Supreme world god/C21 Spiritual pool quota
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Supreme world god/C21 Spiritual pool quota
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C21 Spiritual pool quota

Moments later, his surge of emotions gradually calmed down. He appeared in his backyard.

Suddenly, Wu shen leaped in air and One after another Essence Palm prints condensed in the night sky.

After breaking through this time, he could clearly feel his agility and attack power has increased many times .

In the initial warrior stages, from the First Order to the Third Order, spiritual qi in the meridians strengthens the entire body’s muscles,where at the Fourth Order, the spiritual qi in the meridians refined not only the muscles but also the tendons!

One of Wu shen’s palm prints hit the meter big rock at the corner the meter big rock disintegrated into powder debris, spreading to every corner of the small yard.

Dawn approached and the soft sunlight shone,

Wu shen stood up and he stepped out in the Eastern Courtyard’s direction, but when he reached the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, his father was not there, only his Mom Su Yan was in the hall.

“Dad went to the Grand Hall? Wu shen asked.

Su Yan nodded and said “ your Grandfather asked him to go over, even Wu Ming, and the Manor Elders were summoned. I’m not sure what they are discussing about.”

Hearing this, Wu shen decided to wait until his Dad returned.

In the Grand Hall, Wu Qide sat on the main seat, as opening his mouth to speak: “Tomorrow, the Spiritual Pool will be opens, and Wu Wei is selected to practice inside for one month.”

Hearing this, those present in the Grand Hall exchanged knowing glances.

According to the rules of many years, the winner of the sparring event after the awakening of martial spirits is eligible to enter the Spiritual Pool to practice for one month. Obviously, Wu shen was the winner and should the one entering the Spiritual Pool this time.

When Wu Peng heard this announcement, ,rage burned in his heart, and he stood up angrily: “Father, this is unfair! This year’s Clan Assembly clearly it was Wu shen who defeated Wu Wei. Why is it that the Spiritual Pool quota goes to Wu Wei instead?!”

Wu Qide was slightly embarrassed. He did realize the unfairness of the situation but even so, he could only mutter unconvincingly: “Although this year’s assembly Wu shen won over Wu Wei, it was only a fluke, comparing them talent-wise, Wu Wei’s talent is much higher than Wu shen. This time he could break through to Second Order was due to the three Cold fruits he swallowed. I initially set the winner will be able to enter the Spiritual Pool, I actually meant each year’s most talented disciple of newly awakened martial spirit is eligible to enter the Spiritual Pool to practice!”

The fury within Wu Peng wasn’t so easy to pacify, he abruptly cut in: “Bullsh*t! Only the most talented disciples are eligible to enter the Spiritual Pool to practice? Why wasn’t this brought up before? Why wait until Wu shen won that it turned into the most talented disciple?”

Wu Qide not knowing how to answer.

At this moment, Wu Ming spoke: “Second Brother, is Father the Manor Lord or you are? You have yet the qualification to question or comment Father’s decision.”

Wh Peng’s hands tightened into fists, and his angry gaze bore into Wu Ming, but he was unable to refute the truth in Wu Ming’s words.

“Second Manor Lord, the decisions Old Manor Lord’s makes are all for the benefit of Wu Clan Manor.” one of the Elder opened his mouth: “Everyone knows that Young Lord Wu shen’s talent is much worse than Young Lord Wu Wei’s. If Young Lord Wu shen enters the Spiritual Pool to practice, it will only waste the of the Spiritual Pool!”

A moment later, forcefully suppressing his anger, Wu Peng turn to look at Wu Qide: “Okay Father, since you said this time was a fluke, what if during next year’s assembly Wu shen still wins ?”

Wu Qide was stumped.

Wu Ming said: “Fine, if Wu Shen wins again during next year’s Clan Assembly, I will compensate you one hundred spiritual qi dans and apologize to you!”

One hundred Battle qi dans were almost equivalent to one month’s practice in the Spiritual Pool.

“Good!” Wu Peng stared fixedly at Wu Ming: “Remember what you said today!”

Wu Peng turned and walked out of the Grand Hall, not bothering to greet Wu Qide before leaving.

Inside the Grand Hall, the Elders secretly look at each other, no one dared to speak out.

At this moment, Wu shen was waiting in the Eastern Courtyard, and Wu Peng returned in a sullen mood.

“Dad, what happened?” Wu shen asked.

Su Yan also stood up from her chair and walked towards Wu Peng.

Wu Peng’s conscious as he looked at his son, but he walked straight into the main hall and sat down without saying a word. the anger his heart flared up.

“This is blatant bullying!”

Su Yan was frightened by Wu Peng’s violent action.

“what’s wrong? What happened?” Su Yan asked anxiously.

Lifting his head, Wu Peng looked at Su Yan, and Wu shen .Wu Peng recounted what happened in the Grand Hall earlier.

“Father’s action was simply too biased! In his eyes, only Wu Wei is his grandson!” When Su Yan heard everything, her eyes widened in anger, and said : “Does he still regard our Wu shen as his grandson?!”

Wu shen didn’t say anything ,although he defeated Wu Wei a few days ago during the Clan’s Assembly, but it seemed his Grandfather actually bore no concern for him in the least. Probably in Grandfather eyes, him being able to advance to Second Order warrior was largely due to some dog shit luck and couldn’t be compared to Wu Wei’s talent.

“Wu shen, forgive Dad.” Wu Peng’s voice sounded down as he apologizes to his son, with guilt.

When Wu shen heard this, he just smiled “Dad, Mom, don’t worry.Even In the next year’s Clan Assembly , i will still be the winner, just you see..”

Wu Peng and Su Yan thought their son was trying to comfort them, willing them not to worry.

Looking at the expressions on his parents’ face, Wu shen could guess that his parents weren’t optimistic about him defeating Wu Wei next year.

“Dad, Mom, I will go back to train now .” Wu shen said after thinking for a moment. And left after greetings his parents.

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