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C7 He Really Has a Special Ability?

"You're good. " Wen Shaoqiang praised Zhou Hao when he saw how popular Zhou Hao was. However, Wen Shaoqiang's face showed that he was gnashing his teeth in anger.

A teammate came to Zhou Hao's side and reminded him in a low voice, "Zhou Hao, be careful. I think they are going to use some dirty tricks. "

Zhou Hao frowned. Sure enough, he saw Wen Shaoqiang and the others talking in a low voice. They looked at him fiercely from time to time.

Zhou Hao remembered that Wen Shaoqiang often fought in school and outside the school. If Wen Shaoqiang was not convinced, he might really use underhanded tactics on Zhou Hao.

When it was Wen Shaoqiang's turn to kick the ball, they walked over aggressively. They looked like a group of fierce hungry wolves.

The boys on the other side were scared by their appearances. They didn't dare to go up and defend them. Wen Shaoqiang also sneered at Zhou Hao. He walked over slowly with the ball.

"You know what to do. " Wen Shaoqiang said in a voice only he and Zhou Hao could hear. Then he walked around Zhou Hao and walked down the basket.

Although the students and Liu Shichao outside the basketball court did not hear what Wen Shaoqiang said, when they saw this scene, they all thought that Zhou Hao was afraid of him.

Looking at Wen Shaoqiang's back, Zhou Hao's heart was filled with anger. Huang Wanke's face appeared in his mind again. In his mind, there was also the face of Xu Yongwei who had humiliated him yesterday.

He said to himself, "I have had enough of being bullied by others!"

Zhou Hao gritted his teeth and quickly caught up with Wen Shaoqiang. Without Wen Shaoqiang noticing, Zhou Hao reached out his hand and snatched the ball from Wen Shaoqiang's hand.

Wen Shaoqiang felt his hand go empty. When he turned around, he saw that Zhou Hao had already run towards his basket with the ball. The students outside the stadium also cheered loudly.

Without anyone defending, Zhou Hao naturally put the ball into the basket and made a beautiful fast attack.

Wen Shaoqiang and the others were still standing there, as if they were idiots.

When Zhou Hao came back with the ball, Wen Shaoqiang finally reacted. He was so angry that he took a few steps forward and pushed Zhou Hao hard. "You are courting death!"

"What's wrong?" Zhou Hao also looked at Wen Shaoqiang with an unfriendly face. Liu Shichao also ran over immediately.

Although Wen Shaoqiang hated Zhou Hao, in front of so many people, it was not reasonable for him to hit Zhou Hao for no reason.

So he deliberately shouted, "You hit my hand just now. This is considered a violation of the rules!"

As he spoke, he pushed Zhou Hao's shoulder again. "You dare to break the rules while playing basketball with me. You must be tired of living!" He planned to use this excuse to teach Zhou Hao a lesson.

Zhou Hao was a person who had reincarnated. How could he not guess the dirty thoughts in Wen Shaoqiang's heart? "There are so many people watching. Everyone saw that I didn't hit your hand. You are lying!"

"That's right. I saw it all. Zhou Hao didn't touch your hand at all. "

Although Liu Shichao who rushed over was also afraid of Wen Shaoqiang, Zhou Hao was his friend. It was worth it even if he was beaten up for Zhou Hao.

As for the other boys in the class, none of them dared to compete with Wen Shaoqiang.

"I know best whether he hit me or not. You've been quibbling, you should be taught a lesson. " Wen Shaoqiang raised his right fist and punched at Zhou Hao's face.

Wen Shaoqiang was notorious in all the high schools in Xiang City. One reason was that he had a father who was a gangster.

On the other hand, it was also because he was very fierce in fights. Plus, he was taller than an average adult. Therefore, the punch he threw at Zhou Hao at this moment was fast and fierce.

Zhou Hao originally thought that he was going to get beaten up, but in his eyes, Wen Shaoqiang's movements were very strange.

His movements were like the slow movements in a movie. Even the air ripples caused by the fist were clearly seen by Zhou Hao.

"What's going on?" Zhou Hao was very surprised. At the same time, he raised his hand and easily grabbed Wen Shaoqiang's fist.

Wen Shaoqiang was surprised to see Zhou Hao blocking his fist. Wen Shaoqiang was so angry that he wanted to raise his other hand and hit Zhou Hao.

But at this moment, he saw Li Ruolan walking towards him from afar.

His face changed and quickly pulled his fist back from Zhou Hao's hand. At the same time, he smiled at Li Ruolan who came over and said, "Hello Teacher Li. "

Zhou Hao also turned around to look when he heard that and also saw Li Ruolan. She was still holding his school uniform jacket.

"Zhou Hao, you guys are playing basketball. " Li Ruolan only nodded slightly to Wen Shaoqiang, but she showed a smile to Zhou Hao like an orchid.

Before Zhou Hao could say anything, Wen Shaoqiang smiled and said. "Yes, Teacher Li, we are playing basketball. What brings you here? "

"I am here to find Zhou Hao. " Li Ruolan obviously knew about Wen Shaoqiang's bad reputation. She did not like his flattery.

"I am tired of playing basketball too. Teacher, if you're looking for me, let's go over there. " Zhou Hao glanced at Wen Shaoqiang indifferently, then left the court with Li Ruolan and Liu Shichao.

