Supreme world god/C17 Beating Wu Wei
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Supreme world god/C17 Beating Wu Wei
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C17 Beating Wu Wei

Xiao Mu turned looked at his granddaughter Warned not to laugh .

Below the stage, everyone had a weird expression on their face.

“Wu shen, I’m going to kill you!” Wu Wei’s fury finally erupted. He roared loudly, releasing his spiritual qi and aimed a punch straight at Wu shen’s chest.

Seeing Wu Wei’s fist about to land on Wu shen’ chest, Wu Peng and Su Yan’s heart misses a beat and exclaimed aloud in worry.

However, the Wu Qide sitting on the podium did not do or say anything to prevent the event on the stage. From his point of view, allowing Wu Wei to teach Wu shen a lesson was a good thing.

Just when Wu Wei’s fist was about to land on Wu shen’s chest, Wu shen’s figure suddenly disappeared and avoided Wu Wei’s attack. Then, Wu shen released his spiritual qi, striking Wu Wei on his back. Wu Wei fell face down on the stage.

“First Order Warrior!”

The big hall was in an uproar, everyone was dumbstruck as they stared at Wu shen . And that included Wu Qide, Xiao Mu, and Wu Ming.

In five months, Wu shen managed to reach the First Order warrior!

The humiliated Wu Wei flipped his body upward, His face was red with rage. Compare to others’ surprise, his heart was filled to the brim with fury. his only thought was to cripple Wu shen.


Looking at the mad Wu Wei pouncing towards him, there was only coldness in Wu shen eyes. This time he was not planning to dodge, both of his fists appeared in front of his chest and he released a peak-First Order spiritual qi and , his fists met Wu Wei’s in a counterattack.

Four fists collide, a deafening “bang!” sound in the Grand Hall; Wu Wei staggered, stepping backward again and again whereas Wu she. just pretended to retreat backward.

“What? This!”

“Peak of First Order warrior!”

The elders and stewards of Wu Clan Manor all jumped out of their seats now.

Wu Qide,Xiao Mu, and Wu Ming also stood up in shock, both Wu Peng and Su Yan’s eyes were filled out with surprise; isn’t their son’s cultivation only at mid-First Order warrior?

In the next moment, Wu Peng smiled bitterly inside ─ this brat really made him suffer a lot by keeping this hidden!

The peak late-First Order!

Wu Wei finally came to his senses after being pushed back by Wu shen, and he began lashing out angrily: “Impossible! It’s impossible that you too advanced to peak late-First Order!”

He possessed a grade nine martial spirit, and he had taken a breakthrough medicinal pill not to mention that he put in five months of hard effort to breakthrough to peak First Order!

What about Wu shen ? He only had a grade six martial spirit!

Wu Qide, Wu Ming, and the others were thinking the same thing as Wu Wei.

At this moment, Wu Peng went up to Wu Qide and explained: “Dad, four months ago, Wu shen found three pieces of Cold fruit in a valley at the back mountain.”

“What? Cold fruit?!” Wu Qide and the others were greatly surprised.

“Yes, Wu shen swallowed three pieces!” Wu Peng said , but he did not told that two pieces were given to him and su yan.

“Swallowing three pieces of Cold fruit to cultivate.” Wu Qide looked at Wu shen on the stage.

Everyone present was informed of the ‘real reason’ about how Wu she broke through to the peak First Order.

Wu Qide didn’t expect Wu shen to have such good fortune

“this is a good thing.” Wu Qide said in awkward manner.

If these three pieces of Cold fruit were given to Wu Wei instead, he would have advanced to the Second Order! Wu Qide thought to himself.

On the stage, Wu Wei was filled with jealousy, hatefully fixing a glare at Wu shen: “I say, so you ran into some dog shit luck and swallowed three pieces of Cold fruit and thus broke through to peak First Order!”

Slight laugh Wu shen said: “So to say, the reason you advanced to peak First Order is not due to the breakthrough medicinal pill ?”

Wu Wei’s face reddened with shame, and he struck directing another attack at Wu shen, Wu shen raised his fists and punched out directly at Wu Wei’s incoming fist, pushing him back, and then he a kicked on Wu Wei’s stomach.

Wu Wei flew back screaming like shrimp – it was seven to eight meters off the stage before he finally touched the ground.

Holding his stomach, Wu Wei felt as if all of his internal organs shifted positions, tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes due to extreme pain.

Wu shen came up in front of Wu Wei, said “Five months ago didn’t you say that you would cripple both of my arms during the Clan’s Assembly?” A foot stamped on Wu Wei’s face as soon as the words were out.

Another miserable cry came out of Wu Wei.

Cripple both arms? On the main seat a frowning Wu Qide turned to look at his eldest son Wu Ming for he was unaware of this matter.

Seeing his father’s gaze, Wu Ming shrunk his neck as he tried to hide away.

At this time, another miserable scream escaped Wu Wei. Wu Qide saw Wu she stomping down another foot on Wu Wei’s face.just as he was about to speak , the question his grandson asked earlier ran across his mind ; are others allowed to interrupt during the sparring event? Unwillingly, Wu Qide closed his mouth at last, he understood the purpose of his grandson’s question.

In total, Wu shen kicked Wu Wei four times in the face. Now Wu Wei looked like turned into a pig-head. Seeing that his son was beaten face Wu Ming clenched his fists tightly. His expression was replaced with fury and a cold


Wu Wei, like went berserk his spiritual qi around his body rose and a different aura rushed out from Wu Wei’s body.

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