowing in his body.

Just as he was about to react, he saw Zhao Yuqin had already sat up straight. The expression on her face also returned to normal, and she no longer had that seductive expression from before.

At this time, Yan Tong also came back after going to the toilet. Following that, there was also a waiter who carried the dishes in.

Zhou Hao used the corner of his eye to secretly look at Zhao Yuqin beside him, only to see her sitting there with a dignified and generous manner. This made Zhou Hao think that what happened just now was just an illusion.

At this time, Zhao Yuqin also lightly glanced at him. Her eyes were full of slyness.

Being swept by Zhao Yuqin's gaze, Zhou Hao's heart beat faster. He thought that she really knew how to seduce people.

More than ten dishes were served very quickly. Just as the three of them were about to pick up their chopsticks, the door of the room was pushed open again.

A man in his early thirties, dressed in a proper suit, walked in.

After seeing Zhao Yuqin, his face immediately revealed an excited smile, "Yuqin, why didn't you tell me that you came?"

After this man appeared, Zhao Yuqin's original smile disappeared. A trace of annoyance flashed across her eyes, "I came just because I wanted to. Why should I tell you? I'm not familiar with you. "

"How can you say that? Are these two your friends?" When the man saw Zhou Hao and Yan Tong, he felt a little strange.

Firstly, from Zhou Hao and Yan Tong's age, they should not be Zhao Yuqin's friends.

Second, he saw that Zhou Hao and his mother were dressed in ordinary clothes. They should not have interacted with people like Zhao Yuqin, who had power and money.

Although the man's expression was not obvious, Zhou Hao could clearly see the contempt in his eyes. A trace of anger rose in his heart.

Zhao Yuqin, who was beside him, also noticed Zhou Hao's dissatisfaction. She also did not like this man.

She introduced him to Zhou Hao, "This is the boss of Tianbin Hotel, Fan Lize. " After she finished speaking, she went to Zhou Hao's ear and whispered, "His father is the mayor of Guangzhou. "

Fan Lize saw Zhao Yuqin intimately whispering into Zhou Hao's ear. Even though Zhou Hao was only fourteen years old, he could not help but feel a little jealous.

He heard Zhao Yuqin say to him, "Mr. Fann, I am eating with my friend. If you have nothing else to do, please go out. "

"Yuqin, I have something to talk to you about. " Fan Lize said, "Today is my birthday, so I want to treat you to dinner. "

"Sorry, I am not free tonight. " Zhao Yuqin said indifferently, "Since today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday. "

When Fan Lize left the room dejectedly, Zhou Hao looked at Zhao Yuqin with a smile, "Ms. Zhao, he wants to pursue you, right?"

Zhao Yuqin used her chopsticks to knock on his head not lightly or heavily, "You are just a child. Don't bother about adults. "

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