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C20 The legendary martial arts experts

When Gao Jingyi told Li Ruolan about this, Li Ruolan suddenly realized and asked if Gao Jingyi was alright.

As a woman, she naturally knew how much damage it would cause to a girl.

"Thank you, Zhou Hao, otherwise, I would not be able to continue living in the future." Gao Jingyi looked at Zhou Hao with grateful eyes.

Indeed, if the two of them had really succeeded, she would definitely not have tried to steal a life afterwards.

Li Ruolan looked at Zhou Hao with a little admiration, "I didn't expect you to be a hero again."

In less than a week, Zhou Hao had first killed the ferocious drug dealer, and then rescued Gao Jingyi today.

Li Ruolan felt that although Zhou Hao was still a junior high student, his bravery was something many adults couldn't compare to.

Immediately after, Li Ruolan informed the Principal and also called her father.

Very quickly, the Principal and Gao Jingyi's father, Gao Houlu, had arrived one after another.

Seeing Gao Jingyi, Gao Houlu ran over and hugged her, his face had a look of being terrified, "My good daughter, are you alright?

Gao Jingyi, on the other hand, was very calm. She had not cried since she left the gymnasium, and of all the people present, she was probably the only one Zhou Hao had seen crying.

"President Jane, how does your school's security work work!" Seeing that his own daughter was alright, Gao Houlu immediately vented his anger on the principal of the Yining Middle School.

"There are so many female students in the school, yet you want to let those perverted thugs casually walk around the campus?"

Facing the mayor's power and influence, the principal would only get scolded, not daring to talk back. He could only make sure that nothing like this would happen in the future.

"Those two fellows have to be dealt with seriously. Also, the engineering team responsible for the construction of the school has to be replaced!" Gao Houlu said in a heavy voice.

His family only had Gao Jingyi, who was the only daughter of theirs. They doted on Gao Jingyi very much, and Gao Jingyi had learned well from books, so Gao Houlu had planned to send her out of the country for further education in the future.

If Gao Jingyi was truly destroyed, then their family would collapse.

He turned his head to look at Zhou Hao, and a grateful and intimate smile appeared on his face, "Comrade Little Zhou, this time it's all thanks to you, I really don't know how to thank you."

He was much more sincere than when he visited Zhou Hao in the hospital. After all, Zhou Hao had saved his precious daughter this time around.

"Xiao Hao, where are those two suspects?" Situ Li asked at this time.

"It's in the gym. It's been turned around and buried." Zhou Hao laughed.

Situ Li patted Zhou Hao's shoulder, "I didn't expect you to make such a big contribution a few days ago. You saved Mayor Gao's daughter today too, you really are a young hero."

Everyone praised Zhou Hao, especially Principal Jane. If anything happened to Gao Jingyi, as the Principal, he would be the end.

At this time, he heard Gao Houlu say to Principal Jane: "Don't spread tonight's matter to prevent the students from panicking, but in the future, you must ensure the school's safety."

"Definitely." Principal Jane hurriedly said.

Zhou Hao knew that Gao Houlu did not want this matter to be made known, because he did not want Gao Jingyi to be affected.

After that, the two unconscious workers were taken away by the police.

And Gao Jingyi had also been sent to the hospital by Gao Houlu. After all, she had suffered a large shock, and before she left, Gao Houlu thanked Zhou Hao profusely once again.

"Mayor Gao thinks very highly of you." Situ Li smiled at Zhou Hao.

"Jianyin has been talking about you for the past two days. If you have time, come over to my house for a meal. My wife also wants to see you so that she can thank you in person."

"I will take care of Uncle Situ, but I'm afraid I will disturb Uncle and Auntie." Zhou Hao replied.

"Kid, just say some polite words." Situ Li laughed and scolded him, "Remember, before you come here, give me a call, so we can prepare at home."

After Situ Li left, Zhou Hao also said to Li Ruolan and Principal Jian: "Teacher Li, Principal Jian, I'm going home too."

Principal Jian nodded his head and said to Zhou Hao: ", you have done well this time. You have protected's safety.

"But you heard what Mayor Gao said. Don't tell anyone else about this."

At this time, Li Ruolan also said: "I forgot to tell you, this Saturday, we are going to Ning Shan for a camping trip."

"I know." Zhou Hao bade farewell to Li Ruolan and left the office.

Walking out of the school gate, a gust of night wind blew past, causing Zhou Hao's spirit to rise.

Thinking back to what happened just now, Gao Jingyi was in quite a bit of danger today. If she hadn't left the hospital early, come to school for supplementary lessons at night, and accidentally walked past the gym, Gao Jingyi's fate would have been hard to predict.

Zhou Hao was even thinking if the Gao Jingyi in his past life had really been spoiled by those two workers in junior high school. This was probably the reason why she did not have a boyfriend since then.

