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C3 Make the Same Mistake

The next day was Sunday. Zhou Hao and Yan Tong went to Big Uncle Zhou Lichang's house together.

Zhou Lichang built a three-story high villa in Zhou Village. Most of the people in Zhou Village lived in tile houses. His house was very conspicuous in Zhou Village.

Zhou Lichang lived with his wife, Xu Yongwei, and a pair of children. Beside the house was a black "Guangzhou's Toyoda. " When the villagers passed by, they could not help but look at it.

Before coming here, Yan Tong even specially spent more than 50 RMB to buy a basket of fruits.

"It's you guys. Why did you suddenly remember to come and visit us?" When Xu Yongwei opened the door and saw the mother and son, her eyes revealed a very obvious disdain.

She did not hide anything at all, making Yan Tong who was already somewhat restrained in front of the door feel even more embarrassed.

Because Xu Yongwei's skin was well-maintained and did not have to worry about food and clothing, Xu Yongwei, who was slightly older than Yan Tong, looked to be more than ten years younger than Yan Tong.

After many years, seeing Xu Yongwei's snobbish face again, Zhou Hao laughed in his heart, "She really did not change at all!"

"Hello sister-in-law. " Yan Tong smiled at Xu Yongwei, "Is Zhihao and Xin alright?"

She was talking about Xu Yongwei's son and daughter, Zhou Zhihao and Zhou Xinxin. They were younger than Zhou Hao by a few years and were still in primary school.

"They are fine. You are really thoughtful. Come in and have a seat. " Xu Yongwei impatiently invited Zhou Hao and Yan Tong into the house.

Compared to the place where Zhou Hao and his mother lived, Zhou Lichang's house was very luxurious. There was a leather sofa and a big TV set.

Yan Tong was very nervous when she entered the house. She was afraid that she would dirty the house. She didn't even know where to put her hands.

When they entered the spacious hall, Zhou Hao saw his cousin Zhou Zhihao playing games in high spirits. His cousin Zhou Xinxin was playing her Kitty doll on the sofa.

When the two siblings saw Zhou Hao and Yan Tong enter, they did not have any intention of paying attention to them. They did not even look at Zhou Hao and Yan Tong.

Zhou Hao looked at the insufferably arrogant siblings and sneered in his heart. These two weren't good people since they were young. When they grew up, they became even more fierce.

Zhou Zhihao learned to gamble before graduating from high school. Zhou Xinxin was not any better than him. After she grew up, she was sent to America by Zhou Lichang. He heard that she had contracted AIDS due to excessive sex there.

"Take a seat. " Xu Yongwei let Zhou Hao and Yan Tong sit in the dining hall over there, but she did not have the slightest intention of reprimanding her children for their rudeness.

Zhou Hao thought that the reason why Zhou Zhihao and Zhou Xinxin were willing to degenerate in the future was all because of Xu Yongwei's indulgence.

Yan Tong quickly passed the basket of fruits to Xu Yongwei, "Sister-in-law, where is Big Brother? Is he not home?"

Xu Yongwei took the fruit and casually put it aside, "He went out to drink with a friend last night and is still sleeping upstairs. "

She glanced at Yan Tong and Zhou Hao indifferently. Then she coldly smiled and said, "Don't tell me you are here to borrow money again?"

Yan Tong heard this and immediately revealed an embarrassed expression and said, "Sister-in-law, can you help us? Liren took the money away again. Now I don't even have Xiao Hao's tuition fees. "

" Ah Tong, it's not that I don't want to lend it to you. The money you borrowed from my family last time has not been paid off yet. "

She looked at Zhou Hao and said with a gloating smile, "Xiao Hao, your father is useless. You must study hard. Don't make the same mistake again. Look, your mom is so worried about you. "

"Auntie, I will. " Seeing Xu Yongwei's mocking eyes, Zhou Hao really wanted to get up and give her a slap.

But he knew now was not the time to be impulsive, so he firmly suppressed the anger in his heart.

At this moment, Zhou Zhihao turned around and shouted at Zhou Hao, "Hao, come and play games with me. This game is very fun. "

He looked at Zhou Hao as if he was saying, "You must have never played games before. "

"No, don't let him dirty our sofa. " Zhou Xinxin, who was beside him, said with disgust, "Mommy, when will they leave? Look, the whole room stinks when they come in. "

"How can you talk to them like that?" Xu Yongwei scolded her, but there was no reproach in her eyes.

Zhou Hao clenched his fists on his legs and trembled slightly. The memories of his previous life surged into his mind again.

At that time, Yan Tong had contracted liver cancer and needed to be hospitalized for treatment. However, because Zhou Hao was in university, his family did not have much money left. Helpless, Zhou Hao could only borrow money from Zhou Lichang.

