Supreme Stock God/C2 Zhou Hao returned to the past.
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Supreme Stock God/C2 Zhou Hao returned to the past.
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C2 Zhou Hao returned to the past.

"Get out of my way!"

"Please return the money to me. This is Xiao Hao's tuition this year! Please!"

A fierce quarrel outside woke Zhou Hao up in a daze. What Zhou Hao saw was a slightly moldy ceiling.

Furthermore, this moldy ceiling looked so familiar.

Zhou Hao sat up from the bed immediately and frowned deeply. Wasn't he dead?

Huang Wanke's ferocious face and Zeng Ying's ruthless eyes were still vivid in Zhou Hao's mind. A deep-rooted hatred and resentment also emerged in his heart.

Zhou Hao looked around and found that he was in a small room that was not even ten square meters.

There were some miscellaneous items on the other side of the room, and a simple wooden bed and an old desk on this side. A row of textbooks and reference books were arranged neatly on the desk.

"Isn't this my room?" Looking at the familiar yet strange scene around him, Zhou Hao felt dizzy.

At this moment, Zhou Hao saw the calendar on the wall.

"Today is October 9th, 1996?" The date on the calendar made Zhou Hao jump up. "How is this possible? Could it be that I have been reborn?"

Zhou Hao pinched his face hard. He felt a burst of pain before he confirmed that it was not a dream.

After Zhou Hao slowly calmed down, he became more and more excited.

Zhou Hao studied in the Economic Management Department at the university, he had analyzed the financial markets in China and around the world. The theme of his graduation project was "The trend and cause of the financial markets in China and the world in the past 15 years. "

Therefore, he was very familiar with the trend of the financial markets in China and the world in the past 15 years.

When Zhou Hao was doing deep research on those stocks whose prices were full of ups and downs at his graduation design, he often thought that if he could return to the past to invest in these shares, it would be very easy for him to become a billionaire. Zhou Hao did not expect that this matter would really come true now!

Moreover, 1996 is a year of significance in the short six years of the development of the emerging securities market in China.

This year, inflation disappeared and the interest rate of banks decreased. Since March, the stock market had risen by a large margin. All year, there was a trend of unilateral growth.

Until the crazy increase at the end of the year, even the management's "12 gold medals" were unable to stop the stock market from surging.

Only when the People's Daily's special commentator article appeared did the stock market stop. The large stock market had two consecutive breakdowns, and investors regained their rationality.

As long as he had capital, Zhou Hao had absolute confidence in accumulating his first bucket of gold in this year.

"Huang Wanke, Zeng Ying, just you wait! I will find you!" When Zhou Hao thought of Huang Wanke and Zeng Ying, he gritted his teeth showing an argry expression.

Zhou Hao knew that Yellowstone Group had become a big real estate company in 1996. He needed to accumulate enough strength to deal with Huang Wanke.

And in 1996, Zhou Hao should still be in his second year of junior high school. Thinking of this, Zhou Hao got off the bed and went to the desk. He saw a textbook for the first semester of junior high school on the desk, which confirmed his thoughts.

At this moment, the sound of breaking glass came from outside, accompanied by a mournful cry, "Don't take this money away! I'm begging you. It is Xiao Hao's tuition!"

Then there was a rough male voice. "Don't stop me from getting rich! When I win the money back, this tuition fee is nothing! "

When Zhou Hao heard these two voices, his entire body trembled, because these voices were too familiar but also too unfamiliar to him. Those were his parents!

Zhou Hao's mother, Yan Tong, was a sorrowful woman. When she was young, she was deceived by Zhou Hao's father, Zhou Liren. and was even pregnant with his child. Yan Tong could only marry Zhou Hao's father as a matter of course.

However, Zhou Hao's father was a gambling addict. At first, he could barely support his family by doing some small business.

Later on, all the money of the family was lost by Zhou Hao's father. He kept asking Zhou Hao's mother for money, but Zhou Hao's mother did not agree, thereupon he beat up her.

Zhou Hao's father never did his duty as a father to Zhou Hao. He did not care about Zhou Hao's life or his studies.

