Supreme world god/C13 Cultivating Heavenly devil technique
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Supreme world god/C13 Cultivating Heavenly devil technique
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C13 Cultivating Heavenly devil technique

Emerging from the lake, Wu shen swam to the side and put on his clothes, and transferred the Cold fruits into his ring.

Passing through the green turf and Leaving the valley, Wu shen did not stop , heading straight to Wu Clan Manor.

By the time he reached Wu Clan Manor, it was already noon. Just as he stepped into his small courtyard, he ran into Wu Min.

“Big Brother, where did you go?” Wu Min asked.

“I was gone for practice” Wu shen replied as he pinched Wu mins face.

After that he walked towards his room.Back in his room he took out the cold jade bed from the Devil Ring’s space, and sat cross-legged atop it and starting his first practice according to heavenly devil technique first layer.

Shortly after running the heavenly devil technique, a cold chill broke out like it came of hell, shrouding Wu shen within. This spiritual energy was continuously being swallowed by his silver snake martial spirit with activation of black pearl and then channeled into Wu shen’s meridians.

Wu shen’s heart tightened, quickly forging his mind and will, he persisted in running Heavenly devil technique to refine the cold energy.

This cold energy moved in wu shen’s meridians, every inch it passed, his blood felt like it was about to freeze up.

Gritting his teeth, Wu shen persevered running the heavenly devil technique’ first level repeating it over and over. After a long time, the cold sensation lessened and the energy inside his body was refined into pure spiritual qi.

The moment the cold energy successfully converted into spiritual qi, Wu shen realized that it only took half an hour’s time. Compared to the qi cultivation technique, the results were ten times better!

This discovery was much to Wu shen’s liking: “Looks like what the book says is true. Although the hells cold spiritual energy is hard to refine, once successful, the benefits are huge!”

The note kept in the Heavenly devil technique book stated that practicing the heavenly devil technique was akin to building a connection with the hell’s spiritual energy that tempers the physique. That cold energy was, the so-called hell's spiritual energy.

Hell spiritual energy was one of the superior energies between heaven and earth, the higher the quality of spiritual energy was, the better it was to temper the physical body, and the converted spiritual qi was much purer and more powerful.

This was the gap between cultivation techniques.

The higher the rank of a cultivation technique, the quality of spiritual energy absorbed is higher, the converted spiritual qi is stronger. In the Martial soul World, the ones practicing high-rank cultivation techniques were capable of jumping levels to challenge stronger opponents.

Time flies and soon one month passed.

In this one month’s time, apart from practicing Essence body spell Wu shen was practicing the heavenly devil technique.

Many times he was also gone into beast forest for fighting experience and all beasts he killed were devoured by him increasing his cultivation and rank of martial spirit.

After replacing his cultivation technique, Wu shen’s practice speed increased tremendously. One month after he had reached the peak of late-Second Order.

In the darkness of the night.Wu shen sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed, spiritual energy from the hell poured down and was devoured by Wu shen.

The spiritual qi within Wu shen’s body kept swirling violently like raging waves crashing.

Right now Wu shen was trying to breakthrough third order warrior.

However, breaking through to Third Order warrior was much harder, the resistance barrier was thicker. Wu shen's spiritual qi continued to crash against the barrier, after some time suddenly crack appeared in the third-order barrier.

The minute crack grew bigger and bigger when, finally, a sound of explosion resounded inside his body.

Wu shen spiritual qi rushed into the third layer meridians.

Third Order warrior!

Wu shen finally broke through to the Third Order warrior.

Wu shen opened his eyes, unable to hide the excitement in his heart.

With his breakthrough in third order warrior suddenly his martial spirit started to grow , a new fourth leg emerged from its body , the two horns on his body were also growing and aura of martial spirit was also increasing .

After an hour later the increasing aura stopped and right now Wu shen martial spirit was grown three times the original size and now it's aura was comparable to eight rank martial spirit.

He was very satisfied with this evolution.

“I think once I reach the Fourth Order, and devour the beasts to increase martial spirit rank my martial spirit will evolve. At that time there is chance that a skill from my martial spirit’s innate talent will appear!” Wu shen thought himself.

At age seven, the martial spirit will be awakened and when person reached the Fourth Order warrior, the martial spirit will again evolve to become stronger, while the owner of the martial spirit would gain the martial spirit’s innate talent, ability or skills.

The higher the grade of the martial spirit, the innate talent after evolving would be more powerful and incredible.

But it was very hard to breakthrough from third order warrior to fourth order warrior compared to previous breakthrough.People with low-level martial spirits upto third rank failed to breakthrough to the Fourth Order and without some fortuitous adventure. That was why people with low-level martial spirits never gained any martial spirit’s innate talent or skill in their lifetime for they were unable to reach the Fourth Order.

Getting down from the cold jade bed, Wu shen stepped out from his room.

At this time of the night, Wu shen appeared in the back mountain. Running the heavenly devil technique, his eyes turned a blood-red color . At the same time, a cold aura of slaughter flowed around his body.

After practicing the heavenly devil technique his original physique was slowly transforming into hell devil physique but this was only the initial stage transformation. According to the explanation cultivation technique once Wu shen mastered the highest level of Heavenly devil technique he could be able to transform into a real Hell devil.

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