Supreme world god/C14 Surprising Wu Peng and Su yan
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Supreme world god/C14 Surprising Wu Peng and Su yan
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C14 Surprising Wu Peng and Su yan

After transforming into the Body of hell devil, Wu shen Waving his hands suddenly threw out a palm carrying traces of cold yin qi struck towards a huge tree ahead, piercing through the thick tree trunk and coming out from the other end, through a second tree.

On the third tree trunk, a palm print dented a few inches into the trunk.

Looking at the palm print on the fourth tree trunk, Wu shen nodded his head in satisfaction. Third Order warrior combined with the cold qi, the damage power of Essense Palm had increased about four times and with his current strength, he was capable of killing a late-Third Order warrior.

Of course, after advancing to Third Order warrior and due to the body tempering effect from the hells spiritual energy, Wu shen's physique was very much stronger.

While comprehending and practicing heavenly devil technique wu shen found out that under effect of black pearl his comprehensive ability was also enhanced and his speed of learning cultivation technique was also increasing , this truly surprised him.

After Spending some time to practice the Essence body spell in the back mountain, Wu shen only returned to Wu Clan Manor when the sky began to brighten.

Once back in Wu Clan Manor, Wu shen was called to the Eastern Courtyard hall by his father.

“Dad, Mom, you were looking for me?” Entering the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, Wu shen asked.

Wu Peng and Su Yan looked complicated and hesitant.

“Yesterday, Wu Wei had broken through to the First Order warrior.” Wu Peng eventually opened his mouth and said.

Now Wu shen understand why his parents’ is calling him over. In short, they were still worried about the end of the year’s Clan Assembly.

However, in less than two months’ time, Wu Wei actually advanced to First Order, so fast?!

Logically speaking, even though Wu Wei possessed a grade nine martial spirit it was still impossible to advance to First Order in such short time.

“Father spent a huge sum of money in auction house to buy a breakthrough medicinal pill!” Wu Peng went on to say.

Breakthrough medicinal pill!!!!

Wu shen was shocked; no wonder in less than two months’ time Wu Wei was able to advance to First Order warrior. It was all due to Grandfather spending a huge sum of money to get a breakthrough medicinal pill. Thus spending all resource and effort to cultivate him, whereas him not to mention breakthrough pill , Wu shen did not even get a spiritual Qi pill!

“I’m going to have a talk with Father!” At this moment, Wu Peng stood up in anger and said.

“Dad, it’s not necessary!” Wu shen stopped Wu Peng , saying

“It’s not necessary to look for Grandfather!”

Just when Wu Peng opens his mouth about to say something, on his Wu shens body, he saw a burst of spiritual qi’s .

“spiritual qi ?” After being dazed for a moment, Wu peng and Su Yan blurted out in shock.

“Wu shen you!!!, could it be that you have advanced to First Order warrior?” Wu Peng asked in a trembling voice.

“That’s right, Dad, Mom, I have already advanced to First Order warrior!”

Wu shen nodded, he did not wish to see his parents worrying about matters related to the Clan Assembly, so he decided to reveal part of his strength.

Hearing their son’s confirmation, Wu Peng and Su Yan finally believed the truth in front of them. Joy took over their faces, especially Su Yan.

Wu Peng and Su Yan gradually calmed down from their joy and excitement a short while later.

“Shen, how did you advance to the First Order warrior?” Wu Peng asked the doubt in his heart. With Wu shen’s grade Six martial spirit , to advance to the First Order it would take at least a year or more.

Instead of speaking, Wu shen withdrew two Cold fruit from his chest under the astonished gaze of Wu Peng and Su Yan.

“These, these are Cold fruits?!” Wu Peng and Su Yan both exclaimed in amazement.

“Yes.” Wu shen said.

“One month ago, I accidentally found these Cold fruits in a valley at the back mountain. There were three in total , i ate the one.”

“Three fruits!” Wu Peng and Su Yan looked at each other. They finally understood the ‘real reason’ Why Wu shen advanced to the First Order in such a short amount of time.

“Good! Haha, Wu shen unexpectedly you have such good fortune. The Cold fruit is a wonder fruit; its benefits are no less compared to the breakthrough medicinal pill your Grandfather bought for Wu Wei.” Wu Peng laughed heartedly.

“It is also beneficial to your future cultivation.”

“Dad, Mom, these two Cold fruits, both of you take one each and cultivate.” Wu shen said.

Wu Peng and Su Yan’s smiles stiffened on their faces and were about to refuse when Wu shen interrupted, “I have already taken one, any more will not be that much effective for me and will not bring more benefits to me. It is better if Dad and Mom take it.”

Hearing this, Wu Peng nodded his head in agreement: “Fine.”

This Cold fruit was type of medicine fruit which can only be maximum effective if taken for first time , if it is taken for more than one it's efficiency will be much lower and it will not have any effect .that's why Wu shen didn't use those two Cold fruit back then because he wanted to give them to his father and mother.

Taking the two Cold fruits from Wu shen’s hand, . He had been stuck at initial seventh Order warrior for more than a year, with this piece of Cold fruit he would able to breakthrough to the middle seventh Order warrior in two months’ time.

Looking at the Cold fruit in her palm, Su Yan’s expression wasn’t much different from Wu Peng’s. With this piece of Cold fruit, there was hope for her to advance to the Sixth order warrior.

“Wu shen , about your breakthrough to the First Order, for the time being, don’t let others know.” Wu Peng said to Wu shen and continued, “Although you managed to breakthrough after swallowing the Cold fruits, you still need to make an effort in your practice, strive to reach mid-First Order warrior by the end of the year.”

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