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C5 First Love

Zhou Hao's heart was filled with emotion when he saw the thick and grand entrance of Yining Middle School and the students who entered one after another. How long had it been since he came back?

He took a deep breath, pulled his bag, and stepped into the school.

The scenery in Yining Middle School was no different from what Zhou Hao remembered.

On both sides of the school road were rows of lush banyan trees. The school building with a simple style was glittering under the sunlight.

The new stadium in the distance was still under construction. The only thing visible was a bamboo raft and a web of cloth.

He followed the path in his memory and arrived at Class 2 of Elementary School. He saw that many students had already gathered in the classroom.

Looking at the familiar faces that had now become unfamiliar once again appearing in front of him, an indescribable feeling arose in Zhou Hao's heart.

Raising his head to look at the signboard of "Second Year Class One," Zhou Hao stepped into the classroom.

"Morning, Zhou Hao. " A boy with short hair and a slightly fat figure smiled brightly at Zhou Hao.

When he saw this chubby boy, memories of his past life flooded into his mind once again.

This boy was called Liu Shichao, Zhou Hao's deskmate, and Zhou Hao's best classmate and friend when he was in middle school.

After graduation, Liu Shichao went to Beijing, and only occasionally contacted Zhou Hao.

Now that Zhou Hao saw his good friend from many years ago, he was a little excited, but he could not show it. He could only smile and say to him, "Good morning. "

"Where did you go yesterday? I went to your house to look for you, but there was no one there. " Liu Shichao asked as he copied Zhou Hao's homework.

He remembered that he went to Zhou Lichang's house to borrow money yesterday, and he was laughed at by Xu Yongwei. Zhou Hao was annoyed and angry again. He swore that he would "repay" their family well in the future.

At the same time, he said to Liu Shichao, "No, I went to work with my mother yesterday. "

Liu Shichao buried his head in his homework and said, "But I saw that the girl opposite your house was also waiting for you to come back. "

Speaking up to this point, he suddenly raised his head. His eyes narrowed to a slit. "Zhou Hao, tell me the truth. Who is that girl? She is very beautiful, much more beautiful than the girls in our class. "

As soon as he finished speaking, the girl with freckles in front of him suddenly turned around and glared at him angrily. "So what if we are not beautiful? We will not fancy a damn fatty like you!"

"Why did you give me this nickname? This is very unlucky. " Liu Shichao protested angrily.

"That's how I call you. What can you do to me?" Not only was this girl not afraid of Liu Shichao, she even held her head high and puffed out her chest, as if she wanted to fight Liu Shichao.

Liu Shichao really did not dare to do anything to her. After all, it was common for boys to fight.

But if he hit a girl, he would be looked down upon. Besides, he didn't have any intention of getting serious with her.

Zhou Hao looked at them from the side and couldn't help but laugh in his heart.

This girl's name was Luo Hui. She didn't get along with Liu Shichao during middle school. They often quarreled over small matters.

However, they got married so quickly after graduating from university, which surprised everyone.

When he was Liu Shichao's best man, he said to Zhou Hao with a bitter face, "When I saw her in middle school, I knew that my life was destined to be ruined by her hands. "

At this time, the girl sitting next to Luo Hui slightly pulled her hand and said softly, "Stop messing around, it's time for class. "

Seeing the girl's side profile, Zhou Hao patted his forehead and said in his heart, "There's still her. How could I forget about her?"

The girl's name was Gao Jingyi, and she was very beautiful. At this time, Wang Xijun could not compare to her. Gao Jingyi was the most beautiful girl in Zhou Hao's class.

Many senior boys had pursued her before, but she was very proud and cold to everyone. Zhou Hao had never heard of her dating before.

In the student gathering later, Zhou Hao occasionally saw her. At that time, she was more beautiful and mature than when she was in middle school. However, she had always been single and had never seen her bring a boyfriend to the gathering.

When he sat behind her, Zhou Hao could occasionally see her white neck that was accidentally exposed, which had a great visual impact and emotional turmoil on Zhou Hao at that time.

While he was immersed in his past memories, a beautiful white figure walked into the classroom and went straight to the podium. She said to the students below in a very clear and melodious voice, "Students, we are going to start class. "

The familiar voice made Zhou Hao come back to his senses. He looked at the podium with some excitement, and his heart could not help but beat faster.

The woman on the podium had black and beautiful hair, a pair of big bright eyes, and a cherry red lips.

When she smiled, she always gave people a comfortable feeling like a spring breeze, unconsciously warming other people's hearts.

At this time, she was wearing a milky white shirt with a gray short skirt over her knees, looking generous and dignified.

This beautiful woman was the form teacher of Class 2, Class 1. She was also the English teacher of this class, Li Ruolan.

Li Ruolan had just graduated from the Teacher Training College this year and became Zhou Hao's form teacher in the first year. She was only around 23 years old now.

