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C14 I Got Shot

Situ Jianying did not wear the No. 2 Senior High School uniform today. Instead, she wore a pair of jeans and a yellow sleeveless shirt.

She was over 1. 6 meters tall and was considered very outstanding among her peers. Furthermore, her breasts were bulging.

The people who saw her thought at the same time. Is she really only 14 years old? Her breasts were more than two cups bigger than Wang Xijun's.

Situ Jianying was still unable to react when Zhou Hao attacked her chest. She suddenly screamed.

At the same time, the few gangsters who were knocked down by Zhou Hao got up in a sorry state, and ran out of the alley one after another.

Situ Jianying quickly shouted, "Don't run, save me!"

Zhou Hao looked at the gangsters who were running away and sneered at Situ Jianying, "No one can save you now, right?"

Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure passing by outside the alley. It was Wang Xijun's mother, Lu Shiping.

He turned around and said to Wang Xijun, "Xijun, your mother just passed by outside. You should go home with her first to prevent her from worrying about you. "

"But. " Wang Xijun timidly asked Zhou Hao, "You are not going back with me? Do you really want to. . . "

Zhou Hao was slightly stunned and quickly withdrew the hand that was pressing on Situ Jianying's chest.

"Of course not, but I have to teach her a lesson so that she won't cause trouble for us again. Go quickly. Otherwise, your mother will be gone. "

"Since that's the case, I'll go back first. " Wang Xijun hesitated for a moment and finally agreed. She believed it. Zhou Hao wasn't the type to bully girls.

Situ Jianying saw that Wang Xijun was also about to leave and hurriedly shouted, "Wang Xijun, don't leave me here alone. He will rape me!"

"Don't worry, Zhou Hao will not be that kind of person!" Wang Xijun turned around and said to Situ Jianying before leaving the alley.

She now hated Situ Jianying very much. If Zhou Hao wasn't here today, she would have suffered misfortune, so she also agreed that Zhou Hao would teach her a lesson.

Now, only Zhou Hao and Situ Jianying were left in the silent and dark alley.

Situ Jianying knew that she couldn't outrun Zhou Hao, and Zhou Hao had also forced her into a corner, leaving her with no way to escape.

She looked at Zhou Hao's bright eyes and said with a trembling voice, "Zhou Hao, don't act recklessly. Just now, I said that letting people rape Wang Xijun was a joke. Don't take it seriously. "

She leaned against the wall and used her two hands to protect her chest. "I won't cause trouble for you and Wang Xijun in the future. I swear. "

"Do you think I will believe you?" Zhou Hao approached Situ Jianying.

"I have seen many people like you. If I don't teach you a lesson, you will not be obedient. "

"No. " Situ Jianying did not dare to admit it.

"You are very proud of your figure, right?"

"No. " Actually, she often teased other girls in school. She felt that her figure was the best even in school.

Zhou Hao grabbed the hem of her clothes and fiercely lifted it up.

"Don't be like this, I beg you. " Situ Jianying's tears trickled down. She did not dare to resist Zhou Hao and could only plead with him.

However, the dark surroundings and Situ Jianying's weak appearance gave Zhou Hao an evil desire in his heart. His hands started to move wildly.

"Zhou Hao, please, don't do this to me. " Situ Jianying cried.

In fact, Zhou Hao guessed wrong. Although Situ Jianying had always been overbearing and was with someone like Wen Shaoqiang, she was still a virgin.

Because her family background was very powerful. So she looked down on everyone. She looked down on the other boys, so why would she have sex with them?

She had grown up, and not a single boy had ever held her hand, much less treated her like Zhou Hao.

Suddenly, Zhou Hao had an inexplicable feeling, as if danger was approaching.

He looked out of the alley, let go of Situ Jianying, and pulled her towards the depths of the alley.

Situ Jianying was frightened by Zhou Hao's actions. She thought he was going to pull her into the alley to rape her, and refused to go in.

"I'm not going! Zhou Hao, please, I really won't look for trouble with you!"

"Don't talk, someone's coming. " Zhou Hao covered her mouth, ignored her resistance, and forcefully pulled her to the back of the big garbage bin at the end of the alley, and squatted to hide.

At the same time, a tall man walked in from outside the alley with a red, white, and blue bag in his hand. Besides, this man had blond hair and blue eyes. He was foreigner.

