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C9 Let's Fall in Love

In her daze, Wang Xijun's lips felt soft and warm. It was only after a long while did she realize that she had actually kissed Zhou Hao!

At this moment, her entire body stiffened. She did not know how to react, nor did she dare to reject Zhou Hao. Or rather, she did not want to reject him at all.

There was only one thought left in her mind, "Zhou Hao has kissed me! This kind of soft feeling is a kiss?"

Actually, she had also read Qiong Yao's romance novels. That kind of beautiful description of kissing filled her heart with fantasy.

In addition, she had been in love with Zhou Hao for a long time, so sometimes she would also dream of kissing Zhou Hao in her dreams.

However, the feeling of illusion in that dream was completely different from reality. It should be said that the kiss in reality made her even more intoxicated.

However, she did not have any experience in this field after all, so she did not know how to react. She did not dare to move at all.

Zhou Hao felt Wang Xijun's stiff body. He thought he had scared her. He let go of her and said apologetically, "Sorry, Xijun, I was too rude. "

Wang Xijun's face was red and she was so shy that she could not say anything. She just kept shaking her head.

Both of them were silent and for a moment they could only hear their heartbeat.

After a long time. Wang Xijun lowered her head and bit her lips. She used a voice that was like a mosquito to say, "Zhou Hao, is this considered an early love?"

Her expression was very shy. Her weak body was still trembling slightly. She was like a startled rabbit.

Seeing Wang Xijun like this, Zhou Hao felt his heart go numb. He hugged her and smiled. "Then let's have an early love. "

When Wang Xijun heard this, her cheeks immediately flushed red like the burning clouds in the sky.

She pursed her lips and timidly said. "But teacher will scold us. " Although she said so, her face was filled with a very willing shy expression.

Although Zhou Hao was still a virgin in his previous life and now, it was not like he did not kiss.

Wang Xijun had never encountered such a situation before. She only felt a sense of suffocation and dizziness rush into her brain, but this feeling made her feel very comfortable, and she could not help but be lost in it.

At this moment, Wang Xijun felt that she was like a small boat drifting on the turbulent sea surface. Following the wave after wave, it rose and fell.

"Aiya, whose family's child is so shameless!" On the second floor of the small house, a fat middle-aged woman opened the window and saw Zhou Hao and Wang Xijun kissing intensely in the alley.

They were shocked by the sound and both of them loosened up as if they were shocked by electricity. Zhou Hao also hurriedly pulled Wang Xijun out of the alley as if they were escaping.

When they came outside, Wang Xijun held her knees and gasped for breath. It was not that she ran very far, but that her beautiful kiss with Zhou Hao just now made her feel suffocated.

Zhou Hao was beside her, fondly massaging her back.

When she finally managed to regulate her breathing, her face was still fiery red. Because the middle-aged woman had bumped into them when they kissed just now, it made her, a little girl who had never experienced love, shy and afraid.

"Let's go home. " Zhou Hao saw Wang Xijun's resentful gaze and smiled. He wanted to hold her hand, but she avoided it.

"There are a lot of people here. " Wang Xijun lowered her head and said shyly.

Zhou Hao looked around and realized that this was a busy street. It was not appropriate to hold hands with her in public.

After what happened just now, they could not go to the bookstore that they were supposed to go to, so they had to go home.

However, on the way back, Wang Xijun seemed to deliberately avoid him. She deliberately kept a distance from Zhou Hao, which made Zhou Hao laugh.

When he returned home, Zhou Hao saw the note Yan Tong left on the table.

She said that she was going to have a night shift tonight, so there was no need to wait for her to come back. Furthermore, she had also bought some vegetables and placed them in the fridge. It was dinner that Zhou Hao had to settle by himself.

Zhou Hao put down his schoolbag and sat on the chair. He remembered what had happened just now.

When he was dealing with the boys from the No. 2 Senior High School, he felt that his body reacted very quickly. He was also very strong. He could actually send someone flying with one punch.

While thinking, Zhou Hao raised his right hand, clenched his fist, and said to himself, "Could this also be the Special Ability?"

However, Zhou Hao was more happy. After all, with this kind of power, not only could he protect himself, he could also protect others, such as his mother and Wang Xijun.

Zhou Hao thought of Wang Xijun's beautiful and shy face and laughed from the bottom of his heart.

That kiss just now was like piercing through the thin layer of paper between the two of them. Thinking of this, Zhou Hao realized that he really missed her.

Thus, Zhou Hao went to the opposite side and knocked on Wang Xijun's door. The one who opened the door was Wang Xijun's younger brother, Wang Zhongcai.

