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C6 Zhang Yang's Youth

"Huh? Zhou Hao, why is your hand injured?" Li Ruolan suddenly saw a hole in Zhou Hao's school uniform on his right arm. The exposed skin was also red.

Zhou Hao looked down and saw the wound caused by saving the beauty on the way to school.

After a lesson, there was no more bleeding. There was even a thin layer of scab, but it still hurt when it touched.

He smiled at Li Ruolan, "Teacher Li, it's nothing. I accidentally fell down. "

"This cannot do. What if you get tetanus?" As she spoke, Li Ruolan let Zhou Hao take off his school uniform jacket. At the same time, she took out a first-aid kit from the cabinet in the research room.

"Teacher, there's no need. " Zhou Hao was too embarrassed to trouble Li Ruolan.

Li Ruolan looked at him reproachfully. " Did you not even listen to what I said?"

In Zhou Hao's eyes, Li Ruolan's glance was filled with all kinds of emotions. He could not muster up the heart to reject her, so he obediently took off his coat.

"I didn't expect your body to be so strong. " Li Ruolan saw Zhou Hao's exposed arms and smiled.

Zhou Hao was stunned. He also noticed something unusual about his body. The lines on his body had become very tough. There were also very good looking muscles on his arms.

Zhou Hao thought to himself, What's going on? At this time, he was clearly very thin and weak. In his previous life, he only had the habit of working out after going to university.

Just as he was thinking, he saw Li Ruolan using tweezers to pinch a lump of wet alcohol cotton and carefully wipe it on his wound. Strands of chilliness and slight pain arose at the same time, making Zhou Hao subconsciously shrink his arm.

"Don't move, it will be fine very soon. " Li Ruolan lowered her head slightly and concentrated on cleaning Zhou Hao's wound.

The expression on her face had a kind of tranquil temperament. It made Zhou Hao's heart beat even faster when he was close to observing her. He only hoped that time would stay at this moment forever.

After that, Li Ruolan wrapped two more bandages around Zhou Hao. It was a very good bandage, but it also made Zhou Hao very comfortable. It was really a clever trick.

"Alright, be careful in the future. " Yes, Li Ruolan said as she packed the medicine box.

"Thank you, teacher. "

At this time, Li Ruolan picked up Zhou Hao's school uniform coat again, "Your clothes are torn. Let me sew it up for you. I will bring it back to you later. "

"Teacher, there's no need. I'll just do it myself when I get home. "

Li Ruolan, on the other hand, had already taken out a box of needles and threads from the drawer. "You don't have to say anymore. Hurry up and go to class. Otherwise, you'll be late. "

Zhou Hao saw Li Ruolan pull out a thread and put it into her mouth to moisten it. Then, she skillfully went through the needle. He said, "Thank you. "

He had a strong feeling in his heart - Teacher Li was a good wife and a good mother.

When he came out of the office building, Zhou Hao saw Liu Shichao, Luo Hui, and the others walking towards the sports field, because it was the physical education class next.

Seeing Zhou Hao coming out of the office building, Liu Shichao came over and asked, "Zhou Hao, what did Teacher Li say to you?"

"She asked me to participate in the English Olympics. " Zhou Hao said.

"Only you and Gao Jingyi are qualified to participate in our class. " Liu Shichao shrugged. "Huh? What happened to your hands?" Liu Shichao also saw the bandage on Zhou Hao's hand.

Zhou Hao told Liu Shichao about Li Ruolan bandaging his wound, which made Liu Shichao very envious. He even said that he would be injured during the physical education class later, so that Teacher Li could also bandage him.

The bell for class rang, and Zhou Hao and his classmates had already gathered in the field.

The sports teacher's surname was Shen. He was a man in his thirties. He used to be a member of the provincial basketball team, but after he was injured and retired, he was assigned to be a sports teacher here. He was a very humorous person, and everyone in the class liked him.

"Student, you have an injury on your hand. Do you need to take leave for this class?" Teacher Shen asked Zhou Hao.

"No need, teacher. It's just a slight abrasion. I'm fine. "

The physical education classes in junior high school were more free. Everyone could move freely after they had prepared a set of sports under the teacher's lead.

Liu Shichao usually liked to play volleyball with the girls he served. Even though he was fat, his volleyball skills were very good. He was very admired by those girls.

At this time, Liu Shichao wanted to pull Zhou Hao to play volleyball, but Zhou Hao looked at the boys in class who were walking towards the basketball court. "No, I want to play basketball today. "

Although Yao Ming had not gone to America yet, basketball had not yet become popular in China.

However, many students in Yining Middle School had a good family background. They could learn about the NBA through various channels.

Moreover, even though basketball was not popular yet, it was still a sport that attracted girls' attention. This made many boys who had ulterior motives become even more passionate.

In his previous life, due to his family background, Zhou Hao could not help but feel inferior in front of these well-off classmates. At the same time, he was more introverted and would not participate in such a flamboyant sport.

Now, after being reborn, Zhou Hao had a very strong confidence due to his unique advantage. He also thought that youth was originally arrogant. In this lifetime, Zhou Hao didn't want to stay silent anymore.