To Zhou Hao, Li Ruolan was his true first love. Compared to Wang Xijun, who was his childhood friend, and Gao Jingyi, who was aloof and gave people endless fantasies, Li Ruolan was his true first love. Even if it was just a crush.

The reason why Zhou Hao desperately pursued Zeng Ying in his previous life was because Zeng Ying looked a little similar to Li Ruolan between her eyebrows.

Zhou Hao felt that Li Ruolan was somewhat similar to the popular female star in his previous life, Liu Yifei. She gave off a pure feeling.

However, Zhou Hao felt that Li Ruolan was much more beautiful than Liu Yifei.

In order to get Li Ruolan's attention, Zhou Hao worked very hard in the English class and even won the first prize of the English Olympics.

However, things went contrary to her wishes. Zhou Hao's outstanding English grades made Li Ruolan very relieved. Instead, she focused her attention on those poor students.

"This time, I cannot participate in those English competitions. "

Zhou Hao stared at Li Ruolan on the stage and thought to himself, "In the future, I will deliberately write the wrong answer in the English exam. I want Teacher Li to give me private tutoring. "

Li Ruolan's lecture was very serious. Due to her solid skills and her own experience in learning English, the English results of second grade class one had always been first in the grade.

Moreover, many boys in the class admired Li Ruolan just like Zhou Hao, so they were very serious in class.

Whenever Li Ruolan looked over, Zhou Hao would immediately sit up straight, afraid that he would leave a bad impression on her.

Even Liu Shichao, who was beside her, would often pass a note to Zhou Hao and write on it. What Teacher Li was wearing today was really too beautiful.

When the bell rang for the end of the class, Li Ruolan's gentle voice was heard, "Zhou Hao, come here for a moment. "

Zhou Hao was stunned. He just remembered that he had not paid the tuition fees and Li Ruolan must have called him for this. He quickly stood up from his seat and followed Li Ruolan out of the classroom.

He followed Li Ruolan to the English classroom in the office building. The other teachers had all gone to class, so there were only Li Ruolan and Zhou Hao in the spacious office.

"Teacher Li, this is my tuition this year. Sorry, I dragged it on for so long. " Zhou Hao handed the school fees in the envelope to Li Ruolan.

Li Ruolan paused for a moment when she saw the envelope that Zhou Hao handed over. Then, she revealed a faint smile.

"I also want to tell you that if your family is really in trouble, I can help you apply for a scholarship from the school. "

Seeing Li Ruolan's orchid-like smile, Zhou Hao was very touched and shook his head. "No need, Teacher Li. I am fine. "

Li Ruolan sat on the chair and looked sideways at Zhou Hao. "Zhou Hao, the teacher knows that you study very hard and also knows that your family's financial pressure is very high.

I hope that you can overcome the difficulties. Only knowledge can help your family get out of trouble. If you need any help, just tell me. I'll do my best to help you. "

" Got it. I will. " Zhou Hao did not agree with Li Ruolan's words. In many cases, knowledge could not help him get rid of the cruel reality.

However, Zhou Hao still enjoyed Li Ruolan's concern. Furthermore, Zhou Hao, who was standing beside Li Ruolan, could smell her hair fragrance.

"Oh right. There is one more thing. "

Zhou Hao suddenly came back to his senses.

Li Ruolan handed a test paper to Zhou Hao, "Your English grades are also very top in the class, so I want you to participate in this year's English Olympics. "

When Zhou Hao heard this, he thought to himself that Teacher Li really wanted him to participate in the English Olympics.

He immediately wanted to refuse, "Teacher Li, my English is not good. If I go to the competition, I will lose the face of the school. "

"How can that be?" Li Ruolan smiled lightly. "During your last semester's final exam, your English grade was ranked third in the class. If such a result is not considered good, then wouldn't the other students in the class be even worse?"

After thinking for a while, she said, "How about this. Since you say your English is not good, then I will help you tutor. "

"You tutor me alone?" Zhou Hao quickly asked. In his previous life, when he participated in competitions, the person who tutored them in English was the head teacher in his fifties.

But at this time, Li Ruolan also thought of the problem, "But the school has already decided to let the head teacher tutor the students who participated in the competition after class. "

Zhou Hao immediately shook his head. "No way. Teacher, after school, I still have to go home to help my mom. I can't stay in the school, and I can't participate in the head teacher's tutoring class. "

"Then I'll tell the school leader and let me go to your house to tutor you tonight. "

"Really?" Zhou Hao was very excited to be able to spend time alone with his first love.

Li Ruolan saw Zhou Hao's excited expression and thought that he was very interested in this competition.

"It can't be settled yet. I have to explain your special situation to them. I hope the leader will approve this matter. "

Zhou Hao said, "No matter what, I still have to thank you. "

"Then you should work hard in the competition. " Li Ruolan smiled.

"Don't worry. I will get good results in the competition. When the time comes, I will give you the first prize certificate!" Zhou Hao knew the content of the competition, so of course he had absolute confidence.

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