Wang Zhongcai was only a year younger than Wang Xijun. He had just entered junior high school this year and was in No. 2 Senior High School like Wang Xijun. He was very close to Zhou Hao. When he saw Zhou Hao, he smiled and said, "Brother Hao. "

"Zhongcai, where's your sister?"

Wang Zhongcai said, "My mom went to Granny's place today. She said she won't come back tonight. My sister is cooking in the kitchen. "

Wang Xijun's mother was called Lu Shiping. She was the supervisor of a garment factory in Xiang City.

Wang Xijun's father had died a long time ago. It was Lu Shiping who raised them up. It was not easy for her.

Hearing Wang Zhongcai's words, Zhou Hao said, "What a coincidence. My mom also has night shifts. Why don't we eat together?"

"Sure. " As he spoke, Wang Zhongcai invited Zhou Hao into the room.

As soon as he entered, he saw Wang Xijun cooking in the kitchen with an apron on.

Although she was only fourteen years old, Although she was only fourteen years old, because Lu Shiping was busy with her work, Wang Xijun was usually in charge of the siblings' daily life.

Zhou Hao looked at Wang Xijun's busy back in the kitchen and suddenly felt a very warm feeling in his heart.

"Do you think my sister is very virtuous?"

Wang Zhongcai, who was next to him, noticed Zhou Hao looking at his sister. He poked Zhou Hao's waist and whispered, "Brother Hao, let me tell you. My sister has liked you for a long time. "

"How do you know?"

Wang Zhongcai quietly pulled Zhou Hao to the side. "I went to her room once and saw a piece of draft paper on the table. It was full of your name. I recognized that it was my sister's name. "

Thinking of Wang Xijun writing his name on the paper over and over again, Zhou Hao suddenly had an indescribable feeling in his heart. It was as if there was a tiny stream flowing in his heart.

But he still said, "This doesn't mean anything. "

"This means that she likes you. Otherwise, why didn't she write my name? I'm still her brother. " Wang Zhongcai curled his lips and said.

Wang Xijun noticed the commotion over here. She turned around and saw Zhou Hao chatting with her younger brother.

She couldn't help but recall the embarrassing scene just now and her face immediately turned red.

"Look, my sister's face is even red. " Wang Zhongcai felt that something was wrong. Even if Wang Xijun liked Zhou Hao in the past, she would not show it so clearly.

Therefore, he looked at Zhou Hao suspiciously. "Brother Hao, did you do something to my sister a long time ago? Otherwise, why would she blush when she saw you?"

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Zhou Hao's forehead. He thought that Wang Zhongcai was too sensitive.

After Zhou Hao firmly denied that he bullied Wang Xijun, he hid in the kitchen and cooked with Wang Xijun in order to get rid of Wang Zhongcai's entanglement.

Wang Xijun, on the other hand, was shy and nervous because Zhou Hao was there. She became flustered instead.

They finally finished cooking. The three of them gathered together for dinner.

Wang Xijun and Zhou Hao did not dare to say a word under Wang Zhongcai's suspicious gaze. They could only bury their heads in their meals, but they did not know that this only intensified Wang Zhongcai's suspicion.

After dinner, Wang Zhongcai suddenly said, "Forget it. I will go to Brother Hao's house to watch TV. You two can do your homework here. I will not disturb you. "

After he said that, he walked out and left Zhou Hao and Wang Xijun here.

"It's all your fault. I will not be able to raise my head in front of him in the future. " Wang Xijun pouted.

Zhou Hao shrugged. "Don't worry. Even if he really knows something, he probably won't tell your mother. "

He sat on the sofa at the back and picked up the newspaper he bought today to read.

Wang Xijun also trusted Wang Zhongcai. She believed that he wouldn't betray her.

She saw that Zhou Hao did not hesitate to raise his leg and read the newspaper, just like the owner of the house. She glared at Zhou Hao. However, she still cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, as if she was a good wife.

What Zhou Hao was looking at was not the news of the government's meetings or the traffic, but the news related to finance and economics.

The domestic financial market had already started to develop.

Some newspapers also had financial versions. It reported the movements of the various listed companies in stock exchange in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In 1996, the stock index of Shanghai and Shenzhen rose by a large margin, and there were more than 100 types of shares that increased by more than five times.

Zhou Hao could clearly remember the largest share that had risen. From the reports in the newspapers, it seemed that the stock prices in his memory had indeed risen by a lot.

From October onwards, cold wind blew from the management.

The government issued a series of rules such as "Notifications on the Standard Identity of Properties," Management Methods of stock exchange, and Notifications on how to stop the distribution of shares from overdrafting, which were also known as Twelve Gold Medallions.

However, none of these could stop the rise of the market.

It was now mid-October, and domestic stocks would only fall in December. Therefore, Zhou Hao still had two months to earn money.

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