"Zhou Hao, you also know how to play basketball? How come I never knew?" Liu Shichao was very surprised by Zhou Hao's suggestion.

Zhou Hao just shrugged and smiled. In university, because he had the habit of exercising his body, his physical fitness improved rapidly, and he naturally started playing basketball.

After serious training, he was also selected to join the university's school team.

"Are you going?" Zhou Hao patted Liu Shichao's arm.

"Hehe, even if I don't play basketball, I have to cheer you up. Let's go!" He threw the volleyball in his hand to Luo Hui and ran to the basketball court with Zhou Hao.

Seeing Zhou Hao and Liu Shichao walk into the basketball court, the boys asked curiously, "You guys are also here to play basketball? Don't you guys like playing volleyball with those girls?"

Liu Shichao smiled and said, "I'm just here to take a look. The one who wants to play is Zhou Hao. "

One of the boys immediately threw the basketball to Zhou Hao. He wanted Zhou Hao to show his skills.

Zhou Hao took the basketball and touched it with his hand. Maybe it was because his palm was not as wide as before, so the basketball seemed to be very big. However, it did not affect Zhou Hao's performance.

He quickly ran the ball towards the bottom of the basketball. Then, he made a standard two-step layup and easily threw the ball into the basket.

"Not bad. " The eyes of the boys in the class lit up. They did not expect Zhou Hao, who was usually quiet, to have such skills.

Therefore, the ten boys, including Zhou Hao, began to exercise intensely on the basketball court.

Compared to the boys who had just started playing basketball, Zhou Hao's basketball skills seemed to stand out in the crowd.

His technique of moving the ball, crossing steps, turning around, and so on were all very dazzling in the eyes of the boys on the court as well as the audience outside the court.

Zhou Hao could easily carry the ball with him, and no one could stop him.

However, since shooting a ball often had to pay attention to the texture, Zhou Hao, who used to be an outstanding scorer in university, did not get many shots. Instead, he got more shots.

Zhou Hao's superb basketball skills caused the audience to cheer. Among them, Liu Shichao was the one who was the most excited.

The boys in the same class also gasped and praised Zhou Hao, "Zhou Hao, where did you learn basketball from? It's amazing. "

"I was just playing. " Zhou Hao waved his hand and the basketball started spinning rapidly on his fingertip. The people around him were shocked.

"Hey, kid! You played your ball well. How about having a match with us?"

Five boys suddenly came to the basketball court. The one in the lead had long hair, and his pretty face was full of arrogance.

Seeing his hairstyle, Zhou Hao was slightly stunned. Then, he remembered that this happened to be the time when the Hong Kong classic movie "Gu Li" was released for the first time.

This boy's hairstyle was exactly the same as the main character of "Gu Bewitching Zai. "

Furthermore, Zhou Hao also recognized that boy at this time.

He was a second-year high school student, his name was Wen Shaoqiang, and he was one of the tyrants in Yining Middle School.

His father was a famous hooligan leader in Fragrant Sky City, so many teachers didn't dare to bother with him, which made him even more arrogant.

In his previous life, Zhou Hao would never have any contact with such a person, but he didn't expect to meet him now.

When the others saw Wen Shaoqiang, their faces showed more or less fear. The boy called Huang Chengjian next to Zhou Hao even respectfully greeted Wen Shaoqiang with a smile, "Young Master Wen, hello. "

Wen Shaoqiang did not pay attention to Huang Chengjian. He only looked at Zhou Hao. "I am talking to you. Kid, do you want to have a fight with us?"

Zhou Hao saw the silent students and the deeply worried Liu Shichao. He forced a smile at Young Master Wen and said, "Sure. "

Therefore, Wen Shaoqiang and the others formed a team. Zhou Hao and the four boys in his class formed a team and started a match with Wen Shaoqiang and the others.

However, because of Wen Shaoqiang's "fame," the four boys on Zhou Hao's side started to fight timidly. Originally, their skills were not very good, but now they were even more messed up.

Furthermore, Wen Shaoqiang's group was bigger than Zhou Hao's group. In these three years, they also had a big advantage in height.

Although their teammates did not play well, it made Zhou Hao's basketball skills even more outstanding. He moved the ball to the front of the court, and Wen Shaoqiang, who was a head taller than him, immediately blocked in front of him to defend.

However, although Wen Shaoqiang was taller than Zhou Hao, and his skills were much better than the boys in Zhou Hao's class, he was still far from being as good as Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao continuously dribbled balls in front of Wen Shaoqiang. Then his upper body leaned to the left, causing Wen Shaoqiang to quickly defend to the left.

Zhou Hao suddenly changed his direction and broke through from the right, then he turned around and dodged another boy in front of him, steadily sending the ball into the basket.

"Awesome, Zhou Hao! Come on!" Outside the arena, Liu Shichao shouted with all his might. Under his influence, the other students also cheered for Zhou Hao.

Because Wen Shaoqiang and the others had a bad reputation in the school, the current Zhou Hao had become a righteous man who fought against the evil forces.

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