Looking at Zhou Hao's back, Wen Shaoqiang snorted coldly. One of his companions also came over. "Do you want me to teach him a lesson?"

"Of course. " Wen Shaoqiang raised his eyebrows. "But this matter cannot be seen by Li Ruolan. " Speaking up to this point, his gaze shifted from Zhou Hao to Li Ruolan's beautiful and slender figure.

"Young Master Wen, you don't really want to date her, do you?" Wen Shaoqiang's companion asked with a smile.

Wen Shaoqiang laughed twice. "I am interested in Gao Jingyi and Li Ruolan now. Gao Jingyi's father is a Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. I cannot afford to offend him. But Li Ruolan. "

Under a big banyan tree outside the basketball court, Li Ruolan asked Zhou Hao, "Zhou Hao, you also know that Wen Shaoqiang?"

Zhou Hao shook his head, "No, I just played a basketball with them. "

"You better not get too close to Wen Shaoqiang. He will destroy you. " Li Ruolan was deeply afraid that someone like Wen Shaoqiang would ruin the student she had high hopes for, so she earnestly advised Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was very touched by Li Ruolan's concern, "Teacher, don't worry. I know which friends I can make and which friends I can't make. " As he spoke, he glanced at Liu Shichao.

"I believe you. You have always been a reassuring child. " Li Ruolan reached out and touched Zhou Hao's head. Zhou Hao was a little over 1. 6 meters tall, and he was not much shorter than her.

That was why her actions looked a little strange. However, Zhou Hao enjoyed it very much, because Li Ruolan's jade-like hands were very soft.

"Oh right, I have already sewn your school uniform, but the bloodstains on it, you need to go home to wash them. " Li Ruolan returned the school uniform to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao took the school uniform and saw that the original opening had been sewn up, leaving only a very inconspicuous trace. Li Ruolan's sewing was really good.

Zhou Hao said gratefully. "Thank you, teacher. Your craftsmanship is already comparable to my mother's. "

"This is what I learned in college. " Li Ruolan looked really good when she smiled.

"I still have classes later, so I'll go back first. You guys should be careful when you attend physical education classes. " After saying that, she turned around and went back to the office building.

Zhou Hao hugged his school uniform, and a warm feeling surged in his heart. Liu Shichao, who was beside him, said with envy, "You actually let Teacher Li sew your clothes for you. You're too hateful!"

In the next class, Zhou Hao did not listen carefully. He was worried about the changes in his body.

First of all, his vision had changed. When he saved the beauty in the morning, his eyes were like a pair of binoculars. He could clearly see the screw on the signboard of the hotel from more than 50 meters away.

In the conflict between him and Wen Shaoqiang just now, when Wen Shaoqiang attacked him, his movements seemed to have been slowed down by more than ten times.

Next was his body. His body suddenly became very strong. Muscles even grew out of his arms. In the morning, he also instantly sprinted more than 50 meters and saved the beauty.

"Could it be because of rebirth?" Zhou Hao turned his head to look out the window and focused his vision.

The situation in the morning appeared again. The scenery outside the window seemed to be magnified. Soon, Zhou Hao could see the veins of the tree leaves in the distance.

Zhou Hao was shocked, and his vision immediately recovered. He was shocked and doubtful. He tried to focus his eyes again, and then the tree in the distance was magnified as quickly as before.

Zhou Hao shook his head, and his vision returned to normal. "Could it be that I really have the Special Ability?" He thought in his heart, "But this is not a bad thing. At least I don't have myopia problems anymore. "

"Zhou Hao, I heard that you and I have been selected to participate in the English Olympics competition. "

When the class ended, Gao Jingyi suddenly turned around and said to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao shrugged his shoulders. "Yes, I heard that Chief Xiang is in charge of our pre-competition tutoring, but I can't participate. "

Zhou Hao was looking forward to Li Ruolan coming to his house to tutor him alone.

"What's wrong? Why can't you participate?" Gao Jingyi's English was also very top-notch among the class, and as the representative of the English department in the class, she attached great importance to this English competition.

"I still have to go home to help my mom work after school. Do you think everyone has such good family conditions like you?"

Zhou Hao remembered that Gao Jingyi's family seemed to be a high official in the city government. Although she was a little proud and aloof, she did not have the bad habit of being a high official's daughter.

Gao Jingyi did not comment on Zhou Hao's words, but she actually quite admired Zhou Hao in her heart. Although his family's conditions were difficult, he was still able to maintain the top ten grades of the same grade. This was really not easy.

"Oh right, I heard that you had a conflict with Wen Shaoqiang in the second year of high school during the physical education class. " Gao Jingyi said, "You have to be careful. He is famous for taking revenge for the smallest grievance. "

Hearing Gao Jingyi's words, Zhou Hao looked at her strangely. When did this arrogant princess care about him so much?

Seeing Zhou Hao's puzzled gaze, Gao Jingyi lightly snorted.

"Don't think that I'm concerned about you. I just hate Wen Shaoqiang. He is clearly just a son of a hooligan, but he is still so arrogant. Sometimes I really want my father to lock them up in jail. "

Zhou Hao nodded and thought to himself. It seemed like Wen Shaoqiang had offended this princess as well.

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