Zhou Hao's mother worked as a sanitation worker on the street during the day and washed dishes in a big restaurant at night. Only then did she manage to maintain her family's livelihood. Years of hardwork made Zhou Hao's mother have a head full of white hair before she was forty.

The reason Zhou Hao was able to become an adult was all because of Zhou Hao's mother, Yan Tong.

Therefore, Zhou Hao had always worked very hard to study. He swore that if accomplish something by learning in the future, he would be filial to his mother.

However, when Zhou Hao was in his second year of university, his mother died of liver cancer due to overwork.

When Zhou Hao wanted to do his filial duty to her mother, his mother passed away. This was the most painful thing in his life.

When Zhou Hao thought of his mother's kind and hardworking face, he felt a deep sorrow.

Zhou Hao hurriedly opened the door and rushed into the hall. He saw that the hall was filled with fragments of teacups and teapots, and his mother was kneeling on the floor next to the dining table. His mother was sobbing, but Zhou Hao's father, Zhou Liren, was nowhere to be seen.

"Mom!" When Zhou Hao saw his mother's face, which he had not seen for a long time, he was finally sure that he had been reborn. Zhou Hao's hot tears flowed out along with his affectionate call.

Seeing Zhou Hao appear beside her, Yan Tong hurriedly raised her hand to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes. She forced a smile and said, "Xiao Hao, why did you come out? You have a cold, so you need to rest more. "

"Mom!" Zhou Hao could not hold it in anymore. He held Yan Tong tightly in his arms.

Now, Zhou Hao, who was fourteen years old, was already more than 1. 6 meters tall. He was even taller than Yan Tong. But to Zhou Hao, it had been a long time since he felt his mother's embrace.

Looking at her son who was crying, Yan Tong remembered that she could not give her son a good life, and her husband did not fulfilled her expectations. At the thought of this, Yan Tong's heart was filled with sorrow for a moment.

However, Yan Tong still acted very strong in front of her son. She gently stroked her son's back and said gently: "It's fine. Stop cry my Xiao Hao. Did someone bully you? Tell Mom. "

Zhou Hao shook his head and saw the bruise on the left corner of Yan Tong's eye. " Mom, did Zhou Liren hit you again? "

"No, Mom accidentally hit my head. " Yan Tong still wanted to maintain Zhou Liren's image as a father in front of her son.

However, Yan Tong saw Zhou Hao gritting his teeth. His eyes were full of hatred. "Mom, Zhou Liren is not worthy to be your husband, and he is not worthy to be my father. Mom, why don't you divorce him? Otherwise, he will keep asking you for money and hit you.

" How can you say that about him? He is your father after all. " Yan Tong showed a reproachful look to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao sighed in his heart. Although Zhou Liren was not a good man, his wife was a very traditional woman. She had always been sticking to those bondages toward women by traditional Chinese values. Until the time she died of illness, she still maintained Mrs Zhou's identity.

Zhou Hao also knew that he could not convince his mother at the moment, so he could only give up temporarily.

Zhou Hao remembered that he was reborn, which meant that he had a second life. He said firmly to Yan Tong, "Mom, don't worry. I won't let you suffer anymore. I will let you live a good life!"

Yan Tong did not know the reason and only thought that Zhou Hao was comforting her. She was also very touched in her heart.

After that, they two cleaned up the mess in the hall together. Yan Tong said: "By the way, Zhou Liren took away your tuition and our family did not have any money. What should we do? "

When Zhou Hao heard this, he was also very distressed. This was indeed a problem.

Furthermore, although Zhou Hao knew the trend of the stock market in the future, if he wanted to invest, he still needed capital. Currently, the situation in the family could only barely maintain the life of Zhou Hao and his mother this month.

"If we can't find other solutions, let's borrow from eldest uncle. " Zhou Hao said in a deep voice.

Hearing Zhou Hao's words, Yan Tong revealed a troubled expression.

Zhou Hao also knew what his mother was anxious about. Eldest Uncle was in the hardware business, and he already had a few million worth of assets. He was one of the richest men in Zhou Hao's village.

