Supreme world god/C19 Killing fourth order Green python
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Supreme world god/C19 Killing fourth order Green python
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C19 Killing fourth order Green python

After staying In the eastern main hall for some time , Wu shen was allowed to return to his small courtyard.

But instead of going in courtyard he decided to go in beast forest for hunting and devouring beast and also to look if he could find any medicinal treasure like Cold fruit.

Exiting the Wu Clan Manor he entered the forest , after almost an hour of travelling he encountered the beast , some distance in front of him, a python more than ten meters long appeared. A huge green Python!

Wu shen involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air looking at the huge green Python because it was too big almost ten meter in size not to mention it's cultivation level at initial fourth order warrior.

Noticing Wu shen the Green Python suddenly raised its head, both eyes staring Wu shen its long tongue flicked out once and instantly rushed out.

Wu shen looked solemn; he could see this Green Python was a Stage Four demonic beast. Although only a stage four, for a peak Third Order Wu shen, it was considered as high risk.

Because when person entered fourth order warrior the increase in strength was much more compared to initial one to third order levels.

Dodging the Python’s first attack, Wu shen’s figure flashed to the side. And threw punch at its head.

Receiving a hit on the head, the Green Python hissed loudly due to the pain; with a twist of its long body, its mouth stretched widely, wanting to swallow Wu shen . Sensing this Wu shen’s immediately doged to another side.

Seeing it was difficult to kill python Wu shen started Running Heavenly devil technique, a black threads of aura of slaughter emerged forming a layer of black fog around Wu shen – his eyes turned blood-red .

Just when the python was about to twist its body around, suddenly Wu shen, made his move and the Blade of devil appeared in his hand as he appeared below the Python’s head and, with a wave of his blade he attached.

A giant Green python screamed , fresh blood bursted as the Green Python’s head fell rolling on the ground as it died .

Wu shen reverted back to his original state, and retrieved the devil blade back into his arms, walking towards the dead body of giant python.

Standing before the corpse of the Green python , Wu shen used his hands and tried to find beast core in its head , after searching for while he dug out a tiny yellow thing that looked like a bead.


It was beast core , or could be said that energy core of beast , just like martial artist has dantian , beast have beast core where they store energy.and only when beast reach the fourth order warrior level then it has possibility of producing beast core.

In general, the probability of a mid-level demonic beast condensing a beast core was very low only demonic beasts of Stage Seven and above could condense a beast core with a hundred percent success rate!

Surprisingly, Wu shen found beast core in this Stage Four Green python!

After digging out beast core Wu shen placed his hands on python body and activated black pearl devouring ability and Started to devour python , after a while Wu shen completely devoured python and transferred it's energy to martial spirit and also to enhance his spiritual qi.

It allowed his cultivation to grow closer to Fourth order warrior and martial spirit aura to increase further.

After that he took out beast core and tried to devour it and to his surprise Wu shen succeeded, then he devour it allowing his body to strengthen further and made his spiritual qi pure.

A beast core was a consolidation of the demonic beast’s element power, but this concentrated element wasn’t pure. It could only be swallowed after it was refined with other herbs or elixirs into pills. If a practitioner swallowed a beast core directly, he would die from blowing up into pieces due to the violent demonic beast energy running inside their body.

But Wu shen was able to do it with help of devouring ability of black pearl.

After devouring python he thought to himself and decided to go back to Wu Clan Manor.

Back to Wu Clan Manor,Wu shen sat cross legged on bed and immediately ran the Heavenly devil technique to stabilize the energy he devoured from python and started cultivation.

One night passed.

When Wu shen woke up, there was a hint of delight in his eyes ㅡHe had a feeling that within these few days’ time he could break through to the Fourth Order!

The barrier to the fourth order had become thinner, which was a sign he could breakthrough any time. Standing up from the bed, , he heard his sister, Wu Min’s voice calling from outside the courtyard: “Big Brother, Big Brother!”

“Big Brother, Dad and Mom want you to go to the Grand Hall.” Wu Min came into the courtyard and said to Wu shen.

“To the Grand Hall?” doubt flashed in Wu shen’s mind; only important matters involving Clan matters were discussed in the Grand Hall.

Stepping out from the small courtyard, he headed to the Grand Hall.

when he arrived, he noticed that his parents were already there, including Wu Ming, Wu Wei, and other Elders of Wu Clan Manor.

When Wu shen stepped into the hall, Wu Wei was glaring at him with venomous eyes.

“Dad, Mom.” Wu shen came beside Wu Peng and Su Yan, taking a seat beside them.

After a while Wu Qide and Xiao Mu walked into the Grand Hall at this moment, and beside Xiao Lu was also there. After seeing this Wu shen has slightly guessed the reason for meeting.

Just as he expected.

After Wu Qide took his seat, he gave a glance at those present in the Grand Hall, he smiled and said: “I requested everyone here to inform you of one matter. In the future, our Wu Clan Manor and the Xiao family will be in-laws.”

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