Supreme world god/C15 Clan assembly begin
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Supreme world god/C15 Clan assembly begin
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C15 Clan assembly begin

Wu shen , about your breakthrough to the First Order, for the time being, don’t let others know.” Wu Peng said to Wu shen and continued, “Although you managed to breakthrough after swallowing the Cold fruits, you still need to make an effort in your practice, strive to reach mid-First Order warrior by the end of the year.”

“Dad, Mom, rest assured that I will not disappoint you.” Wu shen said.

A while later Wu shen left the Eastern Courtyard back to his small courtyard and directly went into cultivation. After advancing to the Third Order Warrior his speed in absorbing the hell spiritual energy had again increased, the spiritual qi inside his body was ever more powerful.

Almost every other day, his spiritual energy in body was increasing with increasing of his martial spirit along with his comprehensive.

Everyday he would also be gone for hunting in forest , he devoured every beasts he killed there was also mid third order and late third order warrior level beast which Wu shen has hard time dealing with ,but finally after using heavenly devil technique he killed them and devoured them which increased his cultivation and rank of martial spirit even more .

His martial spirit size was now much more increased with it's aura , it's fifth leg was also grow out from its body and two horns were also much larger than before , Wu shen's martial spirit was almost about to become ninth rank level and his space primordial dragon was about to become mature .

From early-Third Order warrior to mid-Third Order warrior to late-Third Order warrior!

In this time of three months , Wu shen’s cultivation had reached late-Third Order warrior , at any moment he could breakthrough to Fourth Order warrior and there were only weeks until the end of the year’s Clan Assembly.

However, it was much more difficult to breakthrough to fourth order warrior.

One week passed quickly.

With the approaching Clan Assembly, The entire Wu Clan Manor was decorated .

“Tomorrow’s the annual Clan Assembly.” Wu shen left his room after more than a dozen days of hard trying to breakthrough fourth order but he still failed. From the looks of it, it would take a while before he could cross over to the Fourth Order warrior level.

“Tomorrow’s the Clan Annual Assembly, this time Manor Lord will make an appearance!”

“This year is Young master Wu Wei’s first time participating in the Clan Assembly after awakening his martial spirit, of course Manor Lord will be joining the gathering. Not only that, I heard that Manor Lord even invited the Xiao Family’s Old Patriarch over!”

The Xiao Family and the Wu family were considered as Canglan County’s major forces. The relationship between both families had always been good.

“Grandfather even invited the Xiao Family’s Patriarch Xiao mu over, he really does spend a lot of effort ” Wu shen thought to himself.

Wu shen reached the Eastern Courtyard.

Inside the hall, both Wu Peng and Su Yan were present.

“Wu shen , you’re here.” Su Yan pulled Wu shen to sit and asked: “Tomorrow’s the Clan Assembly, how is your practice coming along?”

Wu shen said: “Dad, Mom, don’t worry. I will not let you down tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, the moment his sentence ended, Su Yan said in surprise: “Wu shen, did you break through to mid-First Order already?”

“I think so ;” Wu shen said in awkward manner.

Wu Peng burst out laughing at this moment: “Good son, you really did not disappoint me.”

When Wu shen heard his parents’ words, he smiled.

“Dad, I heard from the guards this year’s annual Clan Assembly, the Xiao Family’s Old Patriarch is coming?” Wu shen asked.

Wu Peng nodded: “This time, other than the Xiao Family’s Patriarch himself, he also brought his granddaughter, Xiao Lu.”

“His granddaughter, Xiao Lu?” Wu shen was a little confused

Wu Peng answered seriously: “That is the purpose of your Grandfather and Patriarch Xiao after the Clan Assembly is over. Wu Wei and Xiao Lu are to be engaged.”

“I hear people say, Xiao Lu’s talent is quite good, she has grade nine martial spirit, the Light Sword.” Su Yan added.

Top amongst the grade nine martial spirits, the Light Sword!

Wu shen was shocked for a moment, for it was unexpected that Xiao Lu, to possess the Light Sword martial spirit.

In the Martial Spirit World, there were different forms of martial spirits – beasts, tools, plants, and there were even people with nature affinity martial spirits such as lightning, wind, water, and fire, earth.

The Light Sword was one many weapon martial spirit type and it also has rare light affinity

A short while later Wu shen returned to his courtyard and continued to practice the heavenly devil technique.

Darkness gradually faded as the morning light brightened the sky, Wu shen stopped his practice and opened his eyes .

“The Clan’s Annual Assembly is finally beginning!”

The Clan’s Annual Assembly was about to begin.

Back to Wu Clan Manor, he went straight to the Eastern Courtyard. When his parents saw him coming, they did not say much, and the three of them then walked to the Grand Hall.

In front of the Grand Hall, a martial stage was erected with chairs lined up in rows around the stage , prepared for the Wu Clan Manors’ Elders and stewards whereas the disciples could only stand at the back area open space.

When Wu Peng and Su Yan came in many of the Elders and stewards were already there.

“Second Manor Lord.”

“Second Manor Lord.”

The group of Elders, stewards, and disciples immediately greeted Wu Peng.

Wu Peng nodded. Su Yan and Wu shen followed behind him to an arranged table and sat down. Wu shen sensed a cold gaze directed at him he looked around to find the source and he saw Wu Wei who was sitting on the opposite side.

At this moment, their eyes met in midair – Wu Wei’s gaze was arrogant, provoking, and complacent

Sitting beside Wu Wei was Wu Ming,with his expressionless face. Wu Peng sat down and did not bother to greet Wu Ming. The two of them had not spoken to each other since the Northern Courtyard incident.

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