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C15 People Die of Wealth

Zhou Hao sucked in a breath of cold air because of the pain. He felt that his entire left arm had become numb.

However, he had no time to care about the pain. He turned around to look at the Baldy, and sure enough, he saw that he was about to shoot a second time.

However, how could Zhou Hao allow him to succeed? He kicked the ground with his two feet and pushed his body backwards. He heavily crashed into the Baldy and pressed him against the wall behind him.

"Let go of me!" The Baldy angrily shouted, but Zhou Hao ignored it.

He bent his right arm and used his elbow to hit the Baldy's stomach. He was in great pain. The Baldy squatted down.

Zhou Hao also took the opportunity to turn around and kick the gun in his hand. He kicked the gun away.

"How dare you hit me! I'll beat you to death!" Zhou Hao raised his knee and hit the Baldy's face. The huge force immediately made him dizzy.

Situ Jianying, who was behind, was stunned by this series of events.

After a long while, she realized that she was not dead and remembered that it was Zhou Hao who protected her just now. He had blocked the fatal bullet.

She looked up at Zhou Hao, who was still beating up the Baldy. Sure enough, she saw that there was a wound on his left shoulder blade. Blood was gushing out, dyeing his clothes red.

"How can he help me block the bullets?" Situ Jianying kept repeating this sentence in her mind.

At this time, Zhou Hao turned around to look at Situ Jianying. Seeing her confused look, he shouted loudly, "What are you still standing there for? Quickly give me that gun!"

Situ Jianying immediately came back to her senses and subconsciously obeyed Zhou Hao's words. She quickly picked up the gun that Zhou Hao kicked off and gave it to him.

Situ Jianying looked at the shocking wound on his left shoulder and asked timidly, "Are you alright? Do you feel pain?"

"Cut the crap. " Zhou Hao said in a bad mood. Then he pointed his gun at the Baldy's temple with his right hand and shouted, "Tell me, are you a drug dealer?!"

The Baldy had been beaten black and blue by Zhou Hao at this time. It hated Zhou Hao very much and said vaguely, "You are the drug dealer!"

Zhou Hao kicked him again when he heard that. "Stand up!"

Then, he took the Baldy to the corpse of foreigner, who was called Peter. He looked at the open bag.

There were stacks of cash inside, and it was worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. There were more than a hundred thousand stacks, and it was estimated to be more than a hundred thousand dollars.

This should be the money Peter used to buy drugs.

Seeing the US dollars worth more than a million dollars, a thought suddenly arose in Zhou Hao's heart.

He looked at Peter's corpse and said to the Baldy: "I didn't want to kill you at first. But now, I can only apologize to you. "

The Baldy immediately guessed that Zhou Hao wanted to kill him and accepted the hundred thousand USD. Just as he was about to fight with his life on the line, he suddenly felt an explosion in his head. Then, he lost consciousness and softly fell to the ground.

He looked at the bullet hole on the Baldy's forehead that was continuously bleeding. Zhou Hao was a little stunned. This was the first time he had killed someone, and it was also because of money.

This feeling was very strange. It was both evil and fear. There was also a trace of inexplicable excitement.

However, this Baldy was a drug dealer who killed without batting an eye. Just now, he and Situ Jianying almost died under his gun. Therefore, the guilt in Zhou Hao's heart did not last long.

He threw away the pistol and picked up the bag with the US dollar to look around. Then he walked to the garbage bin and put the bag inside and covered it with garbage.

Situ Jianying saw Zhou Hao's series of actions and guessed that Zhou Hao was going to take the money.

But she did not say anything and did not stop Zhou Hao.

Furthermore, she firmly believed that Zhou Hao would not kill her to silence her. She only thought in her heart, Since he can block bullets for me, he definitely will not hurt me. "

After Zhou Hao finished all of this, he said to Situ Jianying, "You will not tell others, right?"

Situ Jianying nodded very seriously, "I won't tell anyone!"

Zhou Hao looked at Situ Jianying's sincere eyes and nodded slightly.

He originally thought that Situ Jianying would not help him when he had molested Situ Jianying previously. However, his intuition told him that Situ Jianying would not tell anyone else.

After he relaxed, the gunshot wound on his shoulder started to hurt intensely again.

Situ Jianying immediately took out a white handkerchief from her pocket and pressed it on Zhou Hao's wound. She asked softly, "Are you alright?" Her tone was very gentle.

"I won't die. " Zhou Hao gritted his teeth and said, "Quickly go and call your father. Tell him that you have encountered a drug dealer. " He turned around and looked at the Baldy and Peter's corpse.

"Just tell him that the two of them had a dispute because of the transaction. That Peter was killed by the Baldy first, and then the Baldy found us. He wanted to kill us, but I stopped him. I killed him in the fight. "

He emphasized to Situ Jianying, "You must not mention that money. "

Situ Jianying nodded. "I know what to say. But you are injured. I will send you to the hospital first. "

"It's okay. You can go and call your father first. " Zhou Hao waved his hand.

