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C13 She Blushed

After eating in Tianbin Hotel, Zhao Yuqin sent Zhou Hao and Yan Tong home.

Before they left, Zhao Yuqin pinched Zhou Hao's face and said with a smile, "In two days, I will come and play with you. "

Zhao Yuqin looked at Zhou Hao's handsome face that was brimming with heroic spirit. Taking advantage of Yan Tong not noticing, she quickly kissed Zhou Hao on the face. "You are already so handsome now. Won't you be even more handsome in the future?"

After Zhao Yuqin said that, she did not wait for Zhou Hao's reaction and turned back to the car and left.

Zhou Hao looked at the speeding car that was speeding away and touched the place Zhao Yuqin kissed on his face with a confused expression.

In the afternoon, Zhou Hao finished his homework for the weekend very quickly.

In his previous life, he received a scholarship every year during his university life, so the homework for junior high school was not difficult for him at all.

Coincidentally, Wang Xijun came over to find Zhou Hao to accompany her to the bookstore, so Zhou Hao was naturally happy to agree.

It took them fifteen minutes to walk to Xinhua Bookstore. Just as the two of them left the street downstairs, Zhou Hao reached out and held Wang Xijun's slender hand.

Wang Xijun wanted to pull it back, but Zhou Hao held it tightly and said to her at the same time. "No one here knows us, and no one will meddle in other people's business. Don't worry. "

Wang Xijun could not resist Zhou Hao's insistence, so Wang Xijun could only let him do as he pleased.

However, this feeling of ten fingers interlocking was also very charming. Along the way, Wang Xijun's face was very red and very cute.

Zhou Hao looked at her shy and lovely appearance and felt that it was really pleasing to the eye.

When they came to Xinhua Bookstore, Wang Xijun was unwilling to let Zhou Hao hold her hand no matter what. Because this was a place where the teachers and students of the school often visited. It was not good to be seen and affected.

Wang Xijun came here to buy two revision materials for the middle school examination.

Because with Zhou Hao's results, he would definitely be able to enter the middle school of Yining Middle School. Wang Xijun really hoped to be able to study in the same school as Zhou Hao, so she was also very diligent in her studies.

However, Zhou Hao knew that although Wang Xijun was very hardworking in her studies, in the end, she still could not get into Yining Middle School and could only go to City No. 1 High School to study in high school.

In the end, she also did not get into university. After graduating from high school, she married into Hong Kong.

Since Zhou Hao had already been resurrected, he naturally would not let this happen. He wanted to keep Wang Xijun by his side.

Although many years had passed, he could still clearly remember the exam questions of the middle school examination back then.

He also did not know if the teacher who produced the test papers back then was lazy. Many of the questions came from a book called Outline of High School Entrance Examinations.

Thus, he brought Wang Xijun around Xinhua Bookstore. Finally, he found the "Outline of High School Entrance Examination" of five subjects on a bookshelf.

Zhou Hao flipped through it and indeed saw those familiar questions inside. "You can buy these five materials. "

"Are these good?" Wang Xijun also flipped through them and felt that the questions of these five books were not as typical as the questions of other materials.

"Our teacher recommended it. You believe me, I'm definitely right. " Zhou Hao brought Wang Xijun to the counter and took out his money to buy it.

The five 'Outline of High School Entrance Examinations' cost more than forty dollars. Wang Xijun did not bring enough money, and Zhou Hao gave her another twenty dollars. And this way, the two of them didn't have much money left on them.

After they came out of Xinhua Bookstore, the sun had already set, and the sky was dark blue.

The hawkers selling various kinds of snacks also appeared on the side of the road. All kinds of tempting fragrance filled the street, making Zhou Hao and Wang Xijun feel hungry.

Zhou Hao saw Wang Xijun looking at the food with anticipation and looked forward.

Zhou Hao saw a stall that was transformed from a tricycle. A man was making green onion pancakes there. Zhou Hao held Wang Xijun's hand and walked over.

He recognized this scallion pancake. That man came from the north. The pancakes he made were very delicious. He was still there even after Zhou Hao went to university.

"Two pancakes. " Zhou Hao gave the man a dollar.

"Okay, this is the pancake that just came out of the pot. You can eat it while it's hot. " The man also enthusiastically wrapped two pancakes in the newspaper and handed them to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao and Wang Xijun each took one. They only felt that the pancakes were crispy and tender and delicious.

Especially Zhou Hao, he had not eaten them for many years. This time, he tasted it again. It was really a different taste in his heart.

"You are so careless when eating. " Wang Xijun gently pinched the little pancake at the corner of Zhou Hao's mouth.

"Your girlfriend is very gentle. " The man selling pancakes smiled at Zhou Hao and said, "My wife is not so considerate. "

Wang Xijun immediately blushed when she heard the man's words. She could only lower her head and eat her pancakes.

Zhou Hao was also very proud and secretly grabbed Wang Xijun's hand.

At this moment, Zhou Hao saw a few people walking towards him from afar.

The two people in the lead were Situ Jianying and Wen Shaoqiang. Behind them were a few people whose hair was dyed in various colors. One look and one could tell that they were gangsters in society.

These two people had conflicts with him. Situ Jianying had been slapped by him. Wen Shaoqiang had wanted to hit him when he was at the basketball court.

They knew each other? When Zhou Hao saw Situ Jianying and Wen Shaoqiang coming together, he immediately frowned.

