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C18 Zhou Hao's Super Strong Intuition

Putting aside the internal strife between Zhao Yuqin and Situ Jianying, Zhou Hao stayed in the hospital for three days and immediately applied to leave the hospital.

On one hand, Zhou Hao's recovery ability was really shocking.

On the other hand, the old military doctor who was said to have participated in the self-defense war was very interested in Zhou Hao's health.

Zhou Hao was deeply afraid that he would become an experimental subject of the old military doctor, so after confirming that his body was fine, Zhou Hao was discharged early.

The Xiang City Public Security Bureau really did as Situ Li said, rewarded Zhou Hao with 5,000 Yuan, and also gave Zhou Hao a banner.

Zhou Hao left 1,000 Yuan behind, and he gave the rest of the money to Yan Tong.

At the same time, the shares Zhou Hao had Zhao Yuqin buy increased by more than 30% within two days. The 150 thousand USD that Zhou Hao had invested was now 200,000.

Zhou Hao knew that before mid-December, the shares would continue to rise, and the money he invested would quickly double.

Zhou Hao thought that he must accumulate enough funds as soon as possible.

Because Zhou Hao's biggest goal at the moment was the upcoming financial storm of Asia in 1997. Following Soros and the other speculators, Zhou Hao believed that he would gain a lot.

After being discharged from the hospital, Zhou Hao immediately went back to school, because he really missed Li Ruolan.

"Our hero is back!" Once Zhou Hao entered the classroom, the students all gathered around him. They either greeted Zhou Hao for his injuries, or were curious about Zhou Hao's bravery in fighting drug dealers.

In the past two days, through the news report from Xiang City Television Station and the intentional publicity from Yining Middle School, Zhou Hao's positive image had been widely spread in the school.

The students of the second year class also felt very proud. They often flaunted to the people from other classes, "You know that Zhou Hao who killed the drug dealer, right? That's my classmate, I played very well with Zhou Hao!"

Zhou Hao finally managed to get out of the crowd. When he returned to his seat, Gao Jingyi, who was in front of him, turned around and said to Zhou Hao, "I see that you are so energetic. You should be fine, right?"

Zhou Hao looked at Gao Jingyi's gentle smile and her two shallow dimples. His heart beat a little faster and he also smiled and said, "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern. "

In fact, the most beautiful women in Yining Middle School were Gao Jingyi and Li Ruolan. However, Gao Jingyi's character was relatively cold. Other than Luo Hui who was sitting at the same table as her, she did not have any other good friends.

"My dad praised you a few times. "

Gao Jingyi said. "My dad said that drug dealer is from a drug trafficking group in Yunnan. He was wanted for a long time but was unable to catch him. He did not expect that he would die in your hands in the end. "

"Your dad?"

"My dad went to the hospital to see you the day before yesterday," said Wang Yao. Gao Jingyi curled her lips. She was very dissatisfied with Zhou Hao's ignorance. "My dad is your Mayor Gao. "

"Mayor Gao?" Zhou Hao was really surprised when he heard that. "So Mayor Gao is your dad. "

Gao Jingyi slightly glared at Zhou Hao, as if to say that you only know now.

Zhou Hao thought in his heart, among the girls he knew, other than Wang Xijun, there was no other ordinary family background. The most prominent one was Zhao Yuqin.

Zhao Yuqin's father was a member of the central government, and Zhao Yuqin's brother was the commander of the military. As for Situ Jianying, who used to run amok in the No. 2 Senior High School, her background was the simplest.

Gao Jingyi heard from her father at home that Zhou Hao was fighting with that vicious drug dealer. When Zhou Hao killed that drug dealer in the end, she was still very shocked in her heart.

Because in Gao Jingyi's impression, besides his good grades, Zhou Hao was just a lonely and obscure student. Gao Jingyi did not know why he suddenly became so brave, he even killed people.

Now Gao Jingyi looked at Zhou Hao who was wearing the school uniform. It was hard for her to imagine how Zhou Hao defeated the drug dealer at that time.

"Don't treat me like a panda, okay?" Zhou Hao looked at Gao Jingyi's curious and puzzled eyes. He suddenly felt a little unnatural. "If you look at me like that, others will think that you like me. "

When Gao Jingyi heard Zhou Hao's words, she was very speechless, "Zhou Hao, can you not be so narcissistic?" When Gao Jingyi scolded him, her face was not as cold as before.

At this time, Zhou Hao saw Liu Shichao playing guessing cards with Luo Hui, who was in front of him.

Zhou Hao saw Luo Hui pull out a random card from a stack of poker cards and let Liu Shichao guess. If Liu Shichao guessed correctly, he could hit Luo Hui. On the contrary, Liu Shichao would be hit by Luo Hui.

Luo Hui knocked on Liu Shichao's forehead more than ten times in a row. Finally, Liu Shichao said to Zhou Hao with a bitter face, "Zhou Hao, if you are my brother, you can save me. "

Luo Hui immediately turned to Zhou Hao and said, "Alright. But if you guess that you have lost, you will have to be beaten by Gao Jingyi. "

Zhou Hao heard the sound and looked towards Gao Jingyi. Gao Jingyi immediately clenched her fist, "What are you looking at? Don't expect me to be lenient. "

Zhou Hao could only laugh. "What if I guess correctly? Can I also hit Gao Jingyi?"

Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi looked at each other and Gao Jingyi nodded her head, "Yes. "

So Luo Hui excitedly washed the cards and then took out a card from the middle with her back facing Zhou Hao, "Okay, guess. "

Zhou Hao stared at the back of the card. A subtle feeling suddenly appeared in his heart. Zhou Hao opened his mouth and said, "This is the Plum Blossom 10. "

Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi's expressions changed, while Liu Shichao impatiently grabbed the poker card in Luo Hui's hand and took a look. It was indeed the Plum Blossom 10.

Liu Shichao immediately said excitedly, "Zhou Hao guessed correctly. Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi, you guys lost!"

Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi also did not expect Zhou Hao to guess correctly. Luo Hui shook her head repeatedly, "This round does not count. Let's do it again. " Luo Hui widened her eyes and stared at Zhou Hao, "Another round. Do you dare?"

Zhou Hao shrugged his shoulders. Luo Hui washed the cards again and pulled out another card from the middle, "Alright, guess again. "

Zhou Hao focused again on the back of the poker card. That feeling appeared in his heart again. "Is it the J of Hearts?"

Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi were really stunned this time. Gao Jingyi looked at Zhou Hao in surprise.

"How did you guess?" Luo Hui also turned the poker cards over. Sure enough, it was a black peach J.

Zhou Hao looked at the black peach Jack. He was also very shocked in his heart.

Zhou Hao had previously thought that his intuition was very accurate, but he did not think that it would be this sharp. Zhou Hao thought to himself, "He did not have such a powerful intuition in the past. Could it be that this is also the Special Ability?

Zhou Hao said to Luo Hui and Gao Jingyi, "Let's do it again. I don't know how I guessed it. "

This time Gao Jingyi personally washed the cards. Then she took out a card and said to Zhou Hao, "Guess. "

Zhou Hao looked at the poker card and guessed that it was a Square K in his heart, but Zhou Hao deliberately said, "This card is a Red Peach A. "

Gao Jingyi smiled and turned the card over, "You guessed wrong. "

But that poker card was actually a Square K!

"This is too mysterious. " Zhou Hao shouted in his heart.

However, Zhou Hao did not show any signs of surprise on his face. Instead, he smiled at Gao Jingyi and said: "It seems that what happened just now was a coincidence. "

Gao Jingyi smiled and said, "Since you lost this time, then we are even before. You don't need to hit me, and I don't need to hit you. "

Gao Jingyi didn't wait for Zhou Hao to speak after she finished speaking. She turned around and went to prepare for class.

At this time, Zhou Hao was not in the mood to joke with Gao Jingyi. He secretly thought about this super strong intuition. Was it the Special Ability or not?

In order to test, Zhou Hao borrowed the card from Luo Hui.

After Zhou Hao messed up the card, he focused on the back of the card at the top. He was guessing what card it was, and then he turned it over to look at the front of the card.

In the end, Zhou Hao tried dozens of times, but only three or four times were wrong. Zhou Hao's intuition was more than 90% accurate.

"This is amazing!" Zhou Hao thought.

However, this was also beneficial and harmless to Zhou Hao. At least in the future, he would encounter earthquakes or something like that. He could already sense it beforehand. His life would only have one more layer of protection.

Not long after, the teacher arrived. Zhou Hao also hurriedly put away his poker cards and listened attentively to the lecture.

In the afternoon after school, Li Ruolan found Zhou Hao, "Zhou Hao, during these two days when you are not at school, the school is preparing to let the junior high school also carry out night studies. Do you want to participate?"

Only then did Zhou Hao remember that in his previous life, the school would probably let the middle school take part in night training at this time. At that time, Zhou Hao also participated in the school for the sake of studying.

But now, to Zhou Hao, middle school and even university knowledge were no longer difficult, and late school education was no longer necessary. Zhou Hao did not want to waste his time on studying at night.

Therefore, Zhou Hao said, "Teacher Li, I don't want to take part in this late school. "

"Then I won't force you. " Li Ruolan said, "But I hope you can come back to school tonight. I want to help you with the lessons for the past two days tonight. "

"Are you in the classroom?"

Li Ruolan shook her head. "It will affect other students in the class. Go to the office and look for me. I am on duty there. "

So, Zhou Hao returned to school after dinner at home. Zhou Hao did not go to the classroom. He went straight to the English research room to find Li Ruolan.

It was already seven o'clock in the evening when Zhou Hao arrived.

Some of the other teachers went home, while others went to the class to preside over the night classes. Li Ruolan was the only one sitting in the study room with more than ten desks.

"Teacher Li, have you eaten yet?" Zhou Hao asked as he sat beside Li Ruolan.

"I have already eaten. Thank you for your concern. " Li Ruolan pulled her hair to the side of her hair. Her gentle face was very charming.

"In the past two days, the other teachers have been focusing on revision. Only I, the English subject, have opened a new class. The content isn't much either. "

As Li Ruolan spoke, she took out the textbooks and the notebook she used to prepare for the class and began to tutor Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao and Li Ruolan sat in front of the desk and were very close to each other.

The fragrance of the flower dew on Li Ruolan's body would enter Zhou Hao's nose from time to time, mixed with Li Ruolan's body fragrance. This made him feel relaxed and relaxed.

Zhou Hao did not listen to the contents of Li Ruolan's knowledge at all. His mind was full of Li Ruolan.

At this distance, Zhou Hao could even see the fine fur on Li Ruolan's face and the snow-white skin under her neck.

Li Ruolan did not notice Zhou Hao's little movements at all. She diligently helped Zhou Hao tutor.

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