Supreme world god/C12 Heavenly devil technique, devil ring and blade
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Supreme world god/C12 Heavenly devil technique, devil ring and blade
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C12 Heavenly devil technique, devil ring and blade

Looking at the book cover, there were three words written in ancient inscriptions: ‘Heavenly devil technique’.

At this exact moment, as if an explosion rang out, a terrifying aura of slaughter spread out in Wu shen’s mind. His eyes flickered and he appeared in a place surrounded by mountains of bones with a boundless sea of blood at its boundary.

Standing on top of a mountain of bones, it was as if he was the embodiment of an devil from Hell.

Suddenly he felt his mind blurred and he was back in the room.

Although it was only for a brief moment, cold sweat drenched his body.

Looking with t at the book in his hand , the scene with the mountains of bones and boundless sea of blood did not appear again for a second time, allowing Wu shen to breathe out sigh of relief.

A while later, repressing the shock in his heart, with slightly trembling hands he opened the first page of the Heavenly devil technique.

Flipping to the first page of book . A illustration of an devil standing upright with its upper body bared, revealing muscles, and a head of black hair.

Studying the devil illustration, a sensation of being in hell crept up his skin, mad slaughter and an endless sea of bodies awash Wu shen’s senses, and his eyes turned blood-red; confused and in pain.

Wu shen starts to lose his consciousness in the blood-thirst when Suddenly black pearl in his dantian vibrated . The red bloodlust slowly faded from his eyes as he regained his consciousness. Waking up, his heart pounded like it was going to burst out from his chest.

At this time, the devil illustration flew out from the book page, in a bright flash, it entered between Wu shen’s eyebrows. Inside mind emerged the details of a cultivation technique.

The first level of Heavenly devil technique.

“The Origin of Hell, the beginning of devil.....” reciting the first layer of Heavenly devil technique spiritual qi cultivation technique, wu shen found it deeply profound and mysterious.

In Martial Spirit World, battle qi cultivation techniques were categorized into four ranks, namely Heaven, Earth, profound and Yellow and each rank was further divided into different grades; low, mid and high-level.

“I wonder what rank is heavenly devil cultivation technique?”

After a while, Huang Xiaolong turned to the second page. On it, there was another illustration of devil, but this one was slightly different. On the second illustration of devil’s back was a pair of devilish black wings that spread open,

Same as the previous page’s experience, when he turned to the second page, an atmosphere that seemed originated from hell surrounded Wu shen and black pearl vibrated again suppressing the blood-thirsty desire in wu shen’s consciousness and the second level of Heavenly devil technique was successfully imprinted inside his mind.

The third page, fourth page, fifth page...

Wu shen turned the pages one by one, with every page turned, inside his mind emerged another level of Heavenly devil cultivation technique. it took him more than two hours before he manage to reach the last page.

One last page, instead of an illustration there was sentence written.

“The genius of martial arts, the one receiving and comprehending heavenly devil technique is accepted as my disciple, governing over heavenly devil sect.

Long live hell devil.”

This line of words was left behind by the First sect master of Heavenly devil sect, Ren tianmo.

Wu shen was stunned!

When he saw below the page where words were written there was piece of paper . Apart from the piece of paper there was also a black ring. Surprised, Wu shen picked up ring from groove in page and started to read paper.

From the explanation written on the paper, he got to know that the ring was called the devil ring, and the black blade hanging on the wall was called the Blade of devil.

The devil ring was actually a spatial ring that only existed in legends. according to his father, in the whole of Wulong Kingdom, only the Emperor had one, even his grandfather didn’t own one!

From this it could be seen that how precious and rare was this devil ring spacial treasure.

The appearance of a spatial ring could cause bloody War.

Moments later, suppressing the excitement in his heart, Wu shen did according to the instruction stated, pricked his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto the devil ring.Right after that a bright light burst out from the dark-colored ring as it floated up and slipped onto Wu shen's finger on his left hand by itself. then it seemed to submerged into his body, disappearing from view. When Wu shen thought of it, it appeared again on his finger.

There was more than a few hundred cubic meters wide space in devil ring and in future it would be more convenient for him to carry things around without having to worry about others finding out.

After that, he turned around and his gaze fell onto shiny black blade on the wall and with a small leap he took down the devil blade. The Blade was causing a cold prickly sensation that creeped people out.

Wu shen examined the devil blade in his hands,

The longer Wu shen held the devil blade the more exited he became.

“Devil blade , the blade of slaughter, from here onwards you will accompany me to slaughter all my enemies!”

Wu shen said as he caressed the blade.

Then, using the same method of recognizing owner, he dripped a few drops of blood onto the blade and a blood-red light burst out from the blade as they hovered in the air devil blade flew to the left hand of Wu shen. On Wu shen’s arm emerged tiny tattoo of devil blade.

Wu shen placed the Heavenly devil technique book into the Devil ring he also took the cold jade bed away and prepared to leave the room.

Stepping out from the room, Wu shen circled once around the cave. After confirming that he did not miss anything he walked to the exit. He did not remove the Water repellent Pearl at the cave’s entrance, for he planned to use the cave in the future for his practice, because of cave’s hidden location in the valley.

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