"I'm afraid those drugs weigh about two or three kilograms. It will be very good for your father to solve such a drug deal. Go. "

Seeing Zhou Hao say so, Situ Jianying could only put him down and go outside to make a call.

Zhou Hao leaned against the wall and sat down. At this time, the injury on his back was no longer that painful. He looked at the Baldy and Peter's corpse, but in his heart, he was thinking about how to use the money.

More than 100,000 dollars was equivalent to more than 1 million RMB. At this time, it was a huge sum of money.

Zhou Hao decided to invest all of them into the stock market and make a huge profit before the stock market plummeted in December.

The 8,000 yuan he had invested previously was not true, and his profits were limited.

Now that he had this million yuan, his profits would be much greater.

Smelling the scent of blood that was slowly spreading in the air, Zhou Hao laughed. "People die of wealth. "

Not long after, Zhou Hao heard an ear-piercing alarm outside. Situ Jianying and more than ten policemen in uniforms and plainclothes walked in.

Zhou Hao also noticed that the person beside Situ Jianying was a middle-aged man who was not even forty years old and had a heroic spirit. He must be Situ Jianying's father, and he was also the police chief.

Situ Jianying stopped and ran to Zhou Hao. "Zhou Hao, quick, I asked the ambulance to come too. Let's go to the hospital now. "

Her father, Situ Li, also came over and said to Zhou Hao with gratitude, "Jian Ying has told me everything.

I really have to thank you. If it wasn't for you, Jian Ying would be in danger. Also, you are very brave. Our Public Security Bureau will reward you. " As he spoke, he patted Zhou Hao's shoulder.

After being patted by Situ Li, Zhou Hao's facial features immediately twisted from the pain.

Situ Jianying also glared at Situ Li reproachfully. "Dad, dad, he's injured. How can you pat him like this?" She helped Zhou Hao up.

Situ Li laughed awkwardly. It could be seen that he doted on his daughter very much.

At that moment, the policeman in charge of the inspection shouted at Situ Li, "Bureau Chief, these are all heroin. I'm afraid they weigh more than three kilograms!"

Situ Li was also very excited when he heard that. This was already considered a major drug transaction case. He would be praised by his superiors this time.

So he was even more grateful to Zhou Hao. He quickly got someone to help Zhou Hao to the ambulance outside the alley, and Situ Jianying naturally went with him.

Before he left, Zhou Hao looked at the garbage bin. He only hoped that the police would not check the place.

When he arrived at the military hospital in Xiang City, an old military doctor took out a bullet for Zhou Hao.

At the same time, he said to Zhou Hao, who was lying on the surgical bed, "Your bones are very hard. "

"This bullet is very powerful. Usually, it can penetrate the human body. This time, it is stuck on your shoulder blade. Even your lungs are not injured. You only need to rest for a few days.

Also, how did you train, you're only so young and you have such strong muscles? " The old military doctor looked at Zhou Hao's naked upper body and praised his tough muscles.

Zhou Hao snorted twice as an answer. He knew that his body was getting stronger and stronger.

After bandaging the wound, Zhou Hao was sent to the special care unit.

Situ Li and Situ Jianying were already waiting there. There were also two middle-aged men with their stomachs propped up. It was obvious that they were the leaders of the city.

"These two are the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Xiang City. " Situ Li introduced them to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was slightly shocked. He did not expect them to call the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the mayor over this time. He quickly said, "Hello. "

"You did well this time. You helped our Xiang City break a drug deal. "

The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee said to Zhou Hao, "The city intends to publicize your deeds and build a positive image for the people. "

The mayor also said, "That's right. That Baldy is a drug dealer that has been wanted in the country for a long time. That foreigner belongs to a foreign drug trafficking group. This time, he came to China to buy drugs through the Baldy.

You've really helped us a lot this time. "

"As citizens of Xiang City, we naturally have to protect the peace and stability of Xiang City.

Even if it's the other people of Xiang City, I believe they will do the same thing as me. "

Zhou Hao had dealt with government officials in Yellowstone Group before, so he was very good at chatting with them.

However, in Situ Li and the others' eyes, a fourteen year old young man was so mature. His future achievements would definitely be extraordinary. They all looked at him with appreciation.

Situ Jianying was also very happy to see Zhou Hao being so favoured by Situ Li and the city leaders. She looked at Zhou Hao with praise in her eyes.

"You can rest and recuperate here. The city will be in charge of the medical expenses. You don't have to worry about it. "

Before the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee left, he said, "Also, we have informed your family. "

As soon as he finished speaking, a few figures hurriedly walked in. Those people were Yan Tong, Wang Xijun and Lu Shiping.

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