Supreme world god/C22 Practice Devil Sword skill.
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Supreme world god/C22 Practice Devil Sword skill.
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C22 Practice Devil Sword skill.

At this time in the Northern Courtyard, listening his Grandfather made the announcement, Wu Wei’s face bloomed with smile: “Grandfather indeed is wise, he knows that if that kid is allowed into the Spiritual Pool it will only be waste!”

Wu Wei smile and said , “Dad, once I enter the Spiritual Pool and practice there, I definitely will breakthrough to the Third Order warrior in less than one year!” Speaking up to here, both Wu Wei’s pupils emitted hatred: “During next year’s Clan Assembly, I will make that trash kneel before me, and I will cripple both of his arms and legs!”

Back in yard, Wu shen did not continue to practice Instead, he took out a book of heavenly devil technique and opened its last page from Devil Ring.

Now that he reached the Fourth Order warrior, he could start practicing battle skills.

Recorded on last page was a set of sword attack battle skill that seemed to be created for the Devil blade, and there was another set skill called devil fist.

After reading both sets of battle skills once, Wu shen came out from his room to his small yard, Wu shen called out the Devil blade and circulated spiritual qi inside the body according to first move of sword skill , with a wave of the blades, dozens of blade images emerged out like waves here and there unpredictable.

This was devil sword skill first move : hells wave!

But the Sword waves did not last long, about one breath’s time and then it was gone.

After the first attempt, Wu shen thought the process of skill in his mind and tried it there more times later , which caused his hells wave to become more powerful and his comprehension also deapen ,the reason Why Wu shen was able to learn such skill in such short period of time was that mysterious black pearl, because whenever Wu shen tried to learn something it increase his comprehension speed by many times.

From morning until noon, Wu shen practiced the Hells wave skill, after so much time of practice the attack and speed of hells wave now was much more powerful.

Wu shen also heard the faint Devil cries of Devil being emitted by the Hells wave . According to the book, once the Hells wave made faint devil cries then it was considered as reaching the minor completion stage of skill!

Seeing the sky become darker, Wu shen stopped his training and entered his room where he sat cross-legged on the jade bed, started to practice heavenly devil technique. After he had broken through to the Fourth Order warrior, the hell spiritual energy has became darker, thicker, and purer in his body .

Time flew by and very quickly one month had passed.

Wu shen's every day was a repetition of the same routine. Apart from practicing the heavenly devil technique, the Essence body spell ,hunting and devouring demonic beasts. every morning Wu shen would practice time to hone his Devil Sword Skill . After one month of practice the size ,speed and power of hells wave has increased even more.

However even at this speed, he would need at least five months before he could reach the major completion stage of hells wave skill

After spending some time practicing at the back mountain, Wu shen sat cross legged on mountain and started Running essence body spell, he was absorbing the world’s spiritual energy, converting it into immortal essence and storing it into body Slowly, it accumulated more and more inside Wu shen’s dantian

After running Essence body spell for two hours , suddenly Wu shen noticed a flash of bright golden light from his dantian. Subsequently, his body followed, being shrouded in a golden light, in the four directions as an immortal essence burst forth from his body.

Slowly, Wu shen stopped his training for the night. His eyes opened as he circulated the Stage Three essence body spell along his meridians, this was sign of Essence body spell about to enter fourth stage from third.

The night passed quietly.

when the sky brightened Wu shen ended his Essence body spell training. And head back to the Wu Clan Manor. This time Wu shen headed towards the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall.

Stepping into the hall, he saw both Wu Peng and Su Yan were present, however, something about the atmosphere in the hall didn’t seem right, so Wu she asked, “Dad, Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Wu Wei’s out from the Spiritual Pool!” Wu Peng said as his voice sounded somewhat weak, “I heard he reached late Second Order warrior!”

Only at this moment, Wu shen understood, late-Second Order warrior? Looks like the result of one month’s practice in the Spiritual Pool wasn’t bad, Wu shen sneered.

“Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about next year’s Clan Assembly.” Wu shen said, “Actually, I had already reached peak early-Second Order warrior realm!”

Wu shen released his spiritual qi out as proof of his words.

“This, peak early-Second Order warrior!” Wu Peng and Su Yan were filled with shock as they wanted to ask why ? but before they could ask Wu shen said laughingly, “About this breakthrough, it’s better if you don’t ask.”

Wu Peng and Su Yan exchanged a look between themselves; it seems their son had many secrets, but since their son did not wish to tell, then they would not pester him about it.

After chatting for a while.

“Dad, Mom, I’m going back to the my yard.” Wu Shen said as he stood up, of the chair.

“Ah, Shen.” When Wu shen was about the leave the hall, Wh Peng thought of something and said: “A few days from now is Patriarch Xiao’s birthday celebration; and he invited our Wu Clan Manor to the celebration party. That little girl said him to invite you, insisting that you must be there.”

“She insists that I go? Wu shen felt amazement.

“Dad, Mom, can I not go?” Wu shen asked weakly.

“What did you say?” Su Yan’s eyes glared at him.

Wu shen was depressed; looks like he can’t avoid going to the banquet.

Su Yan laughed seeing Wu shen's face, teasing him: “You brat,. Xiao Lu is the star of Patriarch Xiao’s eyes, possessing a grade nine martial spirit and she’ll surely grow up to be a beautiful young lady ”

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