Supreme world god/C10 Black pearl ability
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Supreme world god/C10 Black pearl ability
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C10 Black pearl ability

As soon as Wu shen activated black pearl , an strange energy flowed from mysterious black pearl to his palms and strong devouring force appeared on his palm through which it stared to devour vajra bears blood, spiritual qi and vitality

Then this was refined by black pearl and flowed back into wu shen's body .

Wu shen immediately controlled this energy and transferred it to his silver snake martial spirit to increase its rank.

Wu shen can also use this energy to increase his cultivation realm but right now he didn't wanted to.

He wanted to increase rank of his martial spirit so that to grow his martial spirit into true primordial space dragon martial spirit.

Just after five minutes wu shen completed devouring Vajra bear blood and qi ,after which vajra bear body turned into ashes and drifted Along wind.

After transferring all energy to his martial spirit wu shen checked his martial spirit and was surprised to find out that its size has increased once again , now it has grown additional one leg along with its original two small legs whose size has increased and his martial spirit was also emitting strong aura compared to previous and it was close to becoming grade 7 martial spirit.

Wu shen was very satisfied with this result .

According to information from black pearl Wu shen can devour any creature to increase his cultivation stage or he can make his inner spiritual energy more dense and pure ,

He can also store and tranfer this energy into black pearl to others but it's efficacy will be low , he can also devour others martial spirit to increase rank of his martial spirit or give this special martial spirit energy to others to increase rank of their martial spirit and also much more.

Wu shen can also devour rare metal and earth ores and fuse them with his body for purpose of body temparing,which will increase brute strength of his body and it will increase his combat strength with which wu shen can challenge someone with higher level of cultivation without losing.

After stabilizing energy in his body he continued to look for beasts for hunting .

Right now wu shen has almost travel five miles into the forest and he encountered the three beast along the way ,

That was shadow cat which was known for it's speed , shadow cat has cultivation of initial second order warrior , after fighting with it for half an hour Wu shen managed to kill it .

Second was leopard beast with cultivation same as shadow cat , it was also killed by wu shen after twenty minutes of fighting .

Third one was red monkey beast with cultivation of middle second order warrior, wu shen has hard time dealing with it but finally managed to kill red monkey after hour of fighting .

He then devoured all three beasts and managed to increased rank of silver snake to seventh rank and he was also close to becoming middle second order warrior.

This fighting allowed wu shen to gain combat experience very much and right now wu shen was traveling to find another beast .

After ten minutes of traveling the black pearl in his dantian suddenly vibrated and Wu shen suddenly felt attractive force from West directions .

Then he thought that it would definitely be a good thing since black pearl has such reaction so Wu shen walked in the direction of west , as he was walking towards west the attraction fore was also increasing , excitedly he ran towards that direction.

After half an hour of running the attraction force become very strong and surprisingly along the way he didn't encounter any beast,

After crossing many a small stream and forest area in west direction following the attraction force wu shen finally arrived at an odd looking valley . It was quiet inside the valley with heavy cold qi that was spreading out from the inner valley.

As Wu shen was looking at valley he felt something in valley is attracting him so he walked into the valley.

following the attraction force after he entered the valley the valley, a wave of thick cold qi hit Wu shen in the face, carrying an unpleasant odour. Not far into the valley, there were large piles and even mountains of dead bones scattered everywhere.

As Wu shen moved deeper into the valley, more and more mountains of bones were seen . Even with Wu shen’s experience of two lifetimes which made his mind and will stronger than most children his age, he was unable to keep calm in this situation.

Seeing this scene he wanted to go back but when he thought of reaction of black pearl he strengthen his will and continue to walk.

After five minutes of walking he suddenly came to a large plain of green grass with exotic flowers’ fragrances permeating the air. In the center of the plain, there was a lake and there was cliff at side of lake.

Wu shen was dumbstruck when looking at the valley. Never would he have imagined the possibility of the front half of this valley being littered with dead bones, just like a scene from hell, while the other half was a beautiful lake .

At this moment, wu shen suddenly looked to the top of the cliff and understood that the thing at which was attracting him is on top of cliff.

Wu shen walked over and saw the vine growing almost all the way at the top of the cliff on a short, thick, green vine were a few blue colored fruits.

These blue colored fruits made one who looked at get chill . Fragrance from the fruits drifted through the air to the Wu shen

“This... could this be cold fruit?”

Wu she. was stunned, greatly astounded.

Cold fruit grows on lands of extreme cold or yin qi, absorbing dead cold or yin qi type of spiritual energy between heaven and earth. If it is taken by people who who are below fifth order warrior not only can it enhance spiritual qi cultivation, it also purifies the marrow and makes personal spiritual qi pure , which will bring unimaginable benefits to one’s future cultivation.

And now Wu shen understood that black pearl also has ability to sence treasure of heaven and earth.thats why he felt attractive from cold fruit.

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