However, Zhou Hao thought about it. Wen Shaoqiang's father was the leader of the gangsters, and Situ Jianying's father was the director of the Public Security Bureau. It was not strange that they knew each other.

"Let's go. " Zhou Hao knew that Situ Jianying and Wen Shaoqiang must be looking for trouble with him.

Wang Xijun also saw Situ Jianying and Wen Shaoqiang in the distance, so she nodded and followed Zhou Hao quickly.

Zhou Hao could run, but he could run. Wang Xijun was a little girl, so she could not run very far. In the end, the two of them were still caught by Wen Shaoqiang and the others.

"You brought your little girlfriend out to shop. "

Wen Shaoqiang sneered and said, "When you saw us, why did you leave without even saying hello? You are still a student of Yining Middle School? You are so rude. "

Situ Jianying, who was next to Wen Shaoqiang, also stared at Zhou Hao with hatred. He gritted his teeth and said, "You slapped me last time. I will return it to you today!"

"What do you want?" Zhou Hao asked Wang Xijun to stand behind him.

"Stinking brat!" Wen Shaoqiang said, "Last time at the basketball court, I didn't beat him up. You're not so lucky today. "

He looked at the bustling streets around him. "I don't think you want to be beaten up in public either. Come, let's go over there. "

Thus, they brought Zhou Hao and Wang Xijun into an alley nearby.

"Alright. Today, I will settle the score with you. " Situ Jianying crossed her arms and her face was full of pride.

"You are so bold to even hit Situ Jianying. I have to admire you for this. " Wen Shaoqiang smiled at Zhou Hao.

Indeed, Situ Jianying's father was the director of the Public Security Bureau. Therefore, Wen Shaoqiang was usually very respectful to her.

He often helped her teach those who had offended her a lesson, which indirectly increased her arrogance.

"And that Wang Xijun!"

Situ Jianying saw Wang Xijun and Zhou Hao's hands were still tightly clenched, and the hatred in her heart became even stronger.

"You guys raped Wang Xijun. Let's see if she still dares to pretend to be innocent!"

When Situ Jianying's words came out, Wang Xijun's expression changed drastically. If she was really raped by Wen Shaoqiang and the others, her life would be over.

She was so scared that she trembled and tightly hugged Zhou Hao's arm.

"Alright. " When Wen Shaoqiang saw the beautiful and lovely Wang Xijun, his eyes also released a strong desire.

"She should still be a virgin, right? Then tonight the few of us brothers can have fun. " The few gangsters behind him were also very excited.

Zhou Hao narrowed his eyes. He looked at Situ Jianying and Wen Shaoqiang with eyes full of anger.

Especially Situ Jianying. Wang Xijun did not provoke her at all, but she had bullied Wang Xijun from the beginning to the end. Now, she even wanted people to rape Wang Xijun. This was unforgivable.

"What are you looking at? Do you think you can still save her?" Wen Shaoqiang looked at Zhou Hao angrily.

Zhou Hao gently patted Wang Xijun's hand. "You don't have to be afraid if you stay here. I will protect you. "

"Be careful. If you have the chance, run away. Don't worry about me. " Wang Xijun said.

" You want me to leave you here? Unless I die, I will not do this. " After saying that, Zhou Hao walked straight towards Wen Shaoqiang, leaving an unusually tall figure behind for Wang Xijun.

Wen Shaoqiang saw Zhou Hao walking towards him and sneered, "Do you want to be a hero?"

Zhou Hao did not wait for Wen Shaoqiang to finish speaking, he raised his fist and punched him in the face. Zhou Hao knew that it was useless to reason with these people. The only way was to be fiercer than them and scare them.

Wen Shaoqiang was forced to take a few steps back by Zhou Hao. He raised his hand and touched his face. His face was swollen.

He cursed, "Good, no one dares to hit me like this! All of you, hit him!"

Following his voice, the few punks charged forward aggressively. However, in Zhou Hao's eyes, their movements were no different from a snail. They simply could not touch Zhou Hao.

After Zhou Hao moved his hands and feet a few times, those hoodlums all fell to the ground and could not get up.

Wen Shaoqiang and Situ Jianying both looked at Zhou Hao in shock.

Because these gangsters usually fought fiercely, even a strong man could be knocked down by them. Today, they were so easily beaten up by Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao also looked at his fist in surprise. He didn't know if it was because of the Special Ability on his body. His strength had increased again, and his hands and feet had become much more agile than before.

Zhou Hao didn't think about the reason anymore. In any case, the stronger his Special Ability was, the happier he would be. He raised his head and looked at Wen Shaoqiang and Situ Jianying, then clenched his fists again.

Wen Shaoqiang looked at the furious Zhou Hao and gritted his teeth. Without saying anything, he turned around and ran away.

Wen Shaoqiang ran more than ten meters away and shouted loudly. "Just you wait and see. I will definitely take revenge!" After saying that, he ran out of the alley.

Situ Jianying also wanted to run, but she was caught by Zhou Hao before she could even take two steps.

"What do you want to do?" Situ Jianying was also afraid at this time. "My dad is the police chief. If you hit me, I will let my dad arrest you and send you to jail!"

"You dare to say that your dad is the police chief?"

Zhou Hao was also angry. "Then you instigated Wen Shaoqiang and the others to rape Xijun. You are also breaking the law. You are an evil person. I will rape you first!"

As he spoke, he fiercely grabbed her and pressed her down.

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