However, eldest uncle's family was very snobbish. They had always looked down on Zhou Hao's family. Therefore, after Zhou Hao graduated and became independent, he never went to his eldest uncle's family.

"Besides, we haven't paid off the money we borrowed earlier. " Yan Tong sighed.

Zhou Hao said, "Mom, I will go with you this time. Furthermore, this is the last time we borrow money from eldest uncle. "

Yan Tong looked at Zhou Hao's determined expression, but she sighed in her heart. It did not matter that she was looked down upon by others, but she did not want her son to be looked down upon by others.

Suddenly, Yan Tong noticed that Zhou Hao was different from before. "Xiao Hao, why does I feel that you have changed?"

Zhou Hao was shocked when he heard that. "Where did I change?"

"You have become mature. " Yan Tong smiled. The wrinkles that were squeezed out from her heavy life also relaxed.

"No matter how much I change, I am still your son. " Zhou Hao said with a smile.

After that, Yan Tong went to prepare dinner, while Zhou Hao went to the balcony and looked at the bustling streets below.

This was a city called Xiang City in Guangdong. It was adjacent to the capital of Guangdong, Guangzhou, but it was not as prosperous as Guangzhou.

Zhou Hao had only gone to Shanghai when he went to college. He worked there and ended his young life there.

Zhou Hao's family originally lived in Zhou Village. In order to let Zhou Hao study in a better school, Yan Tong had to put in a lot of effort to move to this 30-square-meter apartment in the city.

Zhou Hao looked at the bustling streets below and immersed himself in his memory. Zhou Hao knew that Xiang City would develop very quickly in the next few years. He also knew the direction of Xiang City's development.

Perhaps, Zhou Hao could use this opportunity to accumulate his capital.

While Zhou Hao was still immersed in his development plan, someone knocked on the door next to him. Zhou Hao was slightly shocked, then he opened the door. At the same time, he thought, "Who could it be?"

Then, Zhou Hao saw a beautiful girl with short hair standing at the door. She wore a white t-shirt and yellow shorts.

This girl was also fourteen or fifteen years old, just like Zhou Hao. She was very cute, her big eyes like gems. However, her face was still very young.

Looking at this girl, Zhou Hao was stunned and couldn't say a word.

"Zhou Hao, what happened to you? You look weird. " The girl's voice was very pleasant to the ears. It was clear and crisp like a jade bead falling onto a plate.

It wasn't that Zhou Hao didn't know this girl. On the contrary, her position in Zhou Hao's heart was too important.

Her name was Wang Xijun. She lived opposite of Zhou Hao with her mother and brother. She grew up with Zhou Hao and could be considered childhood sweethearts. But now in 1996, Wang Xijun had yet to reveal her beauty.

But Zhou Hao knew that after she grew up, Wang Xijun was so beautiful that it could take one's heart and soul. Even Zeng Ying was not as beautiful as her.

However, when Wang Xijun was nineteen, she married into Hong Kong.

The night before Wang Xijun left, she had come to find Zhou Hao. She said sadly that she actually liked Zhou Hao.

But because Zhou Hao had a heavy life pressure, and he had to take into account his studies, he did not say anything to Wang Xijun.

It was only when Wang Xijun told him what was on her mind that Zhou Hao was enveloped in great sorrow. However, it was already too late by then.

So many years later, Zhou Hao was still filled with regret. He hated why he did not pay much attention to Wang Xijun back then. If that was the case, he would have a different ending in the future.

Now that Zhou Hao saw Wang Xijun's still young and inexperienced face, he was very excited. He tried hard not to show it on his face. Instead, he asked with a smile, "Why are you here?"

"I just heard that your home was very noisy. " Wang Xijun said, "Are you alright?"

Zhou Hao shook his head. He could feel Wang Xijun's concern for him and could not help but touch Wang Xijun's round face. "Thank you for your concern. "

Zhou Hao's sudden action made Wang Xijun at a loss. Her face was also red and stammered, "'re welcome"

Wang Xijun said and turned around, running towards her home in a panic.

Zhou Hao affectionately looked at Wang Xijun's back and said in his heart, "This time, I will not let you go again. "

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