Everything was thanks to his own intuition, Zhou Hao thought. However, other than prediction of danger, was there any other use of his intuition?

At this moment, he happened to pass by a small shop selling lottery tickets. He suddenly had an idea, "Why don't we try buying a ticket?"

He turned around and walked towards the shop as soon as he thought of what he had done.

Zhou Hao chose the method of choosing his own number. After thinking for a while, he decided to choose six numbers and a special number.

Zhou Hao only bought one. Since he was just trying to buy one, he naturally wouldn't spend too much money.

Seeing how Zhou Hao was learning to buy lottery tickets at such a young age, the lady boss of the small shop earnestly tried to persuade him.

Zhou Hao only returned a smile as he looked at the notice board in front of the shop at the same time.

After putting the lottery ticket into his bag, Zhou Hao continued to walk in the direction of his house.

However, just as he took two steps forward, Zhou Hao felt as if he was being watched by a cold stare.

After the events of the past few days, he already knew the sharpness of his intuition, so there must be someone nearby who was looking at him, or even following him.

Zhou Hao's heart trembled. He did not recklessly look around and instead, continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

However, he was not heading home because he could not bring danger home.

He sped up and finally turned into a nearby park.

Due to the late hour, there were no more tourists in the small park. Under the dim light of the street lamps, the park looked very eerie and scary.

Not long after Zhou Hao entered the Little Park, a tall man walked in.

He was dressed in a dark blue sports attire, with a head full of duckbill hair. In his hand was a newspaper about the Xiang City, which was reporting about Zhou Hao's bravely fighting against the drug dealers.

After entering the small park, the man realised that Zhou Hao had disappeared without a trace, and anxiously looked around.

"Who are you? Why are you following me?" Zhou Hao's voice suddenly came from behind.

The man immediately turned around, and saw Zhou Hao standing there, staring coldly at him.

When Zhou Hao saw that the newspaper in his hand had something related to him, he sneered: "I think you didn't come to me for an autograph, right?"

"Humph!" The man threw the newspaper on the floor. "You killed the drug dealer."

"That's right, so what?"

"Well?" The man chuckled. "That's my younger brother."

Zhou Hao was shocked upon hearing this, this man had come for revenge.

Furthermore, Zhou Hao had heard from Zhao Yuqin that the drug dealer that he killed was from a drug dealer in Yunnan province. This man had a thick accent when he spoke, so he must be from a drug dealer in Yunnan.

Immediately, Zhou Hao became vigilant. If this man was also a drug dealer, it was very likely that he also had a gun on him.

"Originally, I didn't really like this little brother of mine either. It doesn't matter if you kill him."

The man continued, "But you caused us to lose more than a million yuan worth of white powder. And Peter used to trade with my brother in cash, but the police only mentioned the white powder, not the money."

He stared fixedly at Zhou Hao, "Did you take all of that money!"

"I don't know what money you're talking about." Zhou Hao denied it flatly, "I didn't see that foreigner carrying the money that day."

The man reached his hand to his waist, "Be good and hand over the money. I'll forgive you for being a child who doesn't know anything. Otherwise, I'll destroy you!"

Zhou Hao didn't know who this man was, but he was well aware that he absolutely could not believe the words of the drug dealer.

Without waiting for the man to pull out the gun, Zhou Hao rushed forward and kicked the man's hand, sending him flying with the gun in his hand.

"This little guy's kung fu is pretty good." The man was startled, and stopped picking up the spear, raising his hand and striking towards Zhou Hao's chest.

The man's movements were extremely fast, and even if Zhou Hao could see clearly, he could not help but be shocked by this lightning fast strike. With no time to dodge, Zhou Hao could only raise his hands in front of his chest to block the incoming attack.

With a "bang" sound, Zhou Hao was knocked back several steps by the man's palm. He looked at the man and was shocked. "This guy has such great strength."

The man was also very surprised. He looked at his palm in confusion and said to himself, "This brat actually didn't fall down?"

He frowned, then took two steps forward and split his fists up and down as he attacked Zhou Hao from two directions.

The numbing sensation on Zhou Hao's arms had not yet subsided, when he saw the man attacking him, he hurriedly squatted down. The man's fist landed on a tree that was thick as a bowl behind Zhou Hao.

With a "Pipa" sound, the tree snapped and fell, causing Zhou Hao to be extremely shocked.

He subconsciously touched his own neck, thinking that this man could actually break a tree with his bare hands, could it be the legendary Martial Arts Master?

Zhou Hao immediately did not care about his manners, he rolled over and hid to the side, picking up the gun quickly.

Without hesitation, Zhou Hao aimed and shot twice at the man, because the man was too dangerous to him!

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