However, Zhou Hao did not expect Zhou Lichang, who had tens of millions of family fortune at that time, to reject him very straightforwardly.

Xu Yongwei, who was present, said in a numb and heartless manner, "Your mother has terminal cancer. No matter how much money you spend, it will be in vain. You'd better prepare for the funeral as soon as possible. "

Zhou Hao would never forget the humiliation that Zhou Lichang and his family had inflicted on Zhou Hao at the moment of his death.

At this time, Yan Tong, who was sitting beside Zhou Hao, stretched out her hand and grabbed Zhou Hao's tightly clenched fist. She hinted to him not to be impulsive.

At the same time, Yan Tong pleaded to Xu Yongwei, "Sister-in-law, please help us. Xiao Hao's tuition fees cannot be delayed. We will definitely return the money to you as soon as possible. "

"Alright. After all, we are relatives. " Xu Yongwei curled her lips and said, "How much do you want to borrow?"

"Ten thousand. " Zhou Hao said.

Xu Yongwei widened her eyes and looked at Zhou Hao. "Ten thousand? Why are you borrowing so much money? Can you pay me back?"

Yan Tong also looked at Zhou Hao in surprise. She originally only wanted to borrow a thousand.

Zhou Hao raised his head and said to Xu Yongwei, "We want to do some small business. Auntie, don't worry. This is the last time we borrow money from you. We will definitely pay it back as soon as possible. "

Under Yan Tong's pleading gaze, Xu Yongwei thought for a while and said, "Alright. To avoid others saying that Old Zhou did not care about the life and death of his younger brother's family.

"But Ah Tong, I will tell you in advance, you must pay off this money as soon as possible. Otherwise, even if we are relatives, we will not give you any face. It is not easy for our Old Zhou to earn money. "

After that, Xu Yongwei took out a stack of brand new hundred yuan notes from the room and handed it to Yan Tong.

However, Zhou Hao saw the look in Xu Yongwei's eyes. She was clearly giving charity to a beggar.

"You guys wait and see. One day, I will return your 'great kindness'!"

After walking out of Zhou Lichang's house, Zhou Hao looked at the luxurious villa and secretly made an oath.

On the way back, Yan Tong asked Zhou Hao, "Xiao Hao, why did you borrow so much money from sister-in-law? When did we decide to do a small business?"

Zhou Hao smiled lightly, "Mom, I'm not going to do a small business. After paying the tuition, I plan to use the rest of the money to do stock trading. "

"Buying and selling stocks?" Yan Tong was very surprised. At this time in 1998, the trading of stocks had slowly risen among the ordinary people.

However, for Yan Tong, who could barely maintain her life, she did not have any spare money to invest in the stock market.

Moreover, even if Yan Tong did not know about stocks, she knew that it was risky to invest in stocks. There were also rumors in society that some people went bankrupt because of the stock market, and some even commit suicide because of it.

"That's right. " Zhou Hao smiled and said, "Didn't a securities company just open up on the other side of the banks nearby? We can open an account there and invest the money into a few shares with potential. "

Yan Tong did not agree with Zhou Hao's words. She reproached him, "What does a child like you know about stocks? Let's return the remaining money. Otherwise, your father will use the money to gamble again. "

Zhou Hao sighed slightly. He was only fourteen years old and did not have an ID card, so he could not open an account to buy and sell stocks. The trading of stocks had to be done by Yan Tong.

Therefore, Zhou Hao had to convince Yan Tong. He pointed at the noisy market across the street and the place filled with garbage not far away.

"Mom, that market is going to be demolished soon. In the future, there will be a large supermarket there. And there will also be a 5-star hotel built in the open space there.

Mom, the development of Xiang City is getting faster and faster. We must seize the opportunity to improve our lives. "

He looked deeply at Yan Tong," Mom, I don't want you to clean the streets and wash dishes behind the food stall all night. I want you to live in the villa. I want you to drive a famous car! "

Zhou Hao's excitement and anticipation more or less infected Yan Tong, making her fall into her fantasy of the future.

However, to her, the risk of trading stocks was too high. It was not much better than Zhou Liren gambling with money.

Zhou Hao saw Yan Tong's deeply worried expression. He asked her, "Mom, do you believe me?"

"Of course, Mom believes in Xiao Hao, but. . . "

Zhou Hao smiled and interrupted Yan Tong, "Then you can leave it to me without worry. Instead of keeping the ten thousand yuan, you might as well use it to invest.

I have already analyzed a few shares. I believe that within a short period of time, those few shares will have an obvious increase. Let's go to the newly opened securities company next week and open an account. "

In fact, the current Zhou Hao was only a 14 year old young man. It was not convincing when he said he wanted to buy shares.

However, Yan Tong did not know why, but she felt that Zhou Hao's words would definitely come true. Vaguely, she felt that her son was no longer the ignorant youth from before.

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