Supreme world god/C23 Patriarch Xiao's birthday
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Supreme world god/C23 Patriarch Xiao's birthday
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C23 Patriarch Xiao's birthday

Su Yan laughed seeing Wu shen's face, teasing him: “You brat,. Xiao Lu is the star of Old Patriarch Xiao’s eyes, possessing a grade nine martial spirit and she’ll surely grow up to be a beautiful young lady ”

At this moment, Wu Peng also said “Your Mom’s right. In the future, if you marry Patriarch Xiao granddaughter, Xiao Lu, then your Mom and I...”

While his father was still talking, Wu shen quickly cut in: “Okay, Dad, I understand; it’s fine , When do we have to leave? Are you going?”

Su Yan couldn’t laughed and said in Wu shen’s response: “We leave the day after tomorrow, but other than you and your Dad, your Grandfather, Eldest Uncle and that Wu Wei are also going.”

Wu shen ’s brows wrinkled, and nodded: “Okay, I know, if there’s nothing else then I’ll go back.”

Wu shen turned around and left.

After a while Su Yan sighed and said: “How wonderful it would be if Wu shen marries Xiao Lu!”

Wu Peng shook his head: “With Xiao Lu’s talent, she won’t be like our Wu shen. Also, right now Xiao Lu is only an eight-year-old child; so when she grows up ,she may not consider it.”

Two days went quickly, and the day of birthday celebration arrived. The moment Wu shen arrived at Eastern Courtyard, he was dragged by Wu Peng to the Main Hall where his Grandfather , Eldest Uncle and Wu Wei were already waiting.

When Wu Wei saw Wu shen stepping into the Main Hall, his eyes were full of hatred.



Wu shen and Wu Peng walked up to Wu Qide and said their greeting.

Wu Qide nodded and said “Since everyone’s here, let’s go.”

Wu Qide stepped out, and the four people followed after him.

The Xiao Family Residence was in Canglan’s City and Wu clan manor was located outside city so there was quite a distance between them.

Therefore, it was evening when Wu shen’s group of five arrived in city.

“Brother Qide! You traveled quite a distance to come for my celebration, I welcome you ” said Patriarch Xiao while laughing.

“Brother Xiao Mu is too polite!” Wh Qide laughed as he said.

Wu shen looked around and noticed that the little girl Xiao Lu was standing behind a middle-aged man.

Is this Old Patriarch Xiao's only son, Xiao Chen, Xiao Lu’s father? Wu shen thought.

After the customary greetings, everyone entered heading towards Xiao Residence.

When they arrived before the Xiao Residence’s main entrance, the twenty meters wide street in front was filled with an endless stream of horses and carriages, the street was lively and decorated with colorful lanterns. For Xiao Mu’s birthday celebration, other than Wu Clan Manor, most of the forces in Canglan city had already arrived.

However, the real celebration would happen tomorrow.

When they arrived at the Xiao Residence, Xiao Mu personally lead them to the courtyard to rest.

“Brother Qide, if there’s anything you need, just inform the Residence’s guards. .” Xiao Mu said to Wu Qide with a smile.

Wu Qide waved his hand and said: “You’re too polite.”

Xiao Mu laughed ,Then turned around and left.

But what happened next stunned Wu Shen Not long after Xiao Mu left, Xiao Lu came to their courtyard! she went straight to Wu shen and said in a sweet voice: “Wu shen, This is your first time in City right? Come, I’ll give you a tour!” She pulled Wu shen's hand away from the courtyard even before he had the chance to reply.

Wu Wei stared at Xiao Lu holding Wu shen’s hand, and watched both of them leave the courtyard; his expression was ugly to the extreme Wu Ming was also same.

Pulled out of the courtyard by Xiao Lu, Wu shen ’s felt awkward, and said: “Little girl, don't pull me like this, others might misunderstand.”

Xiao Lu was surprised for a moment and then flashed a sweet smile, and said “So what if others misunderstand? I’m your wife. What is wrong with a wife holding her husband’s hand? I’m not afraid of any misunderstanding.!”

Wu shen’s was so speechless that not a word came out of his mouth.

Pulling away his hand, he went out of the Xiao Residence and walked towards the main street. This really was his first time in Canglan City, and he wanted to look around.

“Wu shen , wait for me!” Xiao Lu pouted her mouth at Wu shen for pulling away his hand, then quickly ran after him with quick steps, however, this time instead of holding Wu shen’s hand, Xiao Lu wrapped her hand around his arms; looking just like a submissive little wife.

Wu shen was trying to avoid body contact with her, said: “You can go back, I can walk by myself.”

Xiao Lu pouted and her eyes became rimmed with red as tears welled within: “I’ll go back and tell Grandfather that you bullied me!”

Wu shen quickly used his hand to stop her from leaving, feeling a headache: “Fine then, let's go but you must promise me that you won’t pull or drag me.”

Xiao Lu look in her eyes changed instantly, nodded: “Okay.”

Wu shen sighed in relief when Xiao Lu nodded in agreement; they turned and began walking along the street with Xiao Lu following beside Wu shen on the right, being extremely obedient.

Wu shen didn’t care, and continued to look around; not paying her any attention.

Both of them did not speak much along the way, and after going around once as they were about to return to the Xiao Residence, they noticed at a corner of the street was A middle-aged man was lying on the ground ; with messy hair, a dirty face and worn-out rags for clothes. Clearly, he had fainted.

After observing the middle-aged man for a moment, he walked up to him and lifted him up; since he had become a Fourth Order warrior, his arm strength was not weak, and so carrying an adult was not difficult.

Xiao Lu was astonished when Wu shen lifted the middle-aged man up.

“Let’s go.” Wu shen said to Xiao Lu as he walked past her carrying the middle-aged man; Xiao Lu quickly ran after Wu shen after recovering her senses, couldn’t stop herself from asking: “Wu shen, why are you carrying this man back with you?”

“You wouldn't understand even if I told you.” He replied without turning his head.

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