Supreme world god/C20 Breakthrough and awakening martial spirit ability
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Supreme world god/C20 Breakthrough and awakening martial spirit ability
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C20 Breakthrough and awakening martial spirit ability

After Wu Qide took his seat, he gave a glance at those present in the Grand Hall, he smiled and said: “I requested everyone here to inform you of one matter. In the future, our Wu Clan Manor and the Xiao family will be in-laws.”

“Become in-laws.” The Grand Hall broke out in a surprised.

Wu Wei was thrilled when he heard this. Wu Qide continued: “That’s right, an engagement between Wu Clan Manor’s Wu Wei with Xiao Family’s Miss Xiao Lu.”

All the Elders rushed to convey their congratulations: “Congratulations, Manor Lord!”

“No, I don’t agree!” Suddenly a tender voice rang out; it was so unexpected that everyone was astonished. the owner of the voice was Xiao Lu who was sitting beside Xiao Mu.

“Lu’er, you!” Xiao Mu was about to speak her, but was interrupted by Xiao Lu: “No, Grandfather, I don’t like this Wu Wei!”

As she said this, her head turned towards direction, and a finger pointed at Wu shen: “I like him, I want to be engaged to him!”

Dead silence appeared in the Grand Hall.

The smiles on Wu Ming and Wu Wei’s faces become uglily, stunned speechless by the words coming out of Xiao Lu’s mouthㅡespecially Wu Wei. His ferocious eyes fell upon Wu shen.

Wu shen himself was stunned, staring at the little girl pointing at him.

“Nonsense!” Recovering his sense, Xiao Mu shouted.

Xiao Lu’s said with determination, “Grandfather, I’m not saying nonsense, I’m telling the truth. I like him!”

Looking at Wu shen ,she continued: “He look so cool beating people up!”

Hearing that sentence, no one present knew whether to laugh to cry. Just because during the Clan Assembly yesterday Wu shen looked cool beating up Wu Wei, this Xiao Lu ‘liked’ Wu shen, and want to marry him.

Xiao Mu found the situation extremely embarrassing, but no matter how he admonished Xiao Lu, she just wouldn’t change her mind, insisting on Wu shen instead on Wu Wei.

“Brother Qide, this...” In the end, Xiao Mu faced Wu Qide ; both of them had already decided on this matter early on, and was just going through the motion of making it official by gathering everyone here, but now...

Wu Qide was silent for a moment then said: “Let’s wait two years before deciding.”

Xiao Mu nodded;

Seeing such an issue had arisen due to Wu shen, Wu Wei’s eyes were spitting fire as he stared fixedly at Wu shen.

Moments later, everyone dispersed from the Grand Hall.

Wu shen left the Grand Hall together with his parents; returning to his small yard . He continued to practice hard . he was looking forward to finding out what changes his martial spirit would undergo once he broke through to Fourth Order warrior and what ability it would awaken.

Time past by and it was five days later.

In this five days to increase rank of his martial spirit Wu shen almost hunted hundred of demonic beast and devoured them, with lowest of initial third order and highest of mid fourth order warrior level, due to this massive amount of energy his martial spirit rank increased From eight to peak ninth rank only slight away from rank ten martial spirit with his cultivation.

On this night, Wu shen was sitting cross-legged on the cold jade bed, running the Heavenly devil technique refining hell spiritual qi . The silver snake martial spirit was devouring the hell spiritual energy rapidly, with help of Black pearl.

As hell spiritual qi crashed in his meridians again and again against the barrier to Fourth Order warrior.

Similar to the previous breakthroughs Wu she , circulating his spiritual qi, and at last, the fourth order barrier cracked, the small cracks gradually grew bigger and bigger.

A while later ....

Fourth Order warrior, breakthrough!

At the same moment he breakthrough into the Fourth Order warrior, the silver snake martial spirit behind Wu shen suddenly emitted bright silver light as it started to evolve and entered the matured stage and turned into baby space primordial dragon with two horns , and five small leg claws ,on its body was covered with silver , shiny dragon scales slowly grown on its body with silver luster, at a same time a roar similar to dragon rang out from its mouth.

After evolution ended its aura also grew stronger many time and his martial spirit finally become rank ten.

Sensing the changes of the evolved martial spirit behind him, Wu shen was genuinely shocked.

In the Martial Spirit World, people who possessed dragon , pheonix, white tiger like heavenly beast martial spirits were rare, and each one was considered to be the pride of Heaven.

Even though the martial spirit behind him was a far from resembling a Primordial Divine Dragon, however, this was its first time evolving. When he will broke through to the Seventh Order warrior, his martial spirit would undergo its second transformation and his martial spirit will truly become a Space Primordial Divine Dragon.

Right now he was wondering what was the awakened martial spirits’ ability?

When he tried to sense it.An Inheritance memory was transferred into Wu shen’s mind from the silver dragon.

Going through the heritage memory in his mind, Wu shen stood up from cold jade bed. His figure suddenly disappear and reappeared five metre away from jade bed.

This was Wu shen’s martial spirit innate ability – Teleportation!

“This ability is too awesome!” A sparkle shone in Wu shen’s eyes.

Imagine, if Wu shen were to teleport suddenly in the middle of an intense battle, appeared behind the opponent and delivering the killing blow while the opponent is unable to guard against it. This skill was simply perfect for assassination and to sneak attack .

Although Wu shen could only teleport in range of five metre for now but as he grows stronger, the range of teleportation will increase. Also just with one teleportation almost half of spiritual qi in his body was used up but The stronger he gets, the more times he will be able to teleport.

Teleportation will also come in handy when fighting with someone with higher cultivation level, this will increase the chances of winning.

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