Supreme world god/C11 Fortuitous encounter!
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Supreme world god/C11 Fortuitous encounter!
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C11 Fortuitous encounter!

Wu shen stared at the three pieces of cold fruit,his eyes were filled with desire.

The three pieces of cold Fruit were about twenty to thirty meters high on the cliff.

Wu shen smiled and he surveyed the surroundings to look for way to climb up.

The cliff wall was smooth all the way up to the peak and it almost had no spots to firmly grab hold of. Picking the twenty meter high fruits was no easy task, especially for the current Wu shen.

Moments later, Wu shen leaped up. Reaching to a height of about four to five meters, his fingers bent into a claw-shape and his fingertips sunk into the cliff wall. However, the cliff wall was rock-hard and his fingers only managed to insert a few millimeters deep, but it was enough to support his small body, even though it was painful but attraction of cold fruit was more than pain he was feeling so he preserved it .

Subsequently, he did the same with his left hand, bending his fingers into claws and inserted them higher up into the cliff wall, stabilizing his body. Just like this, one step at a time, Wu shen slowly climbed towards to cold fruits.

Every step of the way, he needed to exert his internal force to support his body, making it extremely strenuous. When he passed the ten-meter mark he was already panting heavily, his speed slowing down. His fingers were in so much pain.

Enduring the pain Wu shen's s small body finally reached the cold fruit after he climbed over twenty meters in height. Looking at the three pieces of Cold fruit in front of him, Wu shen’s eyes shined brightly as he carefully withdraw a small cloth that he prepared earlier, gently picking the Cold fruits one by one before placing them into the small piece of cloth and wrapping them carefully, then finally leaping off to the ground.

After landing on ground Wu shen surveyed the surrounding valley and after determining that it was safe, he sat down on the side and took out a piece of cold fruit and swallowed it, running the spiritual qi cultivation technique to absorb the fruit’s energy and also activated black pearl to speed up absorption.

When the energy from the Cold fruit dispersed throughout Wu shen’s body, multiple strands of cold energy almost instantly emerged.

Submerged inside the flow of the Cold yin energy, Wu shen felt extremely cold but also comfortable. The spiritual qi inside his meridians flowed rapidly.

This time Wu shen was using Cold fruit energy to increase his cultivation.

A few hours passed.

Wu shen opened his eyes. After a few hours, he finally absorbed all the energy within that one Cold fruit and the spiritual qi within his body had become thicker by more than tripple,

Surprisingly advancing his cultivation to late-Second Order warrior!

According to his original estimation, in order to reach the late-Second Order he would need at least another month but he had now succeeded much quicker with help of Cold fruit.

This was the benefits of absorbing natural heaven and earth treasure.

Wu shen was happy with his achievement. Just as he thought that, a horrible smell assaulted his nose. Looking down, he saw his whole body covered with a layer of sticky, black mud.

In his previous life, he had taken something similar to the Cold fruit, so he knew that this sticky, black mud was the impurities being forced out of his body.

Wu shen jumped up feeling refreshingly lighter, then stretched his limbs and headed towards the lake in the middle area.

In front of the lake, he stripped naked and carefully set aside the remaining two Cold fruits. With a splash, he jumped into the lake to wash the layer of black impurities off his body.

Very quickly, Wu shen cleaned himself up and was about to get out from the lake when he suddenly detected traces of a cold aura coming from the bottom of the lake as black pearl started to vibrate and felt something is attracting him .

He was immediately delighted and thought

“There is definitely another treasure down there , I struck it rich this time , with black pearl treasure sensitive ability i will definitely earn much morein future.”

It was hard to notice when one was not paying attention.Wu shen was only able to sense because of black pearl.

Diving a short distance, Wu shen saw a cave entrance not too far ahead where the cold aura was coming from and there was something attracting him.

A short while later, he arrived at the hole entrance of the cave and entered without hesitation.

Entering through the hole, he noticed the walls were dry and not slippery wet as one would imagine. On one side of the cave wall, there was a Water repellent Pearl embedded in the wall of cave, it was treasure which has ability to repeal the water and that's why cave was not filled with water.

If this pearl was taken out for an auction, its worth would exceed one hundred thousand gold coins.

Wu shen couldn’t help but be curious about this cave. Walking along the tunnel for about ten meters, he came to an empty hall about a hundred square meters wide yet it was obvious at a glance there was nothing inside.

There was another room apart from the empty hall though. Wu shen walked towards room.

Standing in front of the room, Wu shen slowly peeked inside. inside the room there was a jade bed and on top of the jade bed was a book made from unknown materials.

On the walls hung a half-meter long black shiny blade. Then he understood that attraction force was coming from those blade's.

Pausing for a moment, Wu shen’s eyes fell on the book placed on top of the jade bed, so he walked over and picked it up. The seemingly thin book was so heavy that his arms sank under the weight, startling him. What material was this book made of that it weighed so much for something so thin?

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