Supreme world god/C16 Against Wu Wei
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Supreme world god/C16 Against Wu Wei
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C16 Against Wu Wei

Not long after the three of them arrived, from the outside of the Grand Hall, a laughter rang out. Looking in the direction of the entrance, Wu shen saw his Grandfather walking into the hall and next to his grandfather was a old man with a about the same age. Wu shen knew this was the mentioned Patriarch Xiao Mu. Following closely behind xiao Mu was a lovely little girl with her bright round eyes.

“Manor Lord.”

“Patriarch Xiao.”

Everyone present quickly greeted, and following that Wu Ming, Wu Peng, and Su Yan went up: “Dad, Patriarch Xiao.”

Wu Qide looked and gave a small nod. He turned to Xiao Mu, a finger pointed at Wu Wei: ”This is my grandson, Wu Wei.”

But he only introduced Wu Wei without mentioning Wu shen.

Xiao Mu looked at Wu Wei up and down with appreciation and said, “Good, good, good. Brother Qide, I heard that your grandson practiced less than two months and already he had successfully broken through to First Order warrior.”

Wu Qide laughed when he heard this praise: “Brother Xiao Mu, please do look after him in the future.”

“In the future, that is of course.” Xiao Mu laughed.

A while later, everyone returned to their seats.

Then, Steward Chen stood up and said some good opening remarks for the Annual Clan Assembly; after that, he glanced at Wu Qide. And Chen declared in a loud voice: “The Annual Clan Assembly begins!”

Following the rules , the first to get up on the stage were usually the ones who had just awakened their martial spirits .

Everyone looked at Wu Wei, they all knew why Old Manor Lord attended this year’s clan assembly.

“Wu Wei, go and show the result of your five months hard work.” Wu Qide said to Wu Wei, with eyes full of encouragement.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Wu Wei stood up and said loudly. He then leaped up onto the center of the martial stage.

Landing atop the martial stage, Wu Wei initiated his spiritual qi, fully releasing his martial spirit, the Earth bear came out, emanating a powerful aura.

“peak-First Order warrior!”

Sensing the spiritual qi aura released by Wu Wei, everyone were greatly shocked in the Grand Hall. In just five short months of practicing spiritual qi, Wu Wei had reached the peak First Order warrior!

The peak-First Order warrior!

Xiao Mu’s was just as surprised. Initially, he had thought that in five months’ time at the most he might reach the of mid-First Order, but looking Wu Wei now, a peak-First Order.

The surprise that Wu Wei gave him was by no means small!

Observing Xiao Mu’s expression, Wu Qide felt a complacent with himself.

In these five months, he made every effort to train his grandson, Wu Wei, and he did not disappoint him.

Wu Peng and Su Yan on the other hand, became increasingly worried; if Wu Wei was actually a peak-First Order warrior, then what would happen to their son later?

Standing on the stage Wu Wei became even prouder, and at this moment he opened his mouth and requested, “Grandfather, I heard that Wu shen was practicing hard these few months, I would like to spar with him ”

Wu Qide was surprised but still nodded in agreement, with a smile he agreed: “Okay, just sparring for learning, don’t go overboard.”

Wu shen maintained a calm expression, His grandfather knows that he has grade six martial spirit and it would be hard for him to breakthrough first order warrior but even , knowing full well what the humiliating outcome for Wu shen was, Wu Qide still agreed to the request of Wu Wei’s action!

Wu Qide spared no thoughts about Wu shen’s feelings.

Hearing his Grandfather agree, Wu Wei turned to look at Wu shen and said in a mocking tone, “Wu shen, how about it? Dare to come up? Don’t worry; I will give you a handicap and not use both of my hands.”

“Wu shen !” Wu Peng and Su Yan looked worriedly at Wu shen. Wu shen shook his head, indicating they need not worry.

Wu shen calmly walked up the martial stage, standing straight opposite Wu Wei.

Facing Wu shen, a touch of brutal flashed across Wu Wei’s eyes “Aren’t you feeling sorry and regretting that you didn’t kneel down to beg me at the time?”

Without any expression Wu shen said: “Youre bullsh*t is too much!”

Just as Wu Wei was about to retort in anger, Wu she suddenly turned towards looking at his Grandfather , saud: “Grandfather, according to the Clan Assembly’s rules, during the sparring event, other people are not allowed to interfere, right?”

Wu Qide blanked for a moment, not understanding Wu she ’s purpose in asking this question however he still nodded and said: “That’s right.”

After asking he turned back towards Wu Wei, grinning “In a moment, I will hit you until your Dad can’t recognize you!”

Everyone was stunned speechless hearing this, and then shake their heads smiling helplessly.

Wu Wei chuckled, “What did you say? Did I get it wrong? You want to hit me until my Dad can’t recognize me?”

Just as his words finished, a figure flashed, shocking Wu Wei, a fist enlarged right before his shock-widened eyes.

It was too late for Wu Wei to dodge, the fist had slammed into his left eye, causing him to scream out loud in pain.

The laughs and ridicules around the martial stage from members of Wu Clan Manor instantly died. Many dumbfounded eyes stared at Wu Wei who was in pain on the martial stage.

“You, you dare to hit me?!” On the stage, Wu Wei furiously raged at Wu shen his left hand no longer covering his left eye.

Wu shen did not say anything as his figure flashed a second time, appearing right in front of Wu Wei again, his fist aimed at his right eye.


The second punch hit the right eye of wu wei!

Wu Wei wailed in pain again covering his eye .

Looking at Wu Wei’s panda eyes, Xiao Lu who was sitting beside Xiao Mu could no longer control her laughter.

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