Supreme world god/C18 Clan assembly end
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Supreme world god/C18 Clan assembly end
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C18 Clan assembly end


Wu Wei, like went berserk his spiritual qi around his body rose and a different aura rushed out from Wu Wei’s body.

This sudden change made everyone into a dazed with eyes in shock.

Sensing the change in his son’s, Wu Ming’s expression of fury melted into ecstasy.

“Young Lord Wu Wei had a breakthrough!”

“This is Second Order atmosphere aura !”

Second Order warrior!

With the sudden surge of spiritual qi around Wu Wei’s body who had just broken through to the Second Order, Wu Peng and Su Yan were once again become worried.

“Good, good!” Wu Qide exclaimed in great joy seeing his grandson Wu Wei breakthrough.

Retreating a few steps, looking at the newly broke through Wu Wei, Wu shen was slightly taken aback.

“Second Order Warrior, eh.” Wu shen’ expression remained unchanged.

At this moment, Wu Wei slowly stood up from the ground; both of his eyes were blood-red, murderously staring at Wu shen ;said : “In a while, I want you to kneel down and lick my toes!” Only this could wash away his earlier humiliation .

“Really?” Wu shen replied with indifference.

Screaming in rage, Wu Wei appeared in front of Wu shen punching towards Wu shen.

Wu Peng and Su Yan were about to interrupt when, suddenly, Wu shen's fist once again colliding straight against Wu Wei’s fists.

“Bang!’ A thunderous noise resounded as Wu Wei’s figure flew backward.

“What?! Impossible, how could this be?”

“Second Order Warrior!!”

Those Wu Clan Manor elders and stewards once again stood up in shock. A look of disbelief on their faces as they stared dumbly at Wu shen.

Wu Qide’s head turned in Wu Peng’s direction, whereas the doubly shocked Wu Peng smiled helplessly explained: “Dad, about this, I’m also in the dark.”

Looking at Wu shen A surge of pride emerged in Wu Peng’s heart; this young boy who only cultivated for five months and reached the Second Order was his son.

“No, this cannot be, this can’t be true, this isn’t true!” On the stage, Wu Wei screamed like he has gone crazy, staring fixedly at Wu shen.

Watching Wu Wei’s act of insanity, Wu shen sneered and walked towards him. Seeing the approaching Wu shen , Fear snaked up in Wu Wei eyes as he stepped back, however, just as he opened his mouth wanting to admit defeat, Wu shen’s fist slammed directly into his face. Wu Wei cried out miserably and fell.

Taking advantage of the initial attack hitting the mark, Wu shen moved closer, striking another punch.

After several punches, Wu Wei's His face turned into an even bigger pig head.

Watching his son’s pitiful end, Wu Ming below the stage finally couldn’t hold it in any longer, turn to his father Wu Qide and pleaded: “Father, you see, shouldn’t we...?”

Hesitated for a moment, Wu Qide said: “That’s enough, Wu shen.”

Hearing his Grandfather Wu Qide’s voice, Wu shen exerted a final heavy punch onto Wu Wei before letting go.

“You!” Wu Ming stared angrily.

Ignoring Wu Ming’s angry glare, Wu shen explained: “Uncle, nephew had a slip of hand, please forgive me!”

Xiao Lu sitting beside Xiao Mu could no longer keep her laughter down.

Wu Qide’s brows furrowed as he looked at Wu shen on the stage, his mouth opened but he couldn’t find the right words.

Wu Ming, on the other hand, almost vomited blood from anger.

At this moment, Wu Wei’s voice cut through the silence in sobs as he limped towards Wu Ming’s side: “Dad, he hit me, he really hit me!”

His finger pointed at Wu shen , tears, and snots streaming down his face.his look was very miserably.

In the end, Wu Wei was just a seven-year-old child, being beaten by Wu shen to this degree and ended with a face that no longer seemed human.

The elders and stewards of Wu Clan Manor shook their heads, causing Wu Ming to feel extremely embarrassed.

This round of sparring between Wu Wei and Wu shen ended with Wu Wei looking like a pig head. The assembly moved to sparring contest of other disciples.

But, compared to the thrill during the fight between Wu Wei and Wu shen, the subsequent sparring was not that much interesting.

A few hours later, the annual Clan Assembly came to an end.


Northern Courtyard.

In the main hall, Wu Wei roared furiously: “If not for that Wu shen running into some dog shit luck swallowing three Cold fruits, I refuse to accept this. Wu shen I’ll pay you back for this during next year’s Clan Assembly, I’ll definitely have my revenge. This humiliation I will return it to you a hundred times over!”

Wu Ming sat there, expressionless but from time to time, a sharp cold gleam flitted across his eyes.

This year’s Clan Assembly, Wu shen made him lost face badly.

Unlike the Northern Courtyard’s gloomy atmosphere, the Eastern Courtyard was filled with laughter and cheer.

“Good son, this time, you did not disappoint your Dad!” , Wu Peng said: “Good, too Good!” Thinking of his elder brother Wu Ming’s furious expression on his usual deadpan face, his heart beamed with delight.

Su yan: “You didn’t even tell us that you broke through to Second Order, you made Mom and Dad worried so much.”

Not knowing what to say, Wu shen only smiled.

If his parents were to knew that his actually level was not second order but peak Third order warrior level, wu shen didn't know how much they will be surprised.

His current strength being Second Order could be explained using Cold fruits as an excuse, but if he were to show his peak Third Order would raise doubts and suspicions.

After staying In the eastern main hall for some time , Wu shen was allowed to return to his small courtyard.

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