On one side of the alley was an empty residential building that was about to be disassembled. On the other side was the wall of the construction site that had been suspended for a long time. Therefore, there would not be anyone on normal days.

Foreigner stood in front of the tightly shut iron door of the residential building with a bag in hand. He also looked at his watch from time to time, as if he was waiting for someone.

Zhou Hao and Situ Jianying hid behind the trash can. Zhou Hao felt that this foreign man was not a good person.

Situ Jianying, who was beside him, wanted to shout for help when she saw someone coming. However, Zhou Hao covered her mouth tightly and she could not make a sound.

Zhou Hao went close to her ear and whispered a warning, "If you dare to make a sound, I will also take off your pants!"

Situ Jianying was afraid of Zhou Hao's power and could only obey. She obediently squatted beside Zhou Hao. Zhou Hao reached his hand towards Situ Jianying.

Situ Jianying did not dare to make a sound. She looked at Zhou Hao with tearful eyes, and her eyes were filled with pleading.

Zhou Hao did not restrain himself. He even went close to her ear and said, "That foreigner might want to make an illegal deal with someone. You must not make a sound. Otherwise, it is hard to guarantee that he will not kill us to silence us. "

As he spoke, another man walked in. He was a man in his 30s with a Baldy in his hand. He also had a sports bag in his hand.

When he saw foreigner, he smiled and said: "Peter, you are really punctual. "

"People in China like to be late. Do you know how long I have been waiting for you?" foreigner, who was called Peter, said in broken Mandarin. He looked impatient.

The Baldy shrugged. "You brought the money, right?"

Peter snorted and opened the zipper of the red, white, and blue bag. The Baldy looked inside and nodded. He handed the sports bag to Peter.

Peter took the bag and unzipped it. He took out a bag of white powder from the bag.

Zhou Hao and Situ Jianying, who were hiding behind the garbage bin, were stunned. These two were really making an illegal deal. The white powder could also be drugs!

Zhou Hao could not be bothered to violate Situ Jianying anymore. He even pulled down her clothes to cover her chest. His face was solemn because he saw a lump on the Baldy's waist. It was very likely a gun.

At this time, the Baldy said, "This time you want so many goods. I prepared for a long time before gathering them. It's a huge risk. "

"I know that in China, selling more than fifty grams of heroin will result in a shot. "

Peter weighed the bag in his hand. "The greater the risk, the greater the benefit. What I'm most concerned about right now is whether you will use fake goods to trick me. "

"What are you saying? People in China are the most honest. " Baldy said with a smile. However, what he did next shocked Zhou Hao and Situ Jianying.

The Baldy took advantage of Peter looking at the things in his backpack and quickly took out a gun from his waist. It aimed at Peter's stomach and shot twice.

The Baldy's pistol was equipped with a silencer, so Zhou Hao could only hear two soft sounds.

Peter did not even have time to say anything before he softly fell to the ground. The Baldy blew the muzzle of the gun.

"I indeed did not use fake goods to fool you, but this is already meaningless to you. "

"He is too sinister. " Zhou Hao thought to himself.

Situ Jianying, on the other hand, was frightened when she saw the sudden murder. Her legs went weak and she fell to the ground. When she touched the garbage bin in front of her, a noise came from the garbage bin.

"Who is there?" Just as the Baldy was about to pick up Peter's red, white, and blue bag, he heard a sound coming from the other side. He immediately pointed the gun there.

Zhou Hao gave Situ Jianying a fierce look. Situ Jianying also knew that she had caused a huge disaster, so she trembled and did not dare to make a sound.

At this time, the Baldy had already seen Zhou Hao and Situ Jianying hiding behind the rubbish bin. It cursed, "Bastard!"

Zhou Hao saw Baldy's index finger pull the trigger of the gun. It seemed like he had already decided to kill the two of them to silence them. The muzzle of the gun was aimed at Situ Jianying, who was in front of Zhou Hao.

He could see a spark on the muzzle of the gun. Then, the bullet shot out from the muzzle and flew towards Situ Jianying in a straight line.

He could even see the air ripples caused by the rotation of the bullet.

However, even though Zhou Hao could see the bullet, he only had time to turn around and block in front of Situ Jianying.

Then a burning pain came from his shoulder. Zhou Hao